Friday, July 18, 2008

Once they called for ELECTIONS - but now angry cause their people not appointed to Local Councils..sad

What has happened to the call for Local Council elections....

Now, what is happening is disappointment being expressed about who did and did not get appointed, and racial quotas, etc..

The recent protest, as reported in Star, comes from the Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) and their complain is that none of the people their MP in Sungai Siput wanted has been chosen to be in the local council .... how sad is this..

I expected more from PSM - I expected that they would have still be in the forefront calling for Local Council Elections... (But alas that struggle has been compromised when several leaders in the party accepted appointment in the Local Councils in Selangor...)

Perak's 338 local councillors are scheduled to be sworn in Friday but protests and dissatisfaction over the list of appointments seem unending.

The latest to express their disappointment are Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) members from Sungai Siput.

Sungai Siput PSM branch secretary M. Sukumaran handed over a memorandum on the matter to Perak Local Government, Housing and Public Transport Committee chairman Nga Kor Ming.

Sukumaran said Sungai Siput MP Dr D. Jeyakumar had sent a letter recommending four people to be councillors for the Kuala Kangsar Municipal Council. - Star, 17/7/2008, PSM upset over local council appointments

And sadly, their argument is that since Selangor appointed 3 PSM leaders, why Perak should also not do likewise...?
If Selangor could select three PSM leaders for councillor posts, there was no reason why the Pakatan Rakyat government in Perak should marginalise the party here, he said.- Star, 17/7/2008, PSM upset over local council appointments
When Barisan Nasional ruled, it appointed members of its coalition parties into the local council. At that time the Opposition parties and civil society groups was out there calling for Local Council Elections..

And now, when Pakatan Rakyat rules, it is ALSO appointing members of its coalition parties into the local councils. The others are chosen by the government of the day - not the People.

Of course, the once Opposition political parties, now in government in 5 states, are no longer calling for Local Council Elections..

Sadly, civil society too had sold out when many of their leaders/personalities did accept appointment as Local Councilors. There is no more that strong demand for Local Council Elections...

Now, this call and campaign for Local Council Elections must be taken over by the People, and Civil Society Organizations (where non of their leaders are currently sitting in Local Councils).

I call on all those civil society personalities who have accepted appointment to re-consider and resign, and let us all again push at least for Local Council elections in the states being governed by the Pakatan Rakyat. There should also be elections at all levels - kampung, taman, .... We must empower the people - and get them more and more involved in at least local government at every levels..


Anonymous said...

You are guys are barking up the wrong tree!!!

The Pakatan Rakyat state govts does WANT local council elections.

But current Federal laws does not allow for local council elections.

And that shithead Local Govt Minister Ong Ka Chuan has refused to amend it.

You want local council elections, get Pakatan elected up to a Federal Level!! Then we will see repeal of ISA, lower petrol prices and local council elections.

Same issue with petrol prices, without being at Federal level, nothing can be done to lower it!!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the first commenter - why doesn't the article state the full facts - i.e. that Federal laws need to be changed before council elections can be held?

There is a big difference between not dong something & not wanting to do it.


Anonymous said...

Just because the Government has not established IPCMC, do we ask people not to make police report. Just because the Judiciary is politically appointed and corrupt, do we ask lawyers to boycott going to court. I think the author have to understand the strategy why PSM or other NGO join the local council. I agree the author seems rather frustrated but he must be consistent with others who go with the system under protest like what PSM is doing.

Arul said...

This is from pemuda PSM in Sg. Siput

From: Pemuda Sosialis
Subject: [Red Ink] Perlantikan Birokrat Atau Pilihanraya Tempatan
Date: Thursday, July 17, 2008, 11:16 PM

Pada hari ini 17/07/08, sekumpulan wakil Parti Sosialis Malaysia cawangan Sg Siput telah menyerahkan satu surat bantahan mengenai perlantikan ahli Majlis Perbandaran Kuala Kangsar yang tidak telus. Satu sidang akhbar juga telah diadakan untuk menjelaskan pendirian PSM dalam isu ini.

PSM Sg Siput menegaskan bahawa seharusnya pemilihan ahli majlis tempatan perlulah melibatkan rakyat kawasan itu sendiri atau dalam kata lain melalui PILIHANRAYA. Segala bentuk perlantikan yang lain termasuk melalui birokrasi pasti tidak akan menghasilkan keputusan yang diterima oleh majoriti rakyat. Malah proses perlantikan oleh pihak birokrat yang bukan berideologi sosialis sepastinya tidak akan telus malah akan mewujudkan kronisme. Pada ketika ’state’ mula mengambil alih tugas rakyat dalam memilih wakil rakyat, golongan kaum koperat yang berkepentingan sendiri akan diresap masuk dan agenda mereka pastinya bukan untuk berkhidmat untuk rakyat tetapi sebaliknya menggunakan kuasa majlis tempatan untuk memperoleh kontrak dan mengaut keuntungan.

Walaupun proses pilihanraya tidak memberi jaminan ketelusan calon, namun sekurang-kurangnya calon yang dipilih disokong oleh majoriti rakyat. Kita di peringkat cawangan sedar melalui pengalaman ini bahawa proses perlantikan tidak akan menjunjung kuasa rakyat dan usaha kita sekarang walaupun jika dilantik menjadi ahli majlis tempatan ialah menekan kerajaan negeri melaksanakan pilihanraya tempatan.

Sebagai sosialis, kita harus menyokong kuasa rakyat memilih wakil mereka melalui proses demokrasi (baca=pilihanraya) dan berhak untuk memanggil semula (recall) pada bila-bila masa ahli majlis yang tidak melaksanakan tugas secara adil dan memuaskan.

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