Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Same healthcare benefts for all 'Golden Citizens' as now given to 'Pesara'..

Pesara (Pensioner) are taken care rather well by the government - their healthcare is free..(yes - totally free), and this is very good. The UMNO-led BN government do care for the elderly - the Golden Citizens (Warga Mas).

But wait, this is not true.

Their care is only for the retired public servants (and spouse) - those who are pensioners. I wonder why this kind of special treatment is accorded to them.

Did they contribute more to the country than other Malaysians?

All persons, from the shop keeper, the restaurant worker, the lorry driver, the farmer, the fisherman, the construction worker, the government hospital workers, the police, the military personnel, ... all contributed to Malaysia and Malaysians as a whole..

Therefore, this discriminatory practice of just taking care of former 'public servants' - and not the others is very WRONG. Do not tell me that those public service have contributed more to this country that those in private services. [Public service already do have the extra benefits, i.e. job security (right up to retirement age), wage security (their salary,overtime, etc all get paid for sure), loan benefits (entitlement to loans at very low interest rates), pension (they will receive this until death - and thereafter the spouse until death), housing/uniform allowances/benefits, etc..]. Hence, when it comes to old age - other old folks (not those who were former public servants) should also be accorded the same benefits as 'pesara'.

With regard to preferential treatment, it must be accorded to all Golden Citizens (Warga Mas), irrespective of whether they were in public service (i.e. working in government departments) or in private services (working in private companies, farms, fishing boats, for private persons, self-employed)...

All privileges currently provided for the 'Pesara' (Pensioner) should automatically be extended too all Golden Citizens (Warga Mas). Free healthcare, discounts in public transportation, special living allocations, etc ....

Our old folks have done their part for Malaysia, and Malaysia now will take care of them...

What age?
Reasonably, it should be for all those above 55 years old.

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