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An era when the denial of freedom of expression is also extended to MCA and other minor BN partners?

Malaysians have generally always been respectful of people of different faiths, their believes and their practices....and let us not forget that it has mostly been the politicians and ethnic/religious based political parties that have attempted to use ethnicity and religion to divide the people of Malaysia. I believe, in the face of losing Malay support, UMNO is desperately trying to regain this support by raising 'religious' issues....to try to woo back the support of Muslim Malays who seem to have swung their support towards PAS. generally, and also towards PKR and other opposition parties. 

Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin seem to have forgotten that this 'Allah' issue is something which the UMNO-led BN government caused - all actions in court is against the Government of Malaysia for the actions it took, i.e. its departments and Ministries.  It is not an issue that was raised by individual and/or groups of Muslims - it was the UMNO-led BN's government's action that raised the issue - and has affected the long existing tranquil respectful relationship of Malaysians of different religions. 

There has been calls from many quarters, including some of the component BN parties for a revocation of the ban...a change of government policy with regard the Allah issue. MCA, the 2nd most powerful of BN parties have reiterated its call - and it is odd that our DPM is suggesting that we do not comment on this matter as it is before the court.

In my humble opinion, this is a matter for the government of the day to decide on...and a change of policy by the government (not the courts) must be made on this potentially divisive 'Allah' issue....Remember, the Allah cases are "Government" versus some party....and the government can always stop the fight, by conceding, etc... and this would be definitely in the spirit of 1Malaysia... 

Sensitive ... potentially can be used by political opponents... this is the concern of the UMNO and the UMNO-led BN, but let us also not forget the ability to use or not  use the word 'Allah'...and some other words are really not found in any Federal Law - but in State Enactments. Pakatan Rakyat at present govern 4 States - and these Enactments could be amended appropriately, but the Pakatan Rakyat (PKR-DAP-PAS) is also not taking any steps to do any amendment - and any amendment will pass with a simple majority, which Pakatan Rakyat do have. Amending the relevant State Enactment so that it be in line with the position that Pakatan rakyat, PAS, DAP... have adopted would certainly go a long way towards making this 'Allah' issue go away...hence blame also lies with Pakatan Rakyat, as I have heard of no Bill being tabled to amend the relevant Selangor Enactment, ...or similar enactments in Kelantan, Kedah and Penang.

This is a matter best solved by the governments, not the civil courts... Is the Malaysian courts going to tell people of the 'unofficial' religions of Malaysia what they can call their own God...and what they can't? Surely, Muhyiddin can see this - and realize that it is up to the current UMNO-led BN government to act....and act now.

If Muhyiddin want the "Allah" issue not to be revived - then he should not have gone to the Media. After all, surely there could have been a 'out of the public eye' request by UMNO to MCA or anyone else about this. Muhyiddin's position is simply, I believe, what has been the UMNO-led BN's practice, i.e. No one else have a right to express their views and comments publicly - only the government has that. This is also seen in the way that this same UMNO-led BN have been cracking down on peaceful assemblies....and even certain publications (they want all Opposition parties only to circulate their publications to their own members - not to members of the Malaysian public - so, people who do not agree with UMNO-led BN has really no option of getting their views, opinions heard by the general public..) Same here, and now it seems this rule also extends to all other minor BN component parties - so, is it now that only UMNO has the right to speak?
Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin said the issue on the use of the term 'Allah' should not be revived as the matter was still being pursued in court.
muhyiddin yassin pc 170310 
He said the matter should be resolved amicably and any opinion on it should take into consideration the interest of the general public rather than that of a particular group, whether in terms of politics or administration.

He said component parties of the BN should also accept the fact that the issue should not become a burden that could cause tension when the matter had already cooled off.

"Attention should be given to such considerations. I don't understand why the DAP and MCA are taking a common stand on such matters.

"We know that this matter had previously been strongly debated and had created a unhealthy situation," he told reporters after chairing a meeting of the Cabinet Committee on the Development of Youths in Putrajaya today.

He was commenting on a news portal report (Malaysiakini) yesterday that both DAP and MCA called for the ban on the use of 'Allah' in Christian publications to be rescinded.

Loh Seng Kok, who is the MCA publicity bureau chief and the party's central committee member, said in a statement that forbidding “Allah” from being used in non-Muslims' publications had turned the matter into a divisive national issue, one that might become an Achilles' Heel for the BN.- Bernama - Malaysiakini, 3/8/2010, Muhyiddin ticks off MCA for reviving 'Allah' issue

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