Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Is the police investigating? Will the AG prosecute the employer for the death? Resolved...???

And today, we see that the worker protest in Johor, that was ignited by allegedly an unnecessary death by a migrant worker that received healthcare too late.

We still have not seen any report giving us details/facts about the death, the employer's negligence, and/or the steps that will be taken in terms of preventing other unnecessary deaths, or the compensation and the assistance that the employer will be paying to the deceased worker's family/dependents. 

Will the AG's chambers be prosecuting the employer for the death? Is there even a police investigation happening?

The media (and possibly the police too) seem to be focusing on the subsequent worker protests - not the death of the said worker....

JOHOR BARU: The protest by foreign workers at the Tebrau industrial area is over. Police do not expect any further trouble.

Johor Baru (South) OCPD Asst Comm Zainuddin Yaakob said the workers’ representative had met with their agents as well as the factory’s management yesterday and resolved the matter.

“The factory’s management has agreed to meet the workers’ demands, including increasing their wages,” he said.

He said all parties were satisfied with the outcome of the meeting and no more trouble was expected.

“I hope the workers will not stir up trouble and solve any problem in a non-violent manner,” he said.

The protest which took place at the workers quarters involved more than a thousand foreign factory workers who turned violent on Monday, destroying a guard post and pelting onlookers with stones and rubbish.

The workers – mainly from Nepal, Myanmar, Vietnam, Bangladesh and India – also turned fire extinguishers on bystanders and chased after a vehicle ferrying two health inspectors.
However, the 200 policemen deployed to the scene managed to prevent the fracas from spreading beyond the compound. - Star, 18/8/2010, Johor foreign workers’ protest now resolved

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