Wednesday, August 18, 2010

JCY International Press Statement on JCY Tebrau protests - 17/8/2010

Press Release

In response to the recent foreign workers issues at JCY HDD Technology Sdn. Bhd.’s sub-contractor hostels at Kawasan Perindustrian Tebrau IV, Johor Bahru, both the company and the foreign worker representatives have met this afternoon and the issues had been resolved amicably with the workers returning to work immediately.

Among the key issues highlighted by the foreign workers, the management had in conjunction with the sub-contactor for the hostel, shall take remedial actions as summarized below:

1. Company will provide a vehicle and driver on 24 hour standby at the main hostel to facilitate the emergency transportation of worker to hospital for any emergency treatments.
2. The company had agreed to revise and standardize the pay structure of the workers.
3. The criteria for the deduction of salary in relations to worker coming to factory late shall be revised and improved.
4. On top of the normal workmen compensation benefits, the company had agreed to improve the contribution to the beneficiary of the worker.

The management of the company stressed that JCY had always aim to provide a conducive environment for the workers to work and stay. The company will continue to work closely with the hostel’s sub-contractor to take care of the workers welfare and JCY truly valued the contribution made by the workers and staffs to the success of the company.

Photo of company & foreign worker’s representatives after the conclusion of the meeting at JCY’s Tebrau

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