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Nonsense if wakil rakyats cannot enter schools, have dialogue sessions, etc

Well, it is absurd when the people voted in the Pakatan Rakyat parties to govern Selangor...or when the people have voted in a non-BN MP/ADUN for their area that they are not allowed to go visit (or be invited to) the schools and other facilities in their own constituency...

UMNO-led BN must understand what is the meaning of democracy...and this means the people choses their 'wakil rakyat' (people's representative), be it the MP, ADUN (and later on the Loacl Councillor) and when this happens it is their responsibility to look into the welfare of their constituents - and that must certainly include visits, having dialogue sessions, etc be it in schools, clinics, police stations, etc...i.e. any public facility, and it is really absurd that the Education Ministry have come out with lists of all who can be invited to schools and school functions...and I see in that list persons who have not even the wakil rakyat for that area. 

If I was the ADUN/MP, I would write a letter to the relevant public facility and state that I am coming for a visit at this day and time, and would also like to have a meeting with the said teachers, students, etc.. as the democratically chosen people's representative for the area..., and if the headmaster or OCPD says "No", I will certainly make it an issue and challenge that decision. Maybe, then I would arrange a meeting at a nearby hall, and I will hand out pamphlets inviting students, teachers and parents to attend. Then, we shall see what happens...

Duly elected reps have the duty and obligation to represent the people in the constituency - and to be an effective rep, they must be able to meet their constituents, have dialogue sessions, that they can best represent them.

Using reasons like they cannot go is absurd...

When Pakatan Rakyat (and the Opposition Party) takes control of the Federal Government at the next General Elections, then they too must allow the BN reps to be invited to and attend school functions, etc... Why? They are the duly elected people's representative...

A circular that allows specified BN leaders to attend events organised by Selangor schools but keeps out those from Pakatan Rakyat, has been criticised as an example of double standards.

NONEThe circular dated Feb 16, 2009 states that the education minister has appointed 57 leaders from Selangor Umno, MCA, MIC and Gerakan to represent him at these events in the state.

Signed by the principal secretary to the minister, the circular was sent to the director of the Selangor Education Department.

It also states that the BN representatives have each been issued a certificate of appointment, copies of which were attached to the circular with a full list of names and posts held in the respective political parties.

When contacted, Hannah Yeoh, the DAP state assemblyperson for Subang Jaya said that - by implication - school authorities have to get the minister's permission to invite Pakatan representatives.

“(When the schools ask for permission), it is never given,” she claimed.

hannah yeoh interview 110608 02Yeoh had recently mentioned this in a tweet, in which she questioned the contents of the circular and said she had managed to obtain the list of 'approved' BN leaders.

“I am not allowed to attend any function in the schools in my area. This is not right as it sends the message to the children that you have to receive whoever you are given. They cannot choose their own leaders,” she said.

She, however, said she was allowed to enter her alma mater - SMK Subang Utama - after the Parents-Teachers Association (PIBG) stepped in.

“In my case, because the PIBG insisted, I was able to attend. So it shows that PIBG plays an important role,” she added.

'Clearly unfair' policy

DAP's Teratai state assemblyperson Jenice Lee confirmed the situation.

jenice lee“Some schools had requested donations from me, but I was not allowed to go in and give a speech," she said.

There was one occasion where I had to hand over the cheque outside the school compound.”

“I know this has happened to many other Pakatan leaders, not just me and Hannah. And this is clearly unfair.” - Malaysiakini, 4/8/2010, Elected reps kept out of S'gor schools

Or maybe, the reason why they have not been trying is because these wakil rakyat's are just lazy.....happy that there are restriction imposed by the Education Ministry, etc... There is no basis to disallow Pakatan Rakyat's duly elected people's representative when they allow not only the BN's elected reps but also some other politicians from BN. This, I believe, certainly is an infringement of Article 8 which demands equality...and abhors discrimination. Certainly, this does not fall within Constitutionally permissible discriminations.

If on the hand, the Education's Ministry's list did not contain politicians and other elected reps, but maybe only academicians and educationist, then maybe it may have been OK - but this list, that is found in the Malaysiakini report purportedly issued by the Ministry of Education is certainly, in my opinion, in violation of  the Federal Constitution.

They may call the list, a list of the official representatives of the Minister, and if so it must  reasonably be people from the Ministry - not UMNO-BN politicians. In fact, there is no persons from the Ministry at all - all are UMNO, MCA, MIC...and (1)Gerakan politicians (Side issue, what about the other component parties of BN??). What about the Deputy Minister? 

Wakil rakyat's should write to schools and say that they want to attend a particular school function, and maybe even have a dialogue session, or even give a speech....and then let us see the reply that comes. If the reply, is that they cannot come because there is  a clear restriction by the Ministry (or Federal Government), then we have a stronger case. Now, the letter just talks about the Minister's representatives...and there is nothing there that say that 'wakil rakyat's', if they are Opposition cannot have any functions in the school, with the teachers, parents and/or students.. Of course, the Minister can chose whoever to represent him - and this is what this strange list is all about, odd because it only contains BN politicians and no one even from the Ministry.

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