Sunday, February 03, 2008

ACA's new role - screen BN election candidates...

Using the ACA for your own purpose - your own political party purpose - your own political party coalition (the Barisan Nasional)'s purpose. Is Najib guilty of mis-using his powers as Deputy Prime Minister here? He must learn to differentiate government and/or executive power and functions from his own personal or political party or BN power and functions.

Can DAP ask the ACA to screen their election candidates? Can PRM or PKR or PAS or any other opposition political party ask the ACA to screen their election candidates?

SCREEN and then do what - tell me if they are guilty of corruption and they will not be made election candidates -is that it? If they are guilty of an offence, should not the ACA just prosecute....... for so long as MP Jasin is not charged for his literally "self-confessed" acts of crime, Najib and the PM can just stop trying to believe that they are "ANTI-RASUAH".

For so long as those found guilty of money politics in UMNO are not prosecuted,
Najib and the PM can just stop trying to believe that they are "ANTI-RASUAH".

But then the PM, DPM and the BN (and its parties) have had no qualms about using the government for their own political party purposes. Now - close to the next elections, it becomes so obvious to any person reading the Malaysian newspapers and watching Television.

ACA has got their role and functions defined, and no one - not even the PM and/or the DPM should direct the ACA to do this or NOT DO this.... Let the ACA do its job and maybe war against corruption will get somewhere...


Najib: ACA to screen BN election candidates
By : M. Hamzah Jamaludin

PEKAN: Barisan Nasional (BN) candidates picked to contest in the general election will be screened by the Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA).

Deputy Prime Minister and BN deputy chairman Datuk Seri Najib Razak said this would, however, depend on the situation and time factor.

"We refer (to the ACA) but sometimes the candidates are decided at the last minute. So, for those who can be referred, we refer. Normally, we'll also ask the candidates whether they have any ACA investigation record.

"It's not compulsory, but as a matter of party procedure, we refer candidates whom we feel we have the time to do so," he said after handing aid to fire victims at Felda Cini 3 here.

The 16 fire victims received RM3,000 each from Felda and Yayasan Rahah. They are also eligible for loans amounting to RM100,000 to re-start their businesses.
On present representatives, Najib said the party leadership had information on them.

He added it was a common practice for BN to check with the ACA whether its candidates had a record or were being investigated by the agency.

The party leadership would also check with state liaison committees on the matter.

On bickering among Perlis Umno leaders, he said party members should concentrate on their jobs and leave it to the leadership to choose candidates. "They should know that the final decision in selecting candidates will be made by the top leadership."

He, however, said he was not only giving the advice to Perlis Umno but to all party members.

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