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Will HR activist still call for Local Council elections with the same intensity..??

The struggle for Local Council Elections may have been strategically killed off by the Pakatan Rakyat Selangor State government by its recent appointment of Human Rights advocates, activists and personalities as Local Council members in Selangor.

I must say, that it is a one very effective means of silencing your critics - just 'rope' them in and get them into the Local Government.

Were the activist aware of the "one year probation" and the "3-year contract" that will follow, before these HR advocates accepted their appointment. For, if they did, it is shocking. They may be seen as having betrayed that struggle for Local Council Elections.

I must say that I was already very critical when the deadline for the holding of local council elections given by civil society groups in their 28/3/2008 Memorandum was before or by 2010 - it was just too long away.

"all State Governments, especially those of Penang, Selangor, Perak, Kedah and Kelantan, which have committed to local government elections through their manifestos or the People's Declaration, should declare their road maps for local elections with clear timelines and milestones. Holding local government elections should be prioritized, and carried out by or before 2010. " - extract from the 28/3/2008 Memo

But now, what will these persons, some of whom are from the very same organisations that signed the 28/3/2008 Memo, do with regard their appointment to the various Selangor Local Councils.

Would they accept it (including that 1 year probation ...followed by 3 year contract), for if they do, would it not mean a 'back-tracking' on that time limit set for Local Council Elections ---- by or before 2010. This 1+3 year term would mean no Local Council elections until 2012 (which is also when the next General Elections would be held..)

Will these Human Rights personalities accept their appointment and still be seen calling 'whole-heartedly' and with the same intensity for Local Council Elections...I wonder.

I say, they must NOW demand that this appointment should be limited to 1 1/2 years maximum - after which there must be local council elections by the end 2009 - before the start of 2010.

I must also say this "Probation Period" of 1 year should be rejected. It is a means to keep them local councilors in line ..... that means "do not do anything to get into the bad books of the MB and the State Exco", for if not, you may not get "confirmed" -- and get that 3 year contract. (see "
S'gor local councillors list finally ready", Malaysiakini, 19/6/2008).

Would those Human Rights Advocates, who still speak up on the failings of the Pakatan Rakyat, Selangor MB and government get 'confirmed' as Local Council members?

Will there be SILENCE about Local Council Elections, and Local Council failings..from some activist and their groups now that some member or Director has been appointed Local Councilor?

We want Local Council Elections ...we want elections at the Kampung, Taman, Housing Estate, Town levels --- we do not want appointments by 'political parties' or the government of the day - we, the Rakyat, will elect who we want...

Friday June 20, 2008

Disabled rep among 24 new city councillors in MBPJ



THE Petaling Jaya City Council will have, for the first time, representation from the disabled community on its board of councillors.

Animal Assisted Therapy for the Disabled and Elderly Association president Anthony Thanasayan is one of the 24 newly chosen councillors for the MBPJ.

Anthony has been fighting for the rights of the disabled community for years and his selection as a city councillor will definitely enhance the cause of the disabled in PJ.

“If it is true that I made it to the list, it's fantastic. We have always asked to be included in the decision-making process,” he said.


“We strongly believe in the motto 'Nothing about us without us'. We must be there to make the decisions,” the wheelchair-bound Anthony said.

Among the changes the plucky crusader would like to see are designated car parks for the disabled.

The list of new councillors includes some prominent names from the non-governmental organisations.

Two such persons are Suara Rakyat Malaysia executive director Cynthia Gabriel and Transparency International executive director Richard Yeoh.

Environment activist and lawyer Derek Fernandez, who has been making newspaper headlines for being vocal on various community issues, is also on the list.


The representation from community and NGOs is part of the Pakatan Rakyat-led Selangor government’s move to include members of the public in the decision-making process and to tap their views and expertise for the benefit of the community.

The rest of the names on the list are members of the three Pakatan Rakyat coalition partners – PKR, DAP and PAS.

However, none of the coalition’s elected representatives, whether MPs or state assemblymen, had been appointed as councillors.

This is a change from the previous Barisan Nasional state government where most of the elected representatives are appointed as councillors.

Among the people named on the list is former StarMetro reporter Mak Khuin Weng.

“There are some issues I would like to look into, like condominiums and privatisation of contracts. These are the things that I've been following up as a reporter,” Mak said.

He looks forward to working with the other councillors to help resolve issues affecting PJ while striving for transparency and accountability.

As a reporter, Mak has met many PJ residents and worked with former MBPJ councillors.

“I would be able to draw from their experience. I look forward to working with the other councillors,” he said.


1. Mohd Halil Haji Harun – Petaling Jaya Utara PKR deputy chief

2. Syed Abdul Malik Syed A Hamid Al Jafree – Subang PKR deputy chief

3. Thiruvenggadam Aamuthu – Petaling Jaya Selatan PKR deputy chief

4. Halimey Abu Bakar – Kelana Jaya PKR Youth chief

5. Mahharul Ismail – Petaling Jaya Selatan PKR Secretary

6. Latheefa Koya – Petaling Jaya Selatan PKR treasurer

7. Tang Fuie Koh – Petaling Jaya Utara PKR treasurer

8. Dr Melasutra Md Dali – Urban planner

9. Michael Soon Kwai Choy – DAP

10. Mak Khuin Weng – DAP

11. Robert Tan Siang Chok – DAP

12. Tiew Way Keng – DAP

13. Francis Chang – DAP

14. Ahmad Yusof Ludis – PAS

15. Ghazali Shaari – PAS

16. Kamarudin Suhaimi – PAS

17. Muzammil Hafiz – PAS

18. Chan Chee Keong – Social activist

19. Richard Yeoh – Transparency International executive director

20. Anthony Thanasayan – Representative of the disabled community

21. Cynthia Gabriel – Suaram executive director

22. Derek Fernandez – Environment activist and lawyer

*23. Ramakrishnan Suppiah

*24. Paneer Sivam

* The last two names are yet to be confirmed.


Bandar Mahkota Cheras leader among nominees for Kajang


Tan Boon Wah

BANDAR Mahkota Cheras Open Access Road Committee chairman Tan Boon Wah and Parti Sosialis Malaysia secretary-general S. Arutchelvan are among those nominated for a councillor's post for the Kajang Municipal Council.

Another nominee for MPKj councillor is S.T. Chandramohan from DAP.

Tan, who is an IT executive, was detained and hospitalised while championing the cause for the barricade leading from Bandar Mahkota Cheras to the Grand Saga highway to be removed.

S. Arutchelvan

Arutchelvan had championed the plight of squatters and estate workers for many years in the Klang Valley.

Meanwhile, for the Selayang Municipal Council (MPS), four politicians have been nominated to become councillors.

They are Mohd Abdul Rahman (Selayang PAS chairman), Samsudin A. Rahman (Selayang PAS treasurer), Rahim Abdul Wahab (Selayang PKR chief) and Chee Chu Sang (Selayang Parliament service centre director II).

A source said the four had made into the final list as councillors for MPS.

Besides being politicians, the four are also professionals and have full-time jobs in companies.

Mohd Abdul Rahman, an architect by profession for 20 years, is attached to GDP Architect Sdn Bhd, and have been Selayang PAS chairman for two years.

Samsudin is a manager at a tuition centre and previously worked as a teacher and bank officer.

Chee, 34, who is an accountant and running his own management firm, has been running the service centre for the last six months.

S'gor local councillors list finally ready
Syed Jaymal Zahiid | Jun 19, 08 2:22pm(Malaysiakini)

The Selangor state government has finally completed the task of appointing 288 local councillors for all 12 local councils in the state, the majority of whom are new faces.


However the public would have to wait a little longer to find out the identities of those appointed by Selangor Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim.

selangor announcement of local counciller list 190608 02Khalid revealed in a press conference today that the list of councillors was ready but passed the buck to the respective councils to reveal the names of people appointed to sit in the councils.

He said that the names of the chosen individuals will only be disclosed by the respective local authorities once they are done with assessing the list.

Khalid had said yesterday that he would be revealing the names today. The Selangor councillors' list has been a long-drawn affair, purportedly due to behind-the-scene moves by various parties on the composition and make-up of the councillors.

And the final list as revealed by Khalid today showed that 25 percent of those named are made up of NGOs, professionals, activists and academics.

selangor local councils 190608The remaining 75 percent are members of parties from the Pakatan Rakyat with PKR dominating the composition. Neither Khalid nor state exco member Ronnie Liu revealed the exact numbers granted to each parties.

Khalid said that some of those in the list came from the disabled community. The list also included 49 women councillors while about 87 percent of them possessed at least a diploma.

"The councillors will all undergo a one-year probation period and if they prove that they are good with what they do, we will extend their contract to three years," said Khalid.

Khalid also said that there were many talented applicants who had vied for the council posts - numbering slightly more than 1,000 people.

He added that it would be a waste not to give them the opportunity if those chosen are found to be performing below expectations.

Khalid also explained that Selangor will be divided into zones and that some of the councillors will lead each of their respective zones whereas some will lead numerous zones.

Councillors will be given a salary of between RM500 and RM1,000 and a meeting allowance of RM100 per meeting.

Khalid has retained city mayors, municipal council presidents and district chiefs.

No MPs or Adun named

Khalid also said that unlike under the Barisan Nasional administration, the present list of councillors had no members of parliament or state assemblypersons.

The rationale for doing so, he explained, was to allow residents and ratepayers the ability to participate in a matter that would affect them the most.

When asked if the list contained any BN members, Khalid said that none were as they would not be allowed to accept any position in the Pakatan government by their party leadership.

selangor announcement of local counciller list 190608 01The race-based quota for selecting local councillors has also been rid off, Liu added.

The BN-led Selangor state government had in the past practiced the race quota system where representatives from each of the BN's race-based component parties would be allocated slots for representations based on the number of state seats controlled by that particular party.

Liu, a DAP leader, however said that the Pakatan government want the tradition to be eliminated.

"We cannot function like that anymore. We have to understand that Indian people can also serve the Chinese community and vice versa," he stressed.

The issue of implementing local council elections, one of the key features of Pakatan's elections promises, was also raised by reporters.

Both Khalid and Liu said that the Pakatan Selangor government was currently working towards studying the possibility of re-implementing it.

"We know that local representation is important and we are working on it," added Khalid.

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