Thursday, January 15, 2009

Will police who rapes,molest, extorts, steal or is corrupt be charged and tried in Malaysia? ..or just disciplined internally?

No one is above the law - everyone is equal before the law

"...All persons are equal before the law and entitled to the equal protection of the law. .."
Art. 8(1) Federal Constitution

If a person have commited the crime of '....rape, molest, extortion, consumption and possession of drugs, accepting bribes, theft and criminal intimidation...' then they must be investigated, charged and tried in court - and, if found guilty, sentenced according to the law.

But alas, a recent report seems to suggest that this may not be the case with policemen in Malaysia - for them, it seems that the worse that will happen is being sacked. I hope that that there is clarification from the IGP and/or the government that these police personnel also will be charged and tried just like every other person who commits a crime.

In UMNO too, a similar thing seems to be happening. Those guilty of 'money politics' and/or 'corruption' are merely suspended, sacked or just inflicted some punishment internally. Why were the many that UMNO found to have been 'corrupt' not been investigated, charged and tried in accordance to the law?

Four rank-and-file police- men have been sacked and 31 others are awaiting punishment for committing various offences, including corruption and criminal breach of trust.

Among the serious crimes committed by them were rape, molest, extortion, consumption and possession of drugs, accepting bribes, theft and criminal intimidation.

Pahang police chief Deputy Comm Datuk Robiah Abdul Ghani said the state disciplinary division opened 171 investigation papers against police personnel, mostly rank-and-file, for the whole of last year.

She said the figure was higher by 44 cases or 34.6% compared to the 127 cases reported in 2007.

“We view this matter very seriously and will initiate measures to check the situation.

“At the same time, we admit there are black sheep in the force and are taking stern action, including dismissal, against the wrong-doers,” she said here yesterday after presenting commendation letters to police personnel.

DCP Robiah said overall, the number of irresponsible policemen was still marginal or less than 1% of the entire strength of 4,500 personnel in the state.

She said the high number of disciplinary cases, which included reprimanding lower ranking personnel, showed that their immediate superiors were doing a good job in keeping their men in check.

- Star, 15/1/2009 - Four cops sacked, 31 await for punishment

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Anonymous said...

Is it really so surprising?

I have lodged a report against a polis officer who was alleged to have taken possession of my lost car from a local bank. The report was lodged with the Discipline Dept, IGP's office sometime in Sept 2007.

I followed up with a report to the BPA sometime July/Aug 2008. They gave me their standard response of receiving my report.

And an email to the Deputy Minister in charge of the BPA, Dato Murugiah in Nov 2008. No reply.

Till today, there has not been any official response from the parties concerned. The untouchables.