Friday, April 08, 2011

MACC's 2nd death: Independent Thorough Investigation is most important...

What is most important is a thorough independent investigation - for without that, an inquest and/or a Royal Commission of Inquiry will find it very hard to find the truth.

It is indeed a scandal for the MACC - the 2nd death of a person falling from high window. Clearly, CCTVs must be everywhere certainly covering windows...

Who is doing the investigations? It is the police...and that may not be 'independent' enough - Are they treating it as a 'murder'? I think they should be doing that...because then higher standards and quality of investigation would come into play...Maybe, the SUHAKAM should get involved - or maybe, an independent investigation panel should be set up to oversee...supervise the investigations - maybe some MPs, Senators, Malaysian Bar,...

Did they look for fingerprints on the body and the clothing of the deceased? Do they have records of all that were in the building then? Do they know when it all happened? Where were all the different people? Have they been looking for witnesses outside the building  who could have seen the incident? Maybe a public notice should be issued calling on any person who have seen anything to come forward...

I am also interested to know, why the MACC have an enclosed 'badminton court'? Is it open to the public - or just for MACC staff only...Is it just a waste of money? Government should invest in public sports facilities... not like this...

The injuries found on Selangor Customs Department assistant director Ahmad Sarbani Mohamed are consistent with falling from a height, said Federal Territory police chief Zulkifli Abdullah.

“From the injuries that were seen on his body, we think they are consistent with a fall from a height, but we have to wait for the laboratory report before coming to any conclusions,” he said.

NONESpeaking to reporters after officially opening the Kuala Lumpur police contingent monthly assembly today, Zulkifli (right) said samples were taken from the deceased during a post-mortem that lasted more than a day.

Ahmad Sarbani, 56, was found dead at a badminton court after falling from the third floor of the Kuala Lumpur Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) office in Jalan Cochrane on Wednesday morning.

He was among 62 Customs officers arrested during a dragnet - dubbed Operation 3B - by a task force led by the MACC and including six other agencies on April 1 at the Customs office in North Port, Port Klang to assist in investigations into corruption cases, money laundering and other offences.

He was released on bail on April 2, after being charged in court.

NONEAhmad Sarbani was laid to rest at the Kota Damansara Muslim cemetery at about 6.30pm yesterday.

“As of now the statements of six MACC officials have been recorded,” said Zulkifli, adding that this could have included statements from the two anti-graft agency officers who were suspended.

“We are investigating all aspects of the case... we don't want to preempt the findings as of now,” he said.

Close-circuit television (CCTV) recordings have also been confiscated to assist in the investigations, said Zulkifli.

According to MACC investigations director Mustafar Ali, Ahmad Sarbani had returned to the MACC building at 8.26am on April 6 without an appointment and requested to meet the investigating officer.

Ahmad Sarbani had already given his statement to the MACC and was released from custody at 12.30pm on Saturday.

Mustafar said an officer then accompanied the senior Customs officer to a room in the office, before leaving to collect the case file only to find him missing upon his return. - Malaysiakini, 8/4/2011,
'Customs man's injuries in line with fall from height'

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