Thursday, June 28, 2012

Tax Rebate for organising Family Day events absurd when poor Malaysia been cutting subsidies and causing family sufferings

Tax Rebate for companies where there are trade unions
Tax Rebate for companies whose workers are all regular workers on employment contracts until retirement. (i.e. companies where no workers, who are not employees of the principal, but supplied by contractors for labour, and no short-term contract employees). Companies who use workers on short-term contract, or workers without making them employees as provided by contractors for labour, really do not even care for the rights and welfare of workers and their families. Companies that care will only be using workers, who are all their employees, who are regular permanent employee until retirement...

Tax Rebate for companies who practices no discrimination especially based on gender - Remember the Guppy Case where women are being discriminated against and are made to retire at 50 when men are allowed to retire at 55...Federal Constitution guarantees equality - but alas the obligation not to discriminate seems not to extend to PRIVATE companies... and this is SO WRONG.

But the Malaysian government foolishly is giving 100% tax rebate for companies that have family day celebrations - but alas, how can these companies that do not even care for their own employees - and put them on short-term contracts, or  even those that use workers, employees of contractors for labour...

So, will these Family Day Celebrations be for ALL the workers at the factory - or just the companies regular employees - not their short term employees, not for the workers supplied by the contractors for labour - the 'outsourced worker'..

Family Day for migrant workers - they cannot even fall in love and get married when they are in Malaysia - not even to some other migrant worker. They cannot even bring their families to Malaysia as they work. Women migrant workers who get 'pregnant' get their work passes cancelled and are sent back to their countries... So for Migrant Workers - it would be just a BACHELOR DAY CELEBRATION

No conditions placed on these companies - so maybe some companies will organize a Family Day Celebration for SOME (not all) workers - maybe at some major hotel, etc - (maybe even in lieu of annual dinners) - after all they will get Tax Rebates from the government - 100% Tax Rebates...

Well, Malaysia is in financial trouble, so says the BN government - and thus the cut in subsidies, and the increase in how come the government is willing to give Tax Rebates for these companies...usually rich companies...

Give Tax Rebates to the poor... to the needy the ordinary Malaysians.... not to the RICH...

PM: Companies to get 100% tax rebate on expenses for holding Family Day events

KUALA LUMPUR: Private sector companies will get a 100% tax rebate on expenses to hold their 1Malaysia Family Day celebrations in conjunction with the national-level celebration in November this year, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.
Najib, who assumed the responsibility of the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry in April, made the announcement in Parliament Monday, saying this was part of the ministry's move to further strengthen the family institution.

"I am glad to announce that November has been fixed for the national-level 1Malaysia Family Day celebration this year.

"Private companies that hold events to mark the celebrations would be given 100% rebate on expenses incurred to organise their respective events," he said, when answering a question raised by Zuraida Kamaruddin (PKR-Ampang) in Parliament.

Earlier, Najib said the ministry had launched the Women Director Programme this year to train and equip women to be appointed in decision-making positions in private companies, as part of the Government's goal of achieving 30% women representation in such roles.- Star, 25/6/2012, PM: Companies to get 100% tax rebate on expenses for holding Family Day events

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