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Home Minister, risk of cracks to buildings is no reason to call of search for Chin Aik, alive or dead?

It is absurd that the search for the body has been called off. Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi explained that the digging work to locate Chin Aik's body had to be called off as buildings around the craters - the Penang State Museum and Pakistan Mosque - are at risk of cracks. 

Cracks? - How can you even use such reason to stop the quest for Chin Aik? Maybe, he did not die...or he did but no one will know until his body is found. For any family, the finding of the body would be very important, and only with a body can one be buried and cremated - the proper funeral rites. This is not a case of a body lost in sea or space - but on land in Penang - please continue on with the search for Chin Aik - who also may still be alive. Would there even have been a suggestion to call off the search had that been a 'more important' person? 

Now, if the body cannot be found, then Chin Aik would be considered 'missing' - for a presumption of death, one has to be missing for many many years... or the law does not matter, the BN can do as it pleases.

Concern for the family and insurance claims? Well, this is lame for after all the Government can step in and provide the needed assistance to the family until Chin Aik's body is found or the necessary time has passed and the presumption of law that a person is dead comes into being.

Was there even any evidence of the person of Chin Aik found? DNA evidence? 

No probe (or inquest) should be conducted on the death since we still do not know whether he is dead or alive - but a probe must be conducted on the incident? Was there corruption involved? Were there anyone to be held responsible - was there regular inspections? Who was responsible? It is very easy to blame God, i.e. 'Act of God' - but first make sure that all the needful was done with regard construction and regular inspections...

Minister orders probe into storm victim's death

  • Susan Loone
  • 3:54PM Jun 17, 2013
Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said police will conduct a probe into the death of hawker Lim Chin Aik so that an inquest can be carried out on the death.

NONEAhmad Zahid said the probe will be carried out by the forensics department headed by Penang Police chief Abdul Rahman Hanafi.

"The probe will be carried out beginning tomorrow until the (June) 20th," the minister (seated, centre in photo)said during a press conference with Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng (seated, right in photo) at the accident site along Jalan Macalister.

"The results of the probe will be sent to me so I can direct the National Registration Department to issue a death certificate on the 21st.

"The certificate is necessary for insurance claims as the vehicle that was discovered belongs to the victim," he stressed.

George Town OCPD Gan Kon Meng said once the probe is completed, the police will apply for an inquest from the Attorney-General's Chambers.

NONESearch for Chin Aik's body has been called off today after the Special Operations Rescue Team failed to uncover his remains despite digging into the crater for four days.

Parts of his Honda City were recovered in the six-metre deep crater after a 50-metre long lightning rod fell from the state Umno building striking the car when strong gales hit Penang last Thursday.

The rod struck a lorry, killing driver and Indian national Jahir Hussain Sulaiman. In a separate incident, another victim died after he was struck by a fallen tree.
Interest of victim's family placed first

Ahmad Zahid said financial aid will be handed over to the Chin Aik’s family by the Women, Family and Community Development Minister Rohani Kassim by this week.

He added that Penang BN and Umno will also extend some aid to ease the burden of the victim's family as Chin Aik was the sole breadwinner, with three kids, one of which has Down syndrome.

He has two sons aged 18, 20 and a daughter aged 13, while his 48-year-old wife Lee Chai Song used to be his helper.

"What is important is that we have put our differences aside and placed human interest of the family above all," Ahmad Zahidi said.

NONEThe minister thanked all sectors, including Lim, his staff, the police, fire and rescue departments and local council workers for working tirelessly to restore the situation to normal since the violent storm hit Penang.

He also apologised to the family of the victim (left) for the tragic incident.

He explained that the digging work to locate Chin Aik's body had to be called off as buildings around the craters - the Penang State Museum and Pakistan Mosque - are at risk of cracks.

Ahmad Zahid visited the family at the site about 2pm, around the same time as DAP senior leader and Gelang Patah MP Lim Kit Siang.- Malaysiakini, 17/6/2013, Minister orders probe into storm victim's death

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