Thursday, August 01, 2013

Is crime really rising? Or is the media highlighting crime now to justify bringing back ISA-type law - law that allows detention without trial?

In the past, we could get statistics of crime when we visited the Police website - we knew how many murders, robberies, snatch thief incidents, etc - but now, I cannot find it anymore. Why? because now they do not reveal the details --- and the government just talks about a 'crime index'. But, I (and a lot of Malaysians) want to know details of how many murders, thefts, armed robbery, snatch thief incidents, motorbike thefts, car thefts, rape, etc... and we would also like to know where this happened, i.e. which town and/or State? This information is essential for everyone in Malaysia ....

The rise in petty crimes, i.e. thefts, snatch thief incidents, break-ins, car/motorbike thefts really is an indicator of the socioeconomic condition of the Malaysian population - people are not earning enough, and out of desperation, people are resorting to these kind of 'smaller' the solution may not be increased police or anti-crime activities - but maybe trying to solve this personal/family financial problems.... more jobs, increased minimum wages, etc..

Now, media is highlighting a lot of crime (maybe it was always the same but was just not reported by the media) why are they doing this? Well, this government is planning to bring back....resurrect...detention without trial laws... they call it preventive detention???


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