Saturday, January 25, 2014

Why was Azmin Ali even made a Director in PKNS? Was he also getting Director's allowances..RM?

There has been much reports about Azmin Ali and his directorship in PKNS - or rather that he is no more? 

Should ADUNs and members of political parties be appointed as Directors of government owned or linked companies? What is this some kind of fringe benefits or 'pay back'? What about the Directors Allowance - who gets it, this ADUN, MP or political party member? Something is very wrong - and even if appointed Directors, the 'Directors Allowance' should flow back to the State fact, the State should appoint as Directors its officers, and this is part of the duty and no extra allowances/monies as Directors. Governments must appoint a person with the required skill in the business of that company/business - not a politician...not a crony.

If the State needs to monitor some company, then the persons appointed must be MB or the relevant Exco member or an officer from the relevant State department. Need someone to keep an eye that there is no hanky panky - then maybe appoint a CSO rep?

The question to ask is why was Azmin even appointed as a Director in the first place. Was it because he was an ADUN from the ruling Pakatan Rakyat coalition? Was it because he was the No. 2(or No. 3) in PKR?

Now, a Director should be someone who has expertise in the works that should be undertaken by PKNS - not so much politicians(or former politicians) from the ruling coalitions?

I visited the PKNS website and looked at the Board members, and noting that the Selangor MB is the chair, I wonder why some ADUNs are there as well. Are they there to ensure that Khalid does not lead PKNS in a manner inconsistent with the objects of Pakatan Rakyat? 

Y.B. Tuan Iskandar bin Abdul Samad
Cempaka State Assembly

Y.B. Puan Teresa Kok Suh Kim
Kinrara State Assembly

Y.B. Tuan Mohamed Azmin bin Ali
Bukit Antarabangsa State Assembly
Source: PKNS Website - Corporate

Well, this Tuan Iskandar is an Engineer, and is the member of the State Exco in charge of  Housing, Building Management dan Urban Pioneers (Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Tetap Perumahan, Pengurusan Bangunan dan Peneroka Bandar.) - well, there is justification why he should be a member of the PKNS board.

Wait ..Teresa Kok Suh Kim is no more the ADUN of Kinrara - so this information of the PKNS website is dated....shame on you PKNS. Why is the PKNS website not updated?

In the outdated website, also in the Board is one from the Prime Minister's Department and 2 from the Ministry of Finance - WHY is this so?

Anyway, why was Azmin's (or even Teresa Kok's) special skill set that made him a person suitable to be appointed to the Board? Maybe DAP and PAS may want to keep an eye on PKNS given that the MB is from PKR?

Now, really Azmin being the number 3 in PKR should really be concentrating his energies and effort together with the other Pakatan Rakyat leaders to win GE14... He already has to do his work with his constituents, his party and he really should not be sitting in this and that Boards of companies...

Now, when it comes to the State owned or linked companies, the ultimate responsibility will fall with the Menteri Besar...who is answerable to the State Legislative Assembly and the people of Selangor. Being a Pakatan Rakyat Menteri Besar, he is also finally accountable to collective leadership of Pakatan Rakyat...

But does Pakatan Rakyat have such a Leaders Council that monitors all the different Pakatan Rakyat Menteri Besars? If it still does not, it is time for it to have such a Council, whose task is to ensure that the PR Menteri Besars/Chief Ministers do not do things contrary to the PR policy...

When a person has been appointed as Menteri Besar or Chief Minister, there should little interference on how he implements his mandate to govern save for matters that go contrary to PR policies...certainly should not interfere on petty things as to who gets appointed to the Board of PKNS or not...

 If not happy with the Menteri Besar or Chief Minister, it is time for the ADUNs in the State to remove him/her and replace with another...

Besides the backbenchers in the Legislative Assembly, the Pakatan Rakyat collectively, or the individual parties on their own should be the 'check and balance' against abuse, mismanagement, cronyism, etc...

Azmin should continue to highlight the failings of the Khalid's administration - he is a backbencher (is he the leader of the Backbenchers Club in Selangor Legislative Assembly?) ...and to play that role of 'check and balance', he must stay independent refusing 'handouts' or 'benefits' from the MB ... To date, there seem to be little particulars given about the alleged failings of the MB...tell us all clearly what Khalid is doing wrong? The people have a right to know... Hopefully the PR Backbenchers in the State Legislative Assembly is not just like the BN Backbenchers in Parliament - i.e. no criticizing of the government, and no supporting of opposition points made even if good..and blindly voting for all government proposals for law, etc..

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