Monday, March 24, 2014

Kajang - Why? To get rid MB? For some to get Directorship, more money and power?

Congratulations to Pakatan Rakyat over the victory in the Kajang by-elections but questions still remain as to why Lee Chin Cheh(PKR) resigned.

Was it just simply because Anwar Ibrahim wanted to become a State Assemblyperson in Selangor, or was it for some other reason we are not told? Nothing seem to have surfaced that the people of Kajang were unhappy with Lee Chin Cheh to date?

So was the Anwar's declared intention to contest anything to do with his Sodomy appeal at the Court of Appeal?

Some say that the reason was that the Pakatan Rakyat, or was it just some in PKR, were not happy with the Selangor MB, and so they wanted to change the Selangor MB? Well, that would have been simple for after all the Menteri Besar must have the 'confidence of the majority of the State Assemblypersons', so a simple declaration of no more confidence in Khalid would have sufficed - but this never happened, did it? 

So is it just an internal PKR faction fight?

KUALA LUMPUR, March 22 — Some PKR leaders are still pursuing plans to unseat Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim and are confident they will get the support from allies DAP and PAS even with Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim now out of the picture.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, key party officials told The Malay Mail Online that top leaders in the three Pakatan Rakyat (PR) parties are agreeable that Khalid must to step down as chief of the country’s wealthiest state.

They said Khalid’s arch rival, PKR deputy president Azmin Ali, has been touted by party leaders as the replacement, and that the party is now working to convince PAS and DAP to agree to this proposal.

“Azmin is a logical choice since Anwar cannot become Selangor MB, he has the political experience,” a high-ranking PKR leader said, adding that Azmin has the support of senior party members and at grassroots level.

The PKR MP also said that Azmin is the “right” choice as the Bukit Antarabangsa assemblyman has a good “working relationship” with the Selangor palace. - Malay Mail, 22/3/2014, PKR still pursuing plans to replace MB Khalid, PKR insiders say

But, then there is something that happened in PKNS and there is some investigation going on concerning Azmin, whereby he was removed as Director - what is it? Was there an abuse of power, corruption, 'cronyism,....what? We need transparency about all this, and the people can decide...

Talking about Directorship in State-owned companies, be it owned wholly or in part, what is the criteria for appointing 'politicians' as Directors - should it not be the best state civil servant? And, when these ADUNs/MPs are appointed as Directors, are they also getting 'extra income' in the form of Director's alllowances/salary/etc ... this should never be the case, as they like any other public servant already get paid as ADUN or MP, and they sit as Directors, etc as part of their duties. Any income should be channelled back to the State coffers...back to the people.

If this is not made a policy and practice, then 'cronyism' will rise, and some will be further enriched vide such appointments, and others will be discriminated against by reason of they being more 'independent' and not a just follow person. 

Pakatan Rakyat wins Selangor - does the Pakatan Rakyat have any say on the policy and actions of the State Menteri Besar or the Chief Minister. I say, there must be a Pakatan Rakyat Supreme Council that will need to monitor their States, and they should be comprised of the leaders and 'qualified reps' of Pakatan Rakyat... We saw what happened in Kedah, when one PR MB was doing things, which I believe, was really against general policy of PR - but it went on and later the blame fell on that Kedah MB - when really the blame should be on the PR. 

In fact, PR leaders should maybe not be Prime Ministers or MBs or Chief Ministers - they must choose the best available. The leaders should be the necessary 'check and balance' to ensure that all is done in accordance to PR policy and principle. And if some MB is doing something contrary, it is this leadership that must publicly point out these inconsistencies not as individual party leaders but as PR leaders..So, should Wan Azizah now accept the post of Menteri Besar - I would have to say she should not.

Should Khalid be replaced with Azmin, here again I say that he being the number 2 in PKR should not. Tell us, Azmin, what is Khalid doing wrong? If Khalid has loss the confidence of the ADUNs of Selangor, choose another and let's get another MB.

Kajang wad an embarrassment - (1) We had a healthy ADUN resign for apparently no good reason; (2)   We had this move by the Opposition Leader, and defactor head of PR, later the leader of PR itself running for elections to what....become MB? - Power Crazy? ... well, the people are wondering whether PR is the correct choice to replace the BN - or should we be looking for some other alternatives... 

There are just too many questions still not answered...

Directors of companies should never  be chosen just because you are a politician in a victorious party - this makes no sense and certainly is bad for business...and, if they are getting 'extra income' with such appointments, then again it is wrong....



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