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BERSIH - have their objective and demands changed? Join BERSIH activities if you still support??

What is BERSIH all about? Well, they have 8 basic demands on their website - which are also laid out below. But every different BERSIH seem to also have specific objects...responding to the signs of the times..

Have their demands changed for BERSIH 5.0 - or is it merely an elaboration of an already existing demands. Have a look at their Press Statement about BERSIH 5.0, and decide for yourself.

Based on the media statement about BERSIH 5 - it looks like the objects are still consistent with original DEMANDS 6 AND 7. Is it? You decide...

BERSIH may need to clarify that BERSIH 5.0 is also about the rest of the demands...or maybe we need to ADD another demand to address the issue of GERRYMANDERING and the recent Delineation exercises??

Now, if we were to go to the BERSIH website, we will see that the different BERSIH peaceful assemblies had specific objects..

BERSIH 1 - 10/11/2007

  1. a thorough cleanup of the electoral roll;
  2. the user of indelible ink to prevent multiple voting;
  3. the abolition of postal voting for military and police personnel;
  4. fair access to the mass media for all parties.
BERSIH 2  - 9/7/2011

  1. Clean the electoral roll
  2. Reform postal ballot
  3. Use indelible ink
  4. Minimum 21 days campaign period
  5. Free and fair access to media
  6. Strengthen public institutions
  7. Stop corruption
  8. Stop dirty politics
BERSIH 3 - Duduk Bantah 28/4/2012

    '... another rally to push for electoral reform....'

BERSIH 4 - 29 - 30 AUGUST 2015

"... calling for 10 institutional reforms to stop corruption and call for clean and fair elections..."

To make electoral defeats of corrupt politicians more probable:
  1. Make the Election Commission accountable to the Parliament, with EC members nominated by parliamentary parties based on vote share.
  2. Clean up the electoral rolls, ensuring level-playing field in contestation, and eliminating malapportionment and gerrymandering before the next general elections.
To break power concentration and unaccountability of the Executive:
  1. Stop Mahathir’s legacy of the Prime Minister simultaneously holding the portfolio of Minister of Finance.
  2. Introduce parliamentary reform to enable more effective scrutiny of the Executive and more consultative law making, as per recommendations by BERSIH 2.0 and the Coalition for Parliamentary Reform (CPR).
  3. Make the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) a constitutional body answerable to Parliament and imbue the MACC with both investigative and prosecutorial powers.
  4. Restrict the role of Attorney-General (AG) to providing legal advice to the Federal Government, with the prosecutory power transferred to an independent office of Director of Public Prosecutions.
  5. Establish Freedom of Information (FOI) Laws at the federal and state levels.
  6. Make public declaration of assets – including those of spouses — mandatory for all members of the Cabinet, all deputy ministers and all officers holding top offices in government and government-linked companies (GLCs).
To protect political dissent:
  1. Abolish draconian laws, such as the Sedition Act 1948; Prevention of Terrorism Act 2015; Peaceful Assembly Act 2012; Security Offences (Special Measures) Act 2012; and amend provisions of Penal Code which violate freedoms and rights.
  2. Establish an Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC) to depoliticise the Royal Malaysia Police and turning it from a violator of human rights into a protector of human rights.
And, now we will have BERSIH 5 - see the Media Statements below to understand the objects...

Now, PAS came out stating " AS has decided not to support the planned Bersih 5 rally slated on November 19...'
'Takiyuddin said PAS, in principle, supported Bersih's original demands but noted that the movement now also had other objectives which the party felt was not in line with PAS' approach....'
Maybe, PAS needs to clarify....what exactly is PAS is not supporting?  

NOW, BERSIH, like REFORMASI in the past not activities organised by the Political Parties - it was an action of Malaysiians - Parties and Organisations can express support - but they do not really control the decision of their individual members. People will decide for themselves - and support causes...and clear objectives.

Our 8 Demands (Source: BERSIH 2.0 Website)

Bersih’s calls are summarised in the following 8 points:

1. Clean the electoral roll

The electoral roll is marred with irregularities such as deceased persons and multiple persons registered under a single address or non-existent addresses. The electoral roll must be revised and updated to wipe out these ‘phantom voters’. The rakyat have a right to an electoral roll that is an accurate reflection of the voting population. In the longer term, BERSIH 2.0 also calls for the EC to implement an automated voter registration system upon eligibility to reduce irregularities.

2. Reform postal ballot

The current postal ballot system must be reformed to ensure that all citizens of Malaysia are able to exercise their right to vote. Postal ballot should not only be open for all Malaysian citizens living abroad, but also for those within the country who cannot be physically present in their voting constituency on polling day. Police, military and civil servants too must vote normally like other voters if not on duty on polling day. The postal ballot system must be transparent. Party agents should be allowed to monitor the entire process of postal voting.

3. Use of indelible ink

Indelible ink must be used in all elections. It is a simple, affordable and effective solution in preventing voter fraud. In 2007, the EC decided to implement the use of indelible ink. However, in the final days leading up to the 12th General Elections, the EC decided to withdraw the use of indelible ink citing legal reasons and rumours of sabotage. BERSIH 2.0 demands for indelible ink to be used for all the upcoming elections. Failure to do so will lead to the inevitable conclusion that there is an intention to allow voter fraud.

4. Minimum 21 days campaign period

The EC should stipulate a campaign period of not less than 21 days. A longer campaign period would allow voters more time to gather information and deliberate on their choices. It will also allow candidates more time to disseminate information to rural areas. The first national elections in 1955 under the British Colonial Government had a campaign period of 42 days but the campaign period for 12th GE in 2008 was a mere 8 days.

5. Free and fair access to media

It is no secret that the Malaysian mainstream media fails to practice proportionate, fair and objective reporting for political parties of all divide. BERSIH 2.0 calls on the EC to press for all media agencies, especially state-funded media agencies such as Radio and Television Malaysia (RTM) and Bernama to allocate proportionate and objective coverage for all potlical parties.

6. Strengthen public institutions

Public institutions must act independently and impartially in upholding the rule of law and democracy. Public institutions such as the Judiciary, Attorney-General, Malaysian Anti-Corruption Agency (MACC), Police and the EC must be reformed to act independently, uphold laws and protect human rights. In particular, the EC must perform its constitutional duty to act independently and impartially so as to enjoy public confidence. The EC cannot continue to claim that they have no power to act, as the law provides for sufficient powers to institute a credible electoral system.

7. Stop corruption

Corruption is a disease that has infected every aspect of Malaysian life. BERSIH 2.0 and the rakyat demand for an end to all forms of corruption. Current efforts to eradicate corruption are mere tokens to appease public grouses. We demand that serious action is taken against ALL allegations of corruption, including vote buying.

8. Stop dirty politics

Malaysians are tired of dirty politics that has been the main feature of the Malaysian political arena. We demand for all political parties and politicians to put an end to gutter politics. As citizens and voters, we are not interested in gutter politics; we are interested in policies that affect the nation.


BERSIH 5 – Berdiam Diri Bukan Pilihan / BERSIH5 – Staying Silent is Not an Option

BERSIH 5 – Berdiam Diri Bukan Pilihan

Dua minggu yang lalu, Jabatan Kehakiman Amerika Syarikat (US DOJ) telah mengumumkan bahawa mereka akan memulakan tindakan undang-undang untuk mengembalikan aset bernilai lebih $1 billion dolar yang berkaitan dengan penipuan dan pengubahan wang haram daripada 1 Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB), iaitu sebuah syarikat milik kerajaan Malaysia.

Rakyat Malaysia terkejut dengan pendedahan US DOJ tersebut, dan ramai telah menzahirkan kemarahan terhadap tahap penipuan dan korupsi yang berlaku. Di sebuah negara yang demokratik, pendedahan jenayah sebegini sudah pasti akan menyebabkan mereka yang terlibat untuk meletak jawatan atau mengambil cuti; agar satu siasat penuh dan independen dapat dilaksanakan tanpa campur tangan eksekutif; dan kes tersebut diselesaikan secara domestik secepat mungkin.

Ekoran tindakan US DOJ, rakyat Malaysia berpendapat bahawa BERSIH2.0 harus mengadakan perhimpunan awam untuk membantah skandal korupsi 1MDB. Dalam tempoh dua minggu yang lalu, BERSIH2.0 telah menjalankan  beberapa siri mesyuarat konsultasi tentang isu ini dengan pelbagai kumpulan, termasuk endorsing NGO BERSIH2.0, NGO lain, kumpulan akar umbi, anak muda, ahli akademik, pemimpin masyarakat, dan rakyat yang prihatin.

Berdasarkan proses konsultasi ini, adalah dinyatakan bahawa BERSIH2.0:
  1. membantah penafian berturusan daripada pihak kerajaan dan ketiadaan tindakan yang diambil sehingga kini. Sebaliknya, pihak kerajaan telah mengganggu siasatan yang dilakukan oleh Jawatankuasa Kira-kira Wang Negara (PAC), dan jawatankuasa khas 1MDB (1MDB Task force); memecat Timbalan Perdana Menteri, menukar Peguam Negara, Tan Sri Gani Patail, menukar Ketua Pesuruhjaya Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM) dan dua pegawai kanan di dalam SPRM. Undang-undang zalim, halangan keluar negara, dan intimidasi oleh polis dan pihak berkuasa turut dilakukan keatas aktivis sosial dan ahli politik untuk menutup mulut mereka.
  1. Oleh itu, kami percaya bahawa cadangan untuk turun ke jalanraya merupakan satu cadangan yang tepat. Sebagai rakyat Malaysia, kita harus mengambil satu pendirian yang tegas terhadap skandal rasuah terbesar tanahair kita dan ini juga merupakan pecah amanah. Terdapat kelalaian yang serius dalam kewajipan Perdana Menteri dan ahli kabinetnya untuk menjaga kepentingan rakyat. Mereka telah membenarkan skandal 1MDB untuk berlanjutan selama 5 tahun tanpa sebarang akauntabiliti. Kini, mereka harus menyiasat,menangkap dan mendakwa segera Malaysian Official 1 akan jenayah yang sudah dilakukan. Jika mereka tetap membisu, maka Perdana Menteri dan kabinets harus letak jawatan serta-merta.
  1. Oleh itu, satu himpunan aman BERSIH 5 akan dianjurkan. Ini adalah lanjutan untuk meminta tindakan yang sewajarnya dan untuk akauntabiliti skandal 1MDB. Masa dan tarikh aksi BERSIH 5 akan diumumkan dalam masa terdekat. Pada ketika ini, BERSIH2.0 akan fokus untuk membina satu gerakan majmuk dengan penglibatan pelbagai pihak untuk menjayakan BERSIH 5. Konsultasi dengan semua pihak akan diteruskan, dan gerak kerja mobilisasi BERSIH 5 akan bermula dari saat ini.
BERSIH 2.0 bersama dengan NGO yang lain dan rakyat Malaysia yang prihatin sudahpun memulakan pelbagai aktiviti protes mingguan terhadap skandal 1MDB ini. BERSIH 2.0 juga menyokong himpunan #TangkapMalaysianOfficial1 yang dirancang oleh anak muda pada 27 Ogos 2016. BERSIH 2.0 turut menyokong segala aksi penyerahan memorandum ke agensi-agensi kerajaan dan laporan polis terhadap Malaysian Official 1.

Rakyat Malaysia tidak boleh berdiam diri atau menerima kleptokrasi dan skandal rasuah yang telah terjadi. Kita harus terus menuntut jawapan dan kebenaran. BERSIH 2.0 mengajak semua rakyat Malaysia untuk meneruskan perjuangan dan bersatu pada masa yang penting ini.

Dikeluarkan oleh
Jawatankuasa Pemandu BERSIH2.0

BERSIH5 – Staying Silent is Not an Option

Two weeks ago, the US Department of Justice (US DOJ) announced that they are taking legal action to recover more than $1 billion in assets associated with funds defrauded and laundered from 1 Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB), a company wholly owned by the government of Malaysia.

Malaysians were shocked by the revelation, and many have expressed anger against the international scale of corruption and theft involved. In any functioning democracy, such criminal exposé would have already resulted in those implicated to take leave if not to resign; full and independent investigations would have taken place without interference from the executive; and the case would have been sorted out domestically and not dragged on for years.

Following the US DOJ lawsuit, there is a lot of expectation for BERSIH2.0 to organise a rally to protest against the 1MDB grand corruption, that is worsening by the day. In the past two weeks, BERSIH2.0 has held a series of consultations on this issue with a wide range of groups, including BERSIH2.0 endorsing NGOs, non-endorsing NGOs, grassroots groups, youths, academicians, opinion leaders, and various concerned citizens.

Based on these consultations, it is noted that BERSIH 2.0:
  1. condemns the government’s continuing denial and inaction on the 1MDB scandal. Instead of taking action, the government has interfered in the investigations by Parliamentary Accounts Committee (PAC) and 1MDB taskforce; sacked the Deputy Prime Minister; replaced the Attorney General, MACC Chief Commissioner and two other senior officers; and used oppressive laws, travel restrictions, and police intimidation against activists and politicians to silence their views.
  1. believes that not protesting is not an option. As citizens, we must make a strong stand against this grand corruption and betrayal of trust. There is a serious dereliction of duty by the Prime Minister and cabinet members who are entrusted to protect the interests of the people. They have allowed the 1MDB scandal to escalate over a period of 5 years without any compulsion for accountability. They must institute investigations and immediately arrest Malaysian Official No. 1 for his crimes. If they continue with their inaction, the PM and his cabinet must resign.
  1. will be organising a BERSIH 5 rally to pressure for greater accountability and actions. The date and details of the BERSIH 5 rally will be announced in due course. At present, BERSIH 2.0 strongly feels that we need to focus on building a united Malaysia by gathering more diverse groups and stakeholders for this rally. BERSIH2.0 will continue its consultation and mobilisation processes leading up to the BERSIH 5 rally.
BERSIH 2.0, together with the NGOs and concerned citizens have initiated various weekly actions to protest against the 1MDB scandal. These include a planned #TangkapMalaysianOfficial1 protest by the youth on 27th August 2016; the submission of memoranda to various government institutions; and the lodging of police reports against Malaysian Official No. 1. We fully support these actions.

Despite the impunity of the regime, Malaysians must not remain silent or accept the kleptocracy and corruption that has happened. We must continue to demand for answers and hold those implicated accountable. We will work hard on the above challenges and encourage every Malaysian to continue the struggle for a united Malaysia.

Issued by
BERSIH 2.0 Steering Committee



PAS decides not to join Bersih 5 rally

Published     Updated

AS has decided not to join the planned Bersih 5 rally slated on November 19, said the party's secretary-general Takiyuddin Hassan.
However, he said PAS has yet to decide if it will allow party members to join the rally in their personal capacity.

Takiyuddin said PAS, in principle, supported Bersih's original demands but noted that the movement now also had other objectives which the party felt was not in line with PAS' approach.

"We have our own methods to be an effective opposition in the country under the current PAS, in line with a matured and harmonious political culture," he was quoted as saying by Sinar Harian today. He noted that some party members may still participate in the rally on their own.

"We have not issued any instructions to allow them to do so or not," he said.

He denied that PAS' refusal to join the Bersih rally meant it supported BN.

"Not supporting one side does not means supporting the other side," he said.

Bersih, which started off as an electoral reform movement, will call for Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak's resignation over the 1MDB scandal in its rally next month.

PAS is seen as an important party in ensuring the rally's success, as it is capable of mobilising the Malay heartland.

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