Monday, March 18, 2019

How many murders? Time to tell us actual figures and no more hiding behind 'crime index'?

How many murders happened in Malaysia? Which State has the highest number of murders?
How many rapes happened? 
How many robberies?
How many snatch thief cases?
How many thefts?

Well, for some time, our government has been hiding these figures, I believe since 2014. Then, the started giving us 'Crime Index' and rates.... Two broad categories - Violent Crimes  and Property Crimes

Problem is that they lump several crimes, we would not know whether there has been an increase of murder....or simply cases of people beating someone, as the case as alleged recently by MP Syed Saddiq that someone assaulted him..
Malaysians really deserve to know actual numbers of murders, etc ...and where is it happening?
Car thefts - we need to know numbers too and where it is happening - is it happening or increasingly happening in my State? 
We also deserve to know how many cases have been investigated and solved - and that the accussed have been tried and sentenced. How many murder cases have been solved? Or are there really so many more murders that have yet to solved ...which means, maybe we need to look at police capacity and skill...even numbers (Do we have enough skilled investigating officers)...Many believe, that if it is a 'high profile' case, then usually it is investigated with rigour - solved...but how many low profile murders are there that is yet to be solved. We do not see police in Malaysia asking for witnesses to come forward often...why is that?
TRANSPARENCY demands that NUMBERS of murders, theft, rape, disclosed. Do not hide facts that all Malaysians deserve to know...

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