Tuesday, April 30, 2019

PERMATA - Education Minister keeping it rather than abolishing it? Save our money?

Maszlee, our Education Minister, now reveals that the PERMATA program, which is now under the Education Minister, will not be abolished but will be renamed... PERMATA was previously under Rosmah(Najib's wife), under I believe the then PM's Department...which, I believe, should be abolished. Good elements could be incorporated into our education program...and even the Health Ministry(as that program also was about children hospitals). A lot of peoples' monies were spend to set up over 80 centres which caters for just about 2,000 student participants... 

The National Permata Programme that was the brainchild of Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor has now been rebranded as “Genius”, Education Minister Maszlee Malik said today.

As the Education Minister, Maszlee had not really been impressive - changing school students shoe colour, getting himself appointed as a University President(later resigned under pressure), backtracking on the UEC recognition, maintaining 90% quota for Malay and Sabah/Sarawakian native students in matriculation programs. He has yet to look into correcting the Malaysian History - which of course highlighted only the efforts of UMNO-MCA-MIC leaders, downplaying the contribution of many others ... Did the British colonial government hand over power to UMNO-MCA-MIC because they were cronnies who agreed to protect British interests? Post independence, the laws and policies that weakened trade unions and societies still remain...remembering that Trade Unions(workers) were active in the fight for independence of Malaysia too...

Personally, I believe it may be best that Maszlee be removed as Education Minister - we need a more effective Minister who will bring needed change...

SAVING MONEY - Well, then close the PERMATA program...reassign the public servants in that program to other Ministries...

Well, visit the site of the PERMATA program -  to get a better understanding...(Ooops site is not available now) - facts below obtained earlier when the site was operative...

PERMATA was, I believe,  the 'hobby program' of Rosmah - it really ought to be abolished - not renamed and continued by PH government.

There were already programs for the smarter students, those who excelled in sports, etc even before the PERMATA program came into being...

It is a program for gifted children - but is it a school? 

If education, then is not the government already having schools for allegedly smarter students ...the 'special' schools - the residential schools, MRSM, matriculation programs..

For those with sport talents - the special sports schools

Look at the number of students in the PERMATA program - are they smarter than those in ordinary schools...let us have a competition and see...

If the curriculum and the teaching methods are better, in PERMATA... maybe the Education Ministry can incorporate this into other schools, kindergartens, etc...

PERMATA has programs for those gifted in the arts...Really? Well, arts, music, dance...all these must be introduced in all schools - all students deserve the opportunity to learn and enhance their artistic and cultural skills. (Well, maybe then all schools should again have music teachers, dance teachers, etc...It was there before, but budget cuts in past government, made it a thing of the past...Maybe PH can bring back music classes, school bands, etc..).

PERMATA also plans to set up children hospital? Should this not be under the Health Ministry - do we have children wards in all our hospitals now - this should be for the benefit of all children all over Malaysia...

Does the PERMATA use ethnic quotas? What really is the percentage of students in the current PERMATA program coming from the various ethnic groups - just curious? Have we read anything in the media about how a PERMATA student excelled in exams, arts, etc?

'Genius'  Education Minister to continue this program is not an act of a Genius - PERMATA, in my opinion is a waste of money and should be abolished...

When we voted out BN, we wanted CHANGE - not simply re-naming and continuing BN programs like PERMATA..

Number of Students (Enrolment) in Malaysia
Level Total
Preschool 200,684
Primary 2,685,403
Secondary 2,188,525
Overall Total 5,074,612
Data APDM 31 Mei 2016 ( Website Ministry of Education)

PERMATA program involves about 2,000 students in over 80 PERMATA Centers - How many full time students in PERMATA Centers? Or are they simply pinched from existing education institutions as and when needed?

How many staff...teachers in all these centres? Public servants can be reassigned to relevant Ministries

Too much of our tax payers money being wasted.

Now, no access to PERMATA website so date here is what I got earlier 

Makluman: Laman Program PERMATA ditutup buat sementara waktu untuk proses penambahbaikan.

Untuk sebarang pertanyaan boleh diemailkan kepada kami di info.permata@moe.gov.my. Segala kesulitan amatlah dikesali. Sekian, terima kasih.
"Pengguna boleh melayari laman web alternatif bagi Genius@Kurnia / PERMATA Kurnia seperti berikut. Terima kasih”

Notice: Program PERMATA website is being temporarily closed down for upgrading.

For any enquiry, please email us at info.permata@moe.gov.my. We apologies for the inconvenience. Thank you.
“Users can access alternative websites for Genius@Kurnia / PERMATA Kurnia as follows. Thank you.”



Maszlee: Rosmah’s brainchild, Permata, now rebranded as ‘Genius’

Maszlee said the purporse of the rebranding was to make the child development programme more competitive. — Picture by Ahmad Zamzahuri
Maszlee said the purporse of the rebranding was to make the child development programme more competitive. — Picture by Ahmad Zamzahuri
KUALA LUMPUR, April 15 — The National Permata Programme that was the brainchild of Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor has now been rebranded as “Genius”, Education Minister Maszlee Malik said today.

Berita Harian reported Maszlee saying that the Cabinet had decided on the rebranding the child development programme to make it more competitive and highly motivated.

“Though the functions and role remains the same, there are several programmes under it that will be enhanced in terms of quality,” he said after an event in Nilai, Negri Sembilan.

After Pakatan Harapan took over the government last May, Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail said the new administration would not pull the plug on Permata, but would audit and review the programme.

The Pemata programme was previously helmed by Rosmah, the wife to former prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

The programme was started nearly a decade ago after Najib then took office.

However the previous Barisan Nasional administration had claimed that Rosmah was not involved in Permata’s day-to-day operations.

In 2015, then minister Datuk Seri Shahidan Kassim said as patron of the programme, Rosmah does not handle any administrative, financial or managerial matters, as well as other functions that come under the purview of the civil service. - Malay Mail, 15/4/2019

Permata removed from list, no 'lead by example' award for Rosmah

Published     Updated
osmah Mansor will not be receiving the 'Lead by Example' Award from the Antiquities Coalition after the Permata programme was removed from the list of honourees.
It is learnt that Bernama, which reported about the award on Saturday, claimed that the award was being given by Unesco.

Permata is the brainchild of Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak's wife, who also serves as its patron. She was slated to receive the award at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, in New York on Thursday.

In an email to the media, Antiquities Coalition spokesperson Andy Beck said: "Contrary to erroneous reports, the event is not a Unesco event, nor is Unesco giving the award."

Beck also shared a statement from Professor Tudor Parfitt, a British scholar, and Fellow of the Royal Historical Society, and chair of the international academic advisory panel for the event.

"The committee recommended that Permata programmes receive recognition as they were seen to represent a model for potential imitation in other countries with diverse populations.

"The programme, which was founded in 2007 under the auspices of Rosmah Mansor, has already received recognition for its efforts to help deprived young people find employment and develop their potential," said Parfitt.

Parfitt said following inaccurate leaks of the committee’s recommendations, the organisation had been quizzed by the media about the sources of funding for Permata.

He said as academics, the organisation had no immediate means of verifying funding for Permata, and was not aware of any specific wrongdoing.
"However, we do not wish this important event to be dominated by anything other than the issue of how to mobilise and unite people in the fight against violent extremism," he said.
"The committee therefore decided it requires more time to review the comments that have been received, and has removed Permata from the list of Thursday’s honourees," he added.

On Saturday, Bernama reported that Rosmah was selected to be the recipient of Unesco's award in conjunction with the 71st United Nations General Assembly.

The national news agency quoted Education Ministry secretary-general Alias Ahmad, who is also Malaysian National Commission for Unesco vice-president, that Rosmah would be conferred the award for her efforts in developing the potential of children, especially through the Permata programme. - Malaysiakini, 19/9/2016

Award Canceled for Children’s Group With Ties to Malaysia’s First Lady

Rosmah Mansor, the first lady of Malaysia, in Kuala Lumpur, the capital, last month. She is known for her lavish spending on luxury items like Hermès Birkin bags. Credit Chris Jung/NurPhoto, via Getty Images

Organizers of a high-profile event to be held during the annual United Nations conclave this week have at the last minute canceled an award they had planned to give a Malaysian organization over concerns about its links to Malaysia’s first lady, whose family is mired in corruption allegations.

The event, to be held Thursday at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, honors people and groups that have fought extremism. Among the scheduled honorees was Permata, a Malaysian children’s organization that was founded several years ago under the auspices of Rosmah Mansor, the wife of the Malaysian prime minister, Najib Razak.

Ms. Rosmah is known for her lavish spending on luxury items like Hermès Birkin bags.

The couple’s family and close friends are at the center of a Justice Department lawsuit claiming that $1 billion in assets — including a $30.6 million penthouse at the Time Warner Center in New York and a $39 million mansion in the Los Angeles hills — were bought with money stolen from Malaysia’s sovereign wealth fund, called 1Malaysia Development Berhad, or 1MDB.

A statement on Sunday from Tudor Parfitt, a scholar involved in the event, confirmed that the honor had been withdrawn.

The statement said that questions had been raised about the sources of Permata’s funding, and that although the event organizers were not aware of any specific wrongdoing, they did not have time to vet the organization.

The event is co-hosted by the head of Unesco, Irina Bokova. Ms. Bokova is running to be secretary general of the United Nations, so her actions are also being closely scrutinized. - New York Times, 18/9/2016

The Birth of an Idea

The idea for the PERMATA Negara project originated from the concern of YABhg. Datin Paduka Seri Rosmah Mansor who was affected by the problems and social ills afflicting our youth today. She expressed her apprehension about this prevailing condition and its impact on the present generation should there be no early intervention.

To ensure that it contributes towards the child’s holistic development, the PERMATA Negara curriculum which underscores the National Education Philosophy stresses on five primary aspects namely (a) active interaction and communication (b) mind stimulation and literacy (c) child empowerment (d) independent learning (e) monitoring of a child’s abilities and potential, and (f) learning through play. The main objective of this curriculum is to enable a child to grow up as a loving, caring, confident and emotionally stable individual with a noble character.

The curriculum content covers six key areas of learning specifically for the mental, physical and emotional makeup of a child below 4 years old, namely (i) Physical (ii) Early Mathematics and Logical Thinking (iii) Senses and Understanding of his environment (iv) Language, Communication and Early Literacy (v) Creativity and Aesthetics and (vi) Personality, Socio-Emotional and Spiritual, as well as aspects of comprehensive childcare such as safety, balanced diet, nursery and childcare practices.

In addition, results of comparative studies on similar programmes implemented by developed countries were adapted and streamlined so that the PERMATA curriculum is in harmony with our local culture and the National Education Philosophy while fulfilling the needs and mental development of Malaysian children. This adaptation has made the PERMATA curriculum the best combined model drawn from the leading childcare centres in Europe, United States and some Asian countries. The curriculum is applied through learning activities that have been planned to suit the children’s development stage and ability according to their age group.






Pusat Anak PERMATA Negara Alor Gajah

Lot PT 7295, Mukim Kelemak, Daerah Alor Gajah, 78000 Melaka
Contact Person: Nor Azliza Binti Abullah
Email: papnalorgajah@yahoo.com | alorgajah@permata.jpm.my
Tel: 06-5562223
Operating Date: 1 April 2011
Total Kids: 23

Pusat Anak PERMATA Negara Arau

Bekas Tapak Balai Penghulu, 02700 Simpang Empat , Perlis
Contact Person: Nor Afzal binti Darus
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Tel: 04-9805546
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Operating Date: 6 April 2011
Total Kids: 40

Pusat Anak PERMATA Negara Bachok

Pusat Ko-Kurikulum Kelantan, Jabatan Pelajaran Kelantan, Tangok 15310 Bachok, Kelantan
Contact Person: Aina Mardhiah binti Mohamed
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Operating Date: 24 June 2011
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Pusat Anak PERMATA Negara Bagan Pinang

No 18,19,20, Tmn Desa Pinang, 71000 Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan
Contact Person: Rafidah binti Misran
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Tel: 06-6462046 | 06-6462043
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Operating Date: 15 November 2009
Total Kids: 31

Pusat Anak PERMATA Negara Balik Pulau

Mukim B, Solok Nelayan 1, Kuala Sungai Pinang, Balik Pulau, 11010 Balik Pulau, Pulau Pinang
Contact Person: Noor Azlia binti Ismail
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Pusat Anak PERMATA Negara Batu Pahat

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Pusat Anak PERMATA Negara Batu Sapi

D/A Bersebelahan Sekolah Bandar II (SKII), Karamunting, Batu Sapi, 90009 Sandakan, Sabah
Contact Person: Nor Hafizah Binti Panandrang
Email: batusapi@permata.jpm.my
Tel: 089-611194

Pusat Anak PERMATA Negara Beaufort

KM 0.1, Jalan Perumahan JKR, Off Jalan Pejabat-Pejabat Kerajaan, 89807 Beaufort, Sabah
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Operating Date: 16 January 2012
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Pusat Anak PERMATA Negara Bera

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Pusat Anak PERMATA Negara Bukit Katil

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Pusat Anak PERMATA NEGARA Bukit Peringgit

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Pusat Anak PERMATA Negara Cameron Highlands

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Mukim 12, Taman Seri Menerong, Tasek Gelugor, Seberang Perai Utara, 13300 Seberang Perai Utara, Pulau Pinang
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Aras Bawah, Blok F, PPR Kerinchi Jalan Pantai, Permai 2, 59200, Kuala Lumpur
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Pusat Anak PERMATA Negara Kuala Pilah

Bekas Kediaman Kerajaan JBA (Bersebelahan Rumah Rehat Kuala Pilah), Jalan Bukit, 72000 Kuala Pilah, Negeri Seremban.
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Pusat Anak PERMATA Negara Kulaijaya

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Operating Date: 7 March 2011
Total Kids: 20

Pusat Anak PERMATA Negara Matunggong

Pejabat Pos Mini, Matunggong, 89058 Kudat, Sabah
Contact Person: Leciaty Ubid Boruboi
Email: papnmatunggong@yahoo.com.my | matunggong@permata.jpm.my
Tel: 088-611120
Fax: 088-611135
Total Kids: 14

Pusat Anak PERMATA Negara Membakut

Jalan Papar- Beaufort, 89720 Membakut, Sabah
Contact Person: Farasuhada binti Suhaimi
Email: membakut@permata.jpm.my
Tel: 0172741386
Operating Date: 1 March 2016

Pusat Anak PERMATA Negara Mempaga

No 28, Felda Jaya Timur Mempaga, 28600 Karak, Pahang
Contact Person: Nazzatul Izan Binti Abdul Aziz
Email: papnmempaga_jpm@gmail.com | mempaga@permata.jpm.my
Tel: 09-2222406
Fax: 09-2222406
Operating Date: 5 March 2007
Total Kids: 14

Pusat Anak PERMATA Negara Merlimau

Lot 481, Jalan Merlimau-Jasin, Bersebelahan Klinik Kesihatan Merlimau, 77300 Merlimau Jasin, Melaka
Contact Person: Nor Azliza Binti Azik
Email: papnmerlimau@yahoo.com | merlimau@permata.jpm.my
Tel: 019-7729434

Pusat Anak PERMATA Negara Nibong Tebal

Hadapan 468, Jalan Selamat, Lot 500 Sungai Bakap, 14200 Sungai Jawi, Seberang Perai Selatan, Pulau Pinang
Contact Person: Nur Liyana binti Adnan
Email: papn_nibongtebal@yahoo.com | nibongtebal@permata.jpm.my
Tel: 04-5823146 | 013-6517971
Fax: 04-5821144
Operating Date: 1 August 2011
Total Kids: 40

Pusat Anak PERMATA Negara Padang Besar

Lot 3591, Mukim Paya, Beseri, 01000 Kangar, Perlis
Contact Person: Noor Razatul Aizie Bt Ramli
Email: papnpadgbesar@yahoo.com | padangbesar@permata.jpm.my
Tel: 04-9381994
Operating Date: 18 July 2011
Total Kids: 40

Pusat Anak PERMATA Negara Padang Rengas

Jalan Seri Permai 5, Taman Seri Permai, 33700 Padang Rengas, Perak
Contact Person: Siti Noorazi binti Abdullah
Email: papnpdgrengas@yahoo.com | padangrengas@permata.jpm.my
Tel: 05-7583215 / 05-7583392
Fax: 05-7583086
Operating Date: 13 February 2013

Pusat Anak PERMATA Negara Papar

Jalan Tanjung Pagar, 89600 Papar, Sabah
Contact Person: Evy Susanti Binti Edy Susanto
Email: papar@permata.jpm.my
Tel: 088-911015
Fax: 088-911262
Total Kids: 19

Pusat Anak PERMATA Negara Parit Buntar

Lot 10642, Jalan Persiaran Permai, Taman Kerian Permai, 34200 Parit Buntar, Perak
Contact Person: Wan Khairiyah binti Abd Rahim
Email: papnparitbuntar@yahoo.com | paritbuntar@permata.jpm.my
Tel: 05-716 2814
Operating Date: 3 March 2011
Total Kids: 40

Pusat Anak PERMATA Negara Parit Guntong

TLJM 336 Parit Guntong, Mukim Lubok, Semerah 83600, Batu Pahat, Johor
Contact Person: Farhana Binti Ghazali
Email: papn_pguntong@yahoo.com | paritguntong@permata.jpm.my
Tel: 07-4163036
Fax: 07-4163043
Operating Date: 9 November 2009
Total Kids: 17

Pusat Anak PERMATA Negara Pasir Gudang

PTD 158017 Persimpangan Jalan Gunung, Jalan Gunung 41, Bandar Sri Alam, 81750 Masai, Johor
Contact Person: Karimah Binti Ahmad
Email: pasirgudang@permata.jpm.my |
Tel: 07-3861070
Operating Date: 2 May 2012
Total Kids: 40

Pusat Anak PERMATA Negara Pasir Mas

JKR 287 Kg. Kubang Panjang, 17000 Pasir Mas, Kelantan
Contact Person: Shamilah binti Aseri
Email: pasirmas@permata.jpm.my
Tel: 09-7904351
Fax: 09-7904359
Operating Date: 3 December 2007
Total Kids: 37

Pusat Anak PERMATA Negara Penampang

Kampung Inobong, PO Box 331, 89507 Penampang, Sabah
Contact Person: Noorkhadizah Binti Hj.Ismail
Email: penampang@permata.jpm.my
Tel: 019-5324967
Operating Date: 5 May 2015

Pusat Anak PERMATA Negara Pengkalan Hulu

JKA 18, Jalan Sri Adika Raja Kompleks Kerajaan, 33100 Pengkalan Hulu, Perak
Contact Person: Norazian Hani binti Mat Noor
Email: papn_pengkalanhulu@yahoo.com | pgklnhulu@permata.jpm.my
Tel: 04-4770431
Operating Date: 18 February 2013
Total Kids: 34

Pusat Anak PERMATA Negara Pokok Sena

Desa KEDA Batu 13, Jalan Kuala Nerang, 06400 Pokok Sena, Kedah
Contact Person: Nurul Aziela binti Sulaiman
Email: pokoksena@permata.jpm.my
Tel: 04-7821352
Fax: 04-7821459
Operating Date: 28 July 2011
Total Kids: 24

Pusat Anak PERMATA Negara PPR Air Panas

Tingkat Bawah Blok E, Projek Perumahan Rakyat (PPR) Kolam Air Panas, Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur (DBKL), Lot 200429, Jalan Kolam Air Panas, Mukim Setapak, 53200 W.P. Kuala Lumpur
Contact Person: Nurul Fadhlian Abd Salam
Email: airpanas@permata.jpm.my
Tel: 017-8920751 | 019-4940955 | 012-3304469
Operating Date: 13 April 2015

Pusat Anak PERMATA Negara PPR Seri Semarak

Tingkat Bawah, Blok F, Projek Perumahan Rakyat (PPR) Seri Semarak, Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur (DBKL), Lot 28425, Jalan Ayer Keroh, Mukim Setapak, 53300, Wilayah Kuala Lumpur
Contact Person: Zuhaida binti Zabidi
Email: serisemarak@permata.jpm.my
Tel: 012-3141682 | 013-3791173
Operating Date: 13 April 2015

Pusat Anak PERMATA Negara Pulau Pangkor

Lot 3765, Kg. Sungai Pinang Besar, Pulau Pangkor, 32300 Lumut, Perak
Contact Person: Nurul Nabilah Binti Ismail
Email: papnpangkor@gmail.com | pangkor@permata.jpm.my
Tel: 05-6851189
Fax: 05-6851088
Operating Date: 4 March 2011
Total Kids: 26

Pusat Anak PERMATA Negara Putatan

Bersebelahan Jabatan Belia dan Sukan Sabah, Jalan Taman Pasir Putih, Putatan, 88998 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Contact Person: Nur Atikah Binti Abdul Rahim
Email: putatan@permata.jpm.my
Tel: 010-2105695
Operating Date: 13 April 2015

Pusat Anak PERMATA Negara Putrajaya

No. 5, Jalan P16G, Presint 16, 62150 Putrajaya
Contact Person: Noor Azila binti Fadzin
Email: papnputrajaya2@gmail.com | putrajaya2@permata.jpm.my
Tel: 03-88889845
Fax: 03-88886109
Operating Date: 1 March 2010
Total Kids: 51

Pusat Anak PERMATA Negara Putrajaya Presint 16

Aras Bawah Kompleks Kejiranan Presint 16, 62150 Putrajaya
Contact Person: Huratul Maliah Binti Hasbullah@Awang
Email: papn_putrajaya@yahoo.com.my | putrajaya1@permata.jpm.my
Tel: 03-88811316
Fax: 03-88811317
Operating Date: 1 March 2007
Total Kids: 26

Pusat Anak PERMATA Negara Rahang

Jalan Keliling, 70100 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan
Contact Person: Rohaniah Bt Ngateni
Email: papnrahang@yahoo.com | rahang@permata.jpm.my
Tel: 06-7623525 | 010-4214496

Pusat Anak PERMATA Negara Ranau

Jalan Smk Agama Lama Ranau, 89307 Ranau, Sabah.
Contact Person: Edayu Edwin
Email: ranau@permata.jpm.my
Tel: 088-875286
Fax: 088-875218

Pusat Anak PERMATA Negara Raub

Taman Amalina Lestari, 27600 Raub, Pahang
Contact Person: Nurhafiza Binti Abd Halim
Email: papnraub@yahoo.com | raub@permata.jpm.my
Tel: 09-3551675
Fax: 09-3551675
Operating Date: 1 August 2012
Total Kids: 17

Pusat Anak PERMATA Negara Rembau

Jalan Ekar 2, Taman Bandar Ekar, 72100 Rantau, Negeri Sembilan
Contact Person: Tengku Mazira Binti Tengku Muda
Email: papnrembau@gmail.com | rembau@permata.jpm.my
Tel: 06-691743
Fax: 06-6941742
Operating Date: 6 April 2011
Total Kids: 17

Pusat Anak PERMATA Negara Sandakan

Batu 1 1/2, Jalan Phang Kok Yuen, 90000 Sandakan, Sabah
Contact Person: Noraslizah Binti Sundalu
Email: sandakan@permata.jpm.my
Tel: 088-9212025
Fax: 088-9212136

Pusat Anak PERMATA Negara Sarikei

Jalan KJD, Blok 10, Lot 515, Kampung Nyelang, Batu 5, 96507 Meradong, Bintangor, Sarawak
Contact Person: Diana Ameera Abdullah
Email: papnsarikei@gmail.com | sarikei@permata.jpm.my
Operating Date: 1 March 2013

Pusat Anak PERMATA Negara Segamat

Lot 15550, Mukim Sg Segamat, Bandar Putra, 85000 Segamat, Johor
Contact Person: Mira Binti Che Mil
Email: permata_segamat@yahoo.com | segamat@permata.jpm.my
Tel: 07-9432385
Operating Date: 27 May 2012
Total Kids: 27

Pusat Anak PERMATA Negara Serkam

Lot 3306, Taman Serkam Perdana, Jalan Serkam-Bemban, 77300 Merlimau Melaka
Contact Person: Harisahtulakmar Binti Ishak
Email: papnserkam@yahoo.com | serkam@permata.jpm.my
Tel: 06-2631005
Fax: 019-5035542

Pusat Anak PERMATA Negara Sibu

Jalan Kemboja, Lot 909, Blok 2, Sibu, 96000 Sibu, Sarawak
Contact Person: Ainul Ashiqin binti Mohammad
Email: permatasibu@yahoo.com | sibu@permata.jpm.my
Tel: 084-320794
Fax: 084-317098

Pusat Anak PERMATA Negara Subang Jaya

Aras Bawah, Kompleks 3C Majlis Perbandaran Subang Jaya, Jalan PJS 11/2, 46000 Bandar Sunway, Selangor
Contact Person: Zuraidah binti Ajab
Email: papnsubangjaya@yahoo.com.my | subangjaya@permata.jpm.my
Tel: 03-56355467
Fax: 03-56359054
Operating Date: 1 March 2007
Total Kids: 15

Pusat Anak PERMATA Negara Sungai Besi

Kem Perdana Sungai Besi, 57000 Kuala Lumpur
Contact Person: Nurul Saadah Binti Mohamad
Email: sungaibesi@permata.jpm.my
Tel: 03-90562054

Pusat Anak PERMATA Negara Sungai Siput

RPA Rimba Panjang, 31100 Sungai Siput (U), Perak
Contact Person: Nur Asyikin binti Abd Majid
Email: papnsungaisiput@gmail.com | sungaisiput@permata.jpm.my
Tel: 05-5972307
Fax: 05-5483050

Pusat Anak PERMATA Negara Sungai Udang

Lot 2223, Jalan Wira Ria 18, Taman Peruna, 76300 Sungai Udang, Melaka
Contact Person: Nuratika binti Abd Wahab
Email: papnsg.udang@gmail.com | sungaiudang@permata.jpm.my
Tel: 06-3510043
Operating Date: 1 March 2013
Total Kids: 21

Pusat Anak PERMATA Negara Taboh Naning

PAPN Taboh Naning, Kg. Simpang Ampat Taboh Naning, 78000 Alor Gajah, Melaka
Contact Person: Nur Baiduriah binti Sinang
Email: papntabohnaning@yahoo.com | tabohnaning@permata.jpm.my
Tel: 0195324967
Fax: 019-5056431

Pusat Anak PERMATA Negara Tambun Tulang

Dewan Serbaguna Perumahan Awam Kos Rendah, Tambun Tulang, 02600 Arau, Perlis
Contact Person: Siti Norzulaikha binti Zulkifly
Email: permataperlis@gmail.com | tambuntulang@permata.jpm.my
Tel: 04-9862677
Fax: 04-9862677
Operating Date: 10 December 2007
Total Kids: 24

Pusat Anak PERMATA Negara Tampin

Taman Gunung Mas, Pekan Tampin Tengah, 73000 Tampin, Negeri Sembilan
Contact Person: Farzihan binti Hitam
Email: papntampin@yahoo.com | tampin@permata.jpm.my
Tel: 06-4411469
Fax: 06-4411507
Operating Date: 22 April 2011
Total Kids: 16

Pusat Anak PERMATA Negara Teluk Intan

Lot 125 & 127, Jalan Jawa, 36000 Teluk Intan, Perak
Contact Person: Norliza binti Zakaria
Email: papntelukintanperak@yahoo.com | telukintan@permata.jpm.my
Tel: 05-6214844
Fax: 05-6214772
Operating Date: 1 March 2011
Total Kids: 40

Pusat Anak PERMATA Negara Temerloh

Lot 1623, Jalan ¼, Taman Tualang Indah, 28400 Mentakab, Temerloh, Pahang
Contact Person: Nur Hidayah binti Musa
Email: papntemerloh@gmail.com | temerloh@permata.jpm.my
Tel: 09-2770775
Fax: 09-2773328
Total Kids: 34

Pusat Anak PERMATA Negara Tenggaroh

No.1, Jalan Cempaka, Felda Tenggaroh 2, 86810 Mersing, Johor
Contact Person: Hanim binti Ishak
Email: papn_tenggaroh10@yahoo.com | tenggaroh@permata.jpm.my
Tel: 07-7911059 | 013-6247392
Fax: 07-7911059
Operating Date: 1 July 2010
Total Kids: 17

Pusat Anak PERMATA Negara Tuaran

Rumah JKR 7, No.4503, 89200 Tuaran, Sabah
Contact Person: Nurul Halyzan Binti Jaudi
Email: tuaran@permata.jpm.my
Tel: 088-787195
Fax: 088-787196
Operating Date: 3 March 2008
Total Kids: 25

Pusat Anak PERMATA Negara Tumpat

Pengkalan Kubor, 16210 Tumpat, Kelantan
Contact Person: Tuan Syarifah Rosliah Bt Tuan Mat Zin
Email: papntumpat@yahoo.com | tumpat@permata.jpm.my
Tel: 09-7211236
Operating Date: 19 October 2011
Total Kids: 25

Pusat Anak PERMATA Negara Yan

Permatang Kelumpang, 06900 Yan, Kedah
Contact Person: Siti Shuhaida binti Yaacob
Email: papnyan@gmail.com | yan@permata.jpm.my
Tel: 04-4655069
Total Kids: 29

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