Friday, February 28, 2020

No need special Parliamentary sitting, just use of Parliament as venue for King to meet all MPs? Or any other hall?

Parliamentary Sitting? All we need is a VENUE for King to meet all MPs - that is all that the King requires to carry out his constitutional duty to determine whether anyone can get the 'confidence of the majority' to be elected PM..if cannot still, then NEW GE.

All that the King(YDP Agung) wants to do is to satisfy himself as to who enjoys the majority support amongst all Members of Parliament.

First, he met with all MPs one by one - but allegedly no single person arose who had the requisite majority confidence..

YES, events and changing positions that happened during and even after this process also means a MPs stance given to the King may have changed.. 

So, now the King, I believe want to get all MPs together again for the purpose of determining whether anyone can get the support or confidence of the majority for the King to appoint our NEW Prime Minister.

He may have thought (or was advised wrongly?) that the best was to call Parliament for a special emergency session this coming Monday - but then now legal impediments arise...

SOLUTION - Call for all the MPs to assemble personally at any hall or auditorium, and then carry out the needed voting.

If the first vote is not successful in achieving the outcome needed, then there could be a period of 'campaign' or even time for MPs to talk to one onother privately or to all MPs, and then there could be the next voting...

And so on and so on - until one person emerges with the confidence of the majority - and, if not, maybe the King will then dissolve the Parliament and we will have a NEW General Elections.

A Hall - well, most probably the King believed that the Dewan Rakyat(or Parliament) was such a hall ...with the required number of seats, audio visual systems, meeting rooms for private meetings, etc ..

Can the Parliament building be used for this purpose? No problem..

But, given the legal arguements emerging - it maybe should not be any special session of the Parliament or Dewan Rakyat - it will merely be a special meeting between the King and all Members of Parliament ...FULL STOP.

So no special sitting of the Parliament - just the King using the premises for a meeting with all Members of Parliament to ascertain for himself whether any candidate has the majority support so he can appoint him or her to be Prime Minister..

NOTE the MPs could pick ANY MP - even someone other than the names mentioned in the media Anwar Ibrahim, Mahathir, Muhyiddin Yassin...Maybe, they may pick Syed Saddique or Charles Santiago or any other ...after all we will be having General Elections in about 2 - 3 years. Maybe candidates with historical baggage is a problem.



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