Friday, June 25, 2021

ASTRO - 10 Mb internet speed for Ultra-Box? New Channels only on Web? Ignorance of reality of Malaysia?

Recently, ASTRO introduced the Ultra-Box - but wait, one of the prerequisites was you need Wi-fi at least 10 Mega Byte Speed.

I live in Temerloh, the 2nd largest town in Pahang - but the Wi-fi through TM that I can get is a maximum of 1 Mega Byte - that is all. And, the actual speed is maybe a quarter of that..


Problem - well, the phone lines used is still the 'copper cables' - not the fiber optic cable... so the speed is just not possible to increase.

2nd - Well, the other option is to use DATA - but for the speed that ASTRO wants, it means additional costs - but even if you subscribe for a higher data and speed - often, what you get is far less. Some say that some Telco companies just 'over-subscribe' and so when more users are online, you simply cannot get the speed required. Consumers cheated? Government should ensure that Telco companies do not SELL what they cannot provide for - if they sell 10 mega byte speed, then that must be the speed the consumer get at any time - worse maybe 95% of what was promised.

The former UMNO-BN government focussed on the Federal Territories, mainly KL. There was also a focus on the West Coast ...especially the bigger towns. But then the East Coast and rural Peninsular was not the focus..

The next PH Plus government also did not address this, and now the PN-BN Plus government also does not have this emphasis.

ONLINE classes for Students - we remember the previous UMNO-BN government talking about providing students, especially those that cannot afford with PCs and even providing internet access... then, when we needed, we found that this did not happen. We heard of some students having to use their parent's smartphone and then they had to share this with their other siblings ....AND, the problem is that DATA cost money - was the government providing DATA free? No, they were not?

ASTRO now is adding NEW channels - Disney and ... > Guess what, you do not get these channels on your TV. It is only available on the Apps - when you use your smartphone or Computer connected to the Wifi... Should not these NEW channels be available to all ASTRO customers - to every TV watching ASTRO customers - through their Satellite Disks.

If not, be HONEST and tell Astro Customers - SORRY, all you subscribers will not watch that Disney and Hotstar on your normal TV. Why NOT Astro - why can't it be available to all - and not just those who PAY MORE for Data or Wifi?

Another problem with the ULTRA BOX - well, the technician came to change to Ultra Box - but then, they told me it cannot connect to my speaker system. That means that if I use the ULTRA-BOX, I must throw away my Sony Speaker system - and Buy a new speaker system that have a 'jack' or amps suitable for the Ultra-Box???

FREE Ultra Box replacement - but alas, beware the HIDDEN COSTS that will be the cost of DATA, Wifi and even new Speakers, etc...

ASTRO Must improve and address these problems - not raise of hopes and then...

We already pay ASTRO BILLS - now, we also have to make additional payments..

Understand the reality of Malaysia - the poverty, the inadequate availability of internet and other basic facilities..

Take Train Services - Previously in Mentakab, there were 2 express trains daily betweeen Johor Bahru and Kelantan - today, there is ONE. Then there was promise of 'shuttle service' - but we, in Mentakab, do not have it. Comparatively on the West Coast, the government talks about HIGH SPEED rail services and 'DOUBLE TRACKING' - Well, why exactly is the government discriminating against the East Coast, including Pahang, who has always been an UMNO-BN ruled States, and the State from where there was 2 Prime Ministers.

Talk about HIGH COURTS - Kuantan HIGH COURT has just ONE JUDGE - but 3 High Courtrooms - Why is this? So that one(1) judge is over-burdened with just too much - WHY are we not increasing the number of JUDGES - that will solve back-logs and also encourage Justice.

Sometimes, one wonders what our ELECTED Wakil Rakyat (MPs and ADUNs) are doing - are they not bothered about the people they represent in their constituencies??? 

Well, ASTRO and other service providers must cater for ALL - not just those well-off or staying in 'more-developed' parts of Malaysia...and the GOVERNMENT should ensure all areas in Malaysia enjoys the fruits of development - better internet included. 

HOW DO YOU Check the Channels in the Different ASTRO Packs online? How do you change the packs you want to discontinue or ADD online or on your TV? Interestingly, this FULL information and capacity is no longer available online, or even your TV/Astro Box - Why? YES, you can ADD this and that pack - but without seeing what exactly are the Channels - can anyone may a decision - on guessing what this New pack will contain? Astro's transparency and efficiency need to improve - it was GOOD before but now it is going down...

Well, the problem was the 'MONOPOLY' they enjoyed in Malaysia - and this was our government's doing. In Thailand, there are so many service providers - and Consumers can chose what they want between providers - so many different types of Satellite discs can be seen by the many different companies..

Now, Malaysia may have OPTIONS but many of these are not wide 'Satellite Discs directly to the TV' but through ONLINE, Wifi and Data..



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