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ROS under pressure from UMNO? Independence of ROS? Extension for holding elections - did it also extend all powers of UMNO leadership, or are they now just a 'caretaker' leadership until elections?

Remember, that the UMNO President and Supreme Council, plus maybe branch, divisions and State leadership 3-year of office came to an end in June 2021.

After the expiry of the term, the UMNO leadership applied for an extension to hold party elections..

Initially ROS said 'NO' - for how can leaders after their term has expired do this. Different if the application for extension whilst they were still leaders, i.e. before the term of office came to an end.

Then, the ROS changed his mind - and allowed party elections to be held by December 2022.

Then UMNO called for a General Meeting, and amended their party Constitution allowing for elections after GE15.

The ROS now has to decide whether to accept the amendment of Constitution, and whether to allow UMNO to have its party elections after GE15.

Watching the media, we see continuous pressure on ROS by different UMNO leaders to allow the amendment - and to allow UMNO to delay party elections until after GE15.

Pressure is also on the PM to dissolve Parliament, and call for GE15 now...


Did the UMNO Supreme Council even have the authority after their term expired in June 2021 to call for party General Meeting OR to even propose and amend the party constitution to delay elections to after GE15...(I have not had sight of the amendment approved at the General Meeting of UMNO)

The ROS only allowed for a DELAY in holding party elections until December 2022 >> can the office bearers or UMNO leaders exercise ALL powers the same way they could before the official term ended, or really they are now just a 'caretaker leadership' with powers just to arrange and hold party elections as permitted by ROS. This means they cannot call for General Meeting or use powers that normally legitimate leaders can do during their term of office.

The General Meeting - Who attended? UMNO do not allow all members of UMNO to attend General Meetings - only the delegates. The delegates are leaders of branches/divisions/etc or persons selected at branches/divisions to be delegates who can attend the UMNO General Meetings. So, are the term of office of these branch/division leaders already not expired in mid-2021, or did they already have elections at that level already - so the new leaders are leaders for new term 2021-2024? Are the delegates who attended those chosen before by the branch/divisions - or those chosen earlier before 2021... 

If the General Meeting was attended by persons who no longer had the right to be delegates - their term having expired when the term of office expired in mid 2021, then the meeting itself becomes invalid..

ROS is facing a LOT OF ISSUES - and any decision will serve as precedence, and be the NEW NORM for all Societies in Malaysia. ROS cannot say UMNO can but other societies and parties cannot...

What do you think the ROS will do?

Will it do as UMNO want - but then UMNO(or BN) is really not in power now - it is merely part of ruling coalition with PN and others...

Is the ROS 'controlled' by UMNO or political parties or parties in control of government >>> OR is the ROS Independent?

Why does Zahid Hamidi and current leaders want to remain in power >>> well, this may be because of an existing political culture where party leaders CHOOSE who will run to become MPs or ADUNs, and even who will be Senators. [Wait, this is not just in UMNO but happens in almost all parties in Malaysia - local members(or membership generally) have little say as to who will be allowed to contest to become MP or ADUN as a party candidate....

In some countries, even before the elections, the people plays an active role in choosing who will contest as the party candidate in the upcoming party elections - not yet in Malaysia...

The Barisan Nasional(BN) collapsed after its defeat in GE14 - membership significantly dropped...and a lot of UMNO MPs and ADUNs also left UMNO to join pther partues..

Within UMNO today, there are many who want a change of leadership >> but sadly, these members' rights have been DENIED...delayed, and they want elections fast.

If UMNO elections are held, Zahid Hamidi, those in the 'court cluster', and those suspected of 'corruption, etc) may be VOTED OUT and membership may vote for a CLEANER leadership at possibly all levels from branches to national level...

Some who have been convicted or may be convicted is a hoping for a UMNO leadership that is 'friendly' to them, and if UMNO-BN comes back to power may help stop investigations, prosecutions,etc...or even secure ROYAL PARDONS...

As the cases involving politicians continue, the public is being EDUCATED - for the first time they are seeing the 'wrongs' done by their previously perceived GOOD PEOPLE - Irrespective of whether the courts convicts or not, people's views and supports for some of this people will change...

POLITICAL Party Membership - should the ROS be also checking political party membership to determine the real members - noting that many left one party to join another party, but is still listed as a member of the party they already left. This is also important as a BRANCH can continue to exist if it still has a CERTAIN number of members, and now 'dissolved' branches may also exist party Divisions..

After GE14, so many UMNO MPs and ADUNs left - likewise many many members would also have the party following their leaders that party hopped.

The law governing societies and organizations really must allow for ONE MEMBER ONE VOTE - giving every member the right to vote for party President, office bearers, etc... It will be an indicator of how much real support a party leader has - this is GOOD for DEMOCRACY. Denial of a members right of vote is a thing of the past...

ALL in all, we must support the REGISTRAR OF SOCIETIES and ensure he makes an independent decision in accordance to law.

Now, if the Registrar makes a decision, then there is the RIGHT TO APPEAL to the Minister(the HOME MINISTER) who may reverse the decision of the ROS.

Who is the HOME MINISTER - it is Dato' Seri Hamzah bin Zainudin, formerly from UMNO now from BERSATU.

The law should be created that if the Minister is from the same party the ROS makes, then he should not be the Minister who considers and determines the Appeal, he should maybe be replaced by the Deputy Minister from a different party. It is unconscionable for a Minister from the same party to be put into a position of decision making that concerns his OWN party...

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Umno hopes no obstacle for ROS to approve constitutional amendment

  • Nation
  • Friday, 08 Jul 2022

KUALA LUMPUR: Umno hopes that the Registrar of Societies (ROS) will have no obstacle to approving the party’s constitutional amendment application, says party secretary-general Datuk Seri Ahmad Maslan.

Ahmad said he believed that Umno had complied with the prescribed procedures and processes in implementing the amendment, adding that the amendment to Clause 10.16 of Umno’s constitution, which was unanimously approved by the special general assembly, was also done in accordance with Clause 30 of the constitution.

"We are still waiting for approval from ROS. All supplementary documents had been submitted. There are no questions or other documents that ROS requires. I asked them about this myself.

"The approval (that is needed) is the same approval that ROS granted to MCA regarding the amendments to (MCA’s) constitution which have the same meaning or equivalent to the amendments to Umno’s constitution," he said in a statement posted on Twitter Friday (July 8).

Ahmad also denied allegations that the current Umno office bearers are caretakers and cannot make policy decisions, including amendments to its constitution.

Ahmad said ROS had confirmed the matter and that the term “caretaker” was not in Umno’s constitution during the extension of its term which is until Dec 29.

"In Umno’s constitution, Clause 10.16 reads ‘the Supreme Council (MT) has the right to postpone elections at the MT, division and branch levels. This postponement shall not be more than 18 months from the date that the elections are supposed to be held’.

"The MT has already decided to postpone the elections for 18 months. The postponement was confirmed through a letter of approval from the ROS on Aug 30 last year. This means that this term for the office-bearers is extended until Dec 29 this year,” he added.

Thus, Ahmad said Umno has the right to make any decision in the interest of the party as enshrined in Clause 10.15 of the constitution, which allows it to take any measures to ensure the smoothness of the party’s journey.

He said during the extension period, Umno, among others, was involved in the Melaka state election on Nov 20 last year; in the Johor polls on March 12 this year; held the Umno general assembly from March 16 to 19 last year and a special general assembly on May 15 this year.

"It was all lawful according to Umno’s constitution," he said.

Umno currently has 56 supreme council members, 191 divisions and 21,156 branches nationwide. - Bernama, Star, 8/7/2022

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