Thursday, June 08, 2023

Sometimes ordinary people can STOP deportation by State? Passengers in a plane in this case..

YES - many a time the people need to step up to stop injustices..

Riot erupts on deportation flight taking migrant to Morocco before plane is grounded

Despite the plane already taxiing towards the runway, the intervention by fellow passengers led to the man remaining on European soil.

Passengers aboard a Royal Air Maroc flight from Gran Canaria to Casablanca have thwarted the deportation of a .

Sitting on the floor with a seatbelt tying his legs together, according to La Provincia, he pleaded: “Spaniards, what have I done? Open the door, I want to get off!”

The aircraft was already bound for the runway, but this outcry just before 1pm on Saturday stirred the other passengers aboard the flight into a riot.

The two National Police officers accompanying the man eventually relented and asked for take-off to be aborted. 

The Moroccan national carrier initially refused, but an emergency call grounded the aircraft at the last minute and the migrant was allowed to disembark.

Royal Air Maroc flight

The crew of the Royal Air Maroc flight wanted to press ahead with the flight despite the protests (Image: GETTY)

Minutes after the incident took place, lawyer Loueila Mint el Mamy posted a video on Twitter sent to her by a colleague who happened to be on the plane. 

He caption reads: “There is a Guinean boy lying on the floor in bad conditions. The Spanish police have asked for the flight to be stopped and the Moroccan company refuses.”

According to a witness, the migrant was sitting in the gangway in the last row of the plane, continually begging not to be deported back to his country because he would be imprisoned there.

Moved by his appeal, three passengers asked the man whether he had applied for asylum, to which he answered that he had not. - Express UK, 7/6/2023

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