Wednesday, April 18, 2007

BOOKS: Mahathir vs. Abdullah

Mahathir vs. Abdullah RM26.00
Mahathir vs. Abdullah
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Author: various
Publisher: Kinibooks
Year: 2007
Number of page: 212
Delivery: 1 day

The book is a compilation of articles that try to cut through the sandiwara (playacting) of the vicious war of words, and see what really drove TDM to launch such a merciless attack on his handpicked successor, as well as analyze the factors influencing each turn this scandal-ridden battle took. It also includes letters from Malaysiakini readers - representing a truly wide spectrum of opinion, critical thought, and passionate support for both parties. The book features a number of high-profile contributors, including Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Guan Eng, P. Gunasegaram, Tian Chua, Collin Abraham, M Bakri Musa, Steven Gan, P Ramasamy, James Wong, Kim Quek, Charles Hector, Khoo Kay Peng, and many more.

Mahathir vs. Abdullah

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