Thursday, October 18, 2007

Malek gets RM2.5 million for ISA arrest (Malaysiakini)

Malek gets RM2.5 million for ISA arrest
Oct 18, 07 12:29pm

Ex-ISA detainee Abdul Malek Hussin today won his legal suit against the government over his arrest and torture in 1998, and was awarded RM2.5 million in damages.

Kuala Lumpur High Court ruled that Abdul Malek’s arrest at the height of the reformasi demonstrations was unlawful and that he was assaulted under custody.

The court also ruled that he was denied access to his lawyer.

Abdul Malek was arrested under the Internal Security Act on the night of Sept 25, 1998 after addressing a demonstration earlier that afternoon in Masjid Negara.

In his suit, he accused the police of severely assaulting him, physically and mentally.

In his statutory declaration, Abdul Malek said he was slapped, kicked and punched, and was hit so hard on the head until he passed out.

He was also stripped naked, forced fed dirty and stinking water and subjected to sexual abuse.

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