Thursday, November 22, 2007

Renouncing citizenship: Chinese top the list (Malaysiakini)

Now the question that we must ask is WHY did they renounce their MALAYSIAN citizenship? The other interesting point is why over 1,000 Malays have also renounced their citizenship? Maybe it was just migrating to "greener pastures" - or maybe it was marriage, etc. I wonder whether the answers given by the government were "guesses" or really the answers given by those who renounced their citizenships.

Renouncing citizenship: Chinese top the list
Yoges Palaniappan
Nov 21, 07 2:14pm

Chinese Malaysians record the highest number of those who have renounced their citizenship, followed by the Malays and Indians, the Dewan Rakyat was told today.

The Home Ministry's parliamentary secretary, Abdul Rahman Ibrahim, said 14,316 Chinese (87%) have surrendered their citizenship, compared to 1,098 Malays (6.6%), 822 Indians (5%) and 238 (1.4%) others from 2000 to 2006.

He also explained that 106,000 people have renounced citizenship since Independence in 1957.

Abdul Rahman said these Malaysians had applied for citizenship to India, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Japan, Canada and Indonesia.

"(Others) have applied to the UK and US, Taiwan, Thailand, Germany, New Zealand, France, Austria, Ireland, Sweden, Belgium, Brunei, Finland and Jordan," he said.

Living condition

As to why so many Malaysians have opted to leave for other countries, he replied: "The main reason is the (quality of life) in those countries."

"They also consider the working environment, such as better opportunities and better pay. And some consider education for their children as a reason to apply for a citizenship in a particular country," he said.

Abdul Rahman was replying Mohamed Aziz (BN-Sri Gading) who asked for a breakdown of the figures according to race and the country of destination.

On a related matter, Abdul Rahman said the government takes into consideration three things before stripping a person of citizenship.

"Firstly, we see if the person holds citizenship in another country. Secondly, we see if the person has voted in that country's elections. And lastly, we (check) if the person holds a foreign passport," he said.

He explained that revoking citizenship can be implemented under Article 24(2) and 3(a) of the Federal Constitution.


Anonymous said...

as for these emigrants good riddance...hope they dont come back at all.

and to those who are intending to do so...please leave the earlier the better.

Anonymous said...

To the Anonymous: No wonder they want to leave, with obnoxious Malaysians like you!!

I too, a Malay, wish I can renounce my citizenship! Those idiots who manipulate race and religion under "Ketuanan Melayu" to brainwash the Malays, by the leadership especially in UMNO are "evil", liars and greedy scumbags! And then these leaders especially the nasty & power-crazed "evil" ones like Khairy J, Nazri & Zainuddin Maidin go on preaching to the ordinary people about how we must become good Muslims under "Islam Hadhari" & yet they are the worst followers of Islam! Hence constructing that imaginary "Muslim/Malay" race; just to manipulate and brainwash our minds to be their slaves!! I'm ashamed to be a Malay right now!

Anonymous said...

You ppl trust these statistics??? I do not trust these facts! Do you all know that about a year ago the data was showing out of 120000 ppl who renounced their Msian citizenship, 90000 were Malays/Bumiputerxs, 20000 were Chinese and the 10000 were others. How could such drastic took place within just a year?? Someone can help to dig out the last-year statistics from Malaysiakini!!?? Prove the gomen wrong and manipulating .... another justification to leave this country!!

Anonymous said...

I am an Australian now. I used to be a Chinese Malaysian. I have renounced my citizenship few years ago. Racist government was the number reason contributing to my action. I loved Malaysia so much that I always proud to be a Malaysian and said all the good things about staying in Malaysia. When I first came to Australia, I have never wanted to migrate here, and would go back to Malaysia whenever possible. After so many years of staying here, we(they are many of us) do feel that the Australian government would treat their residences(citizens or PR) with respect. There is no classfication of races in any government forms, everyone is equal and has been treated respectfully. Is this too much to ask from our beloved Malaysian government ?

Do you think it is nice choice for us to leave our root, our homeland to a foreign country, which most of our friends and family are not with us most of the time ??? We do miss our nasi lemak, laksa, chicken rice, beef rendang a lot. However, as a Malaysian Chinese, we feel like a bastard or a scapegoat from a broken family...never been loved and always being blamed for doing things wrong. We always get the second lot shares, paying higher price for housing, fighting with so many other Chinese and Indians just to get a seat in Uni, where the Malays can simply pick their course and Uni with much lower grade. Is this fair ?? Since our parents did not make any action, we have to make our choice to leave this unprejudiced country, to make a better future for our lives and our children. Please be more unstanding. NO ONE WANT TO LEAVE THEIR HOMELAND IF THEY HAVE AN OPTION.

And yes, I dont believe the statistics shown in this figure, they are much more than this. Among the overseas Malaysian Chinese we have spoken to, 99% leave the country due to the racist government. This is the real fact, which always covered by the so called "authority".

Anonymous said...

To miss christine,
If you love and proudly profess your loyalty to malaysia, you won't give up your citizenship. You will stand up for your rights and fight for it.
Do you not know that the Australians had taken the lands of the aboriginals and discrimination against them is still prevalent?
Also, I suggest you get a report from the australian government and look at the statistics of racial or religion discriminations against minorities.
If your argument is that the Malays can easily pick the university of their choice with much lower grades, bear in mind that the Malays and Bumiputeras make up over 60% of the population. There are thousands of smart Bumiputera graduates vying for a few spots in the best universities. They ended up being great assets to the country helping our nation become better and better, alongside malaysians of other races. Sadly, you are fighting your so called "racism" with racism!
To be fair to my fellow Malays, i have seen many forms of racism against the Malays. Do your research and you'll find plenty of chinese owned firms who showed favouritism to chinese staffs, job applications which discriminates against non chinese speakers, leasing contracts that are in favor of chinese business owners, the list goes on....
Listen, No country is perfect. We are still developing physically and spiritually. So yeah, this "racist government" and the Malay people that has onced open their arms in accepting our forefathers, letting us build our lives and maintaining our culture roots, accumulating abundant of wealth and dominating the economy, given citizenship to millions of our ancestors, allowed temples and churches to be built alongside their mosques, should be damned..right?

Anonymous said...

To Noor Aza Othman,
Why should you be ashamed of your race just because of the actions of a few bad ones? The majority of malays i know are kind hearted, hard working people like the rest of us.

I agree the ketuanan melayu is purely a political game. To me, the malays will always be the backbone of the country and i think everybody acknowledges that. But its how the politicians play this sentiment thats a bit off-putting. They need to realise that being fair to all races doesn't mean they want equal rights to everything.

While i believe "islam hadhari" was promoted by Tun Ahmad Badawi, and its not a new brand of islam. Wouldn't that be wrong in Islam? Its just another approach into the teachings of islam from a different perspective. Thats all.

Politicians would do anything for power and money regardless of their party. Its happening all over the world ever since the dawn of man. I've seen worse in what most people deemed the best country in the world, United States of America. (Or at least their citizens do.)