Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Impressive -looking data about the Barisan Nasional. It is good to note that the amount of monies flowing in seem to have increased BUT the question is WHY HAVE THE PEOPLE NOT SEEN THE BENEFIT?

If the country had been doing so well - then we should have seen a drop in fuel price - which would have benefited all the people. FUEL SUBSIDIES IS NORMAL, AND MOST (IF NOT ALL) DO SUBSIDIZE THE COST OF FUEL. The Malaysian government under the Barisan Nasional Party seem to try to make the people think that it has been so good in "subsidizing" the cost of fuel.

QUESTION AGAIN: If the country is doing so well - why did the government increase the cost of fuel - the cost of electricity, the cost of water, the cost of Gas, the cost of ASTRO..., the toll..

1.3 million new jobs created.
-This cannot be true at all. About 70% of tertiary students are unemployed. Where is this jobs - does this include the "poster-putting up jobs" during elections. Give us the statistics. (Government is reducing the number of civil servants. Bank employees are just about to lose their jobs. There has been so much retrenchments and VSS schemes..)

1.3 million new jobs created - but for whom... Has it been taken up by Malaysians. (We previously had about 1.8 million foreign workers - and today it is 2.01 million or more) Remeber that poorly paid migrant workers is what the Malaysian Government wants to be able to continue to say that Malaysia has "cheap labour", "docile and not-trouble making labour"... The question is where is these jobs and who has taken up these jobs.....BE OPEN AND TRANSPARENT...

Monthly income has gone up in HOW MANY FAMILIES...because most of us do not see this happening. What has gone up is definitely Family DEBTS...

Increased returns to the KWSP (EPF) would translate into higher interests --- are we getting even the 8% interest that we used to get once before --- NO.

On the face of it some statistics may look GOOD but we need to analyze the words used and what it really means...and it is sad that the BN does not give us ALL the statistics - not just the statistics that makes BN look good ---- look good - but an analysis of the meaning would result in the BN not looking good for the people...

Keluaran Dalam Negara Kasar (KDNK) meningkat 18% dari RM427 bilion kepada RM504* bilion
Semua sektor memperlihatkan pertumbuhan termasuk kegiatan baru seperti pertanian moden, bioteknologi, ICT dan perbankan Islam. Tahun Melawat Malaysia 2007 mencapai rekod ketibaan pelancong tertinggi, berjumlah 21 juta pelancong
Perdagangan antarabangsa meningkat 26% dari RM881 bilion kepada RM1.11 trilion
Pendapatan purata isirumah bulanan meningkat dari RM3,249 kepada RM3,617
Mengekalkan kawalan harga bagi barangan keperluan asas dan membelanja RM43.4 bilion dalam bentuk subsidi (2007) untuk menangani kenaikan harga barangan
1.3 juta peluang pekerjaan baru diwujudkan.
Program Transformasi GLC berjaya meningkatkan keuntungan serta memberi pulangan yang lebih tinggi kepada pemegang saham amanah dan pencarum KWSP
Lebih 204,000 IKS dibangunkan sejak tahun 2005, melibatkan pemberian pinjaman berjumlah RM107 bilion dan pelaksanaan 402 program
Melancarkan lima pelan pembangunan koridor ekonomi untuk menjana serta membawa pertumbuhan ke seluruh pelosok negara
Indeks Komposit Bursa Malaysia meningkat mengatasi paras tertinggi dalam sejarah; serta peningkatan 161% nilai permodalan pasaran dari RM460 bilion (2003) kepada RM1.2 trilion (2007)
Defisit fiskal berjaya dikurangkan dari 5.0% KDNK (2003) kepada 3.2% KDNK (2007)
Penarafan Malaysia dalam Indeks Daya Saing Global WEF meningkat dari tempat ke-25 (2005) ke tempat ke-21 (2007)

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