Monday, February 02, 2009

For the by-elections, maybe better a PAS or DAP candidate..

It is sad that we now hear of PKR ADUNs resigning (or was it 'jumping the boat' to join BN).

I have always had my fears when it comes to those who are now in the opposition, who have just previously been in UMNO or one of the other BN component parties - who are now in the opposition.

Why did they 'come over' in the first place - was it because they disagreed with the policies and/or practices of the BN? Was it because they were against the ISA? Or maybe, their political advancement or future in their own party was being stiffled or was at an end because of factionalisms, etc...?

My fear has been that these persons would more likely 'jump' back again when they get a better offer...Their motivation, more likely than not, may be the self interest rather than the interest of the rakyat...

I am of the opinion that those who have jumped to the Opposition should not be given the chance to contest elections as ADUN or MP for at least 3-5 years..., and if they are really committed to the Opposition, not being allowed to contest will not matter to them who did jump as they can still serve the party in so many different ways ...and after that when we are convinced that their 'jump over' is seincere, and more importantly because of values and principles - then, maybe we may want them to stand for elections.

There is still doubts about what happened in Perak...Did the 2 PKR ADUNs resign? Why did they resign suddenly? Was it for some very good reason/s?

Did the 2 PKR ADUNs jump over to BN? Why? Was it because of money and the 'sweets' that they were promised? Was it because of some threat....C4, etc? Was it bacause of some other more good or principled reasons?

Either way, I believe that we cannot risk getting another PKR candidate (especially someone who previously was in the BN parties) to contest in any upcoming by-elections. Better to get a PAS or DAP candidate to contest in coming by-elections... if not, in a few months we may be facing a similar situation.

Just by coming over to the Opposition or PKR, these persons, who were previously in the BN, do not suddenly change in their values, principles and positions on human rights/justice ...When will we really understand this?

I understand that I am making general statements, and admit that there may be a few exceptions to the general rule...but identifying correctly these exceptions is not at all easy.

Hence, better safe that sorry. Get a PAS or DAP candidate, and if it still must be a PKR candidate, then at least get a person who never was in the BN before and who is from the NGOs/Civil society...someone who will uphold the cause of justice without fear or favour.

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Franco said...


THe 2 men were in PKR for over 10 yrs and contested on PKR ticket in 2004. AS you can see, they are party stalwarts who remained in thier party when all was lost. What we see today is blackmail and political abduction as if MAlaysia has become Colombia where MPS are abducted by drug warlords. Having been blackmailed, they were again abducted to resign and join BN. I don't see why would that be a PKR phenemonon. Was there a PKR man who defected to BN in another state? No. MInd you all were offered the same deals. What we should address is this wanton impunity where pple are tortured to death, no one is responsible. Where pple are abducted, no is no responsible, where pple are C4ed, no one is responsible, where pple are framed, no one is responsible, where pple are blackmailed, where imigration security is tampered with, no one is responsible. WE are dealing with such kind of pple. THat's the danger we face and that's what we should adress.