Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pay us money, and we(RELA) will not take action against you - sounds like the 'protection money' one pays to...

Once in a while 1 or 2 RELA members are caught and get charged in court, but alas it is for taking some comparatively very small bribes...

This is one of a few are sometimes , possibly mere 'show pieces' to show that action is being taken against corruption of RELA... and many a time, it is the big guns that get off scot free...

Abolish RELA - government should employ more public servants as immigration enforcement officers and/or police.
In the same court, Rela member Abdul Rahman Mat Yatim, 50, was charged with accepting RM150 from Dedy Kurniawan as inducement not to lodge a police report against Muhammad Rizal, whose passport had expired.

Rahman was alleged to have committed the offence at Restoran Az-Haar Corner at No 29G, Senawang Commercial Park, Jalan Commercial Senawang 7 in Senawang about 11pm on Sept 4, 2006.

He was jointly charged with another Rela member, Sannasi Ramaiah, 46, with three other counts of receiving RM150, RM200 and RM500 from Roni Ertika not to lodge a report about Muhammad.

Both men, who were unrepresented, allegedly received RM150 at the same restaurant in Senawang about 11pm on Sept 4, 2006, and RM200 and RM500 at a house in Jalan Peniaga 3, Taman Senawang Jaya in Senawang about 2am on Sept 4, 2006.

Zamri fixed bail at RM1,000 on Rahman's first charge and RM4,000 for each accused on the three joint charges.

The cases will be heard on March 12. -
The New Straits Times, 13/2/2009,Puspakom, Rela officers charged

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