Saturday, January 15, 2011

Migrant Workers should not be charged 1st class rates at government hospitals in Malaysia

Did you know that foreigners, including migrant workers, are charged 1st class rates when they go to government clinics and hospitals? Malaysian government treats migrant workers as 'medical tourist' and is reaping great profits from them.

I believe that migrant workers, for whom annual levy have been paid by employers, and who is really helping in the development of our country should not be charged at the same rate as other foreigners and/or medical tourists are being charged. They should be charged at the same rate as Malaysians
The other category of persons that should be charged at the same rate as Malaysians are foreign spouses of Malaysians.

It may be alright to charge foreigners a higher rate for medical treatment and care, but then, would it not be better that they are all charged the same. When Malaysians go overseas, would we not be wanting to be charged at the same rate that they are charging the local especially when we go to government/public hospitals. [With regard the private hospitals, they should be allowed to charge what they want - and I am wondering why the Malaysian government is interfering on the rates charged by private medical care providers] 

In Thailand, there is a government scheme than enables Thais to even go to private hospitals and be charged the same low rate that they are being charged at government hospitals - maybe our Malaysian government should explore this possibility...

Back to migrant workers who are being charged 1st class rates, here are some information that I just recently obtained at the government hospital.  The governing Act is Akta Fee 1951 (Fee Act 1951), and the rates now is as per Perintah Fee (Perubatan) 1982 [Fee(Medical) Order 1982]. Unfortunately I did not find this at our Health Ministry Website - or anywhere else. Should it not be freely available to the public?

First the payment required by Malaysians when they visit an hospital seeking treatment, it is RM1 if you are seeing a doctor, and RM5 if you are seeing a specialist. For the migrant worker, it starts with RM50 if you are seeing a doctor... more maybe if you are seeing a specialist.
Deposits Payable Where one requires to be warded
Then, the deposit payable by Malaysians who require to be warded, which depends on the type of treatment sought, i.e.Perubatan (Medical), Pembedahan(Surgery), Perbidanan/Sakit Puan (Maternity),...and then the whether one choses 1st Class, 2nd Class or 3rd Class.

Medical - RM700 (1st), RM200 (2nd), RM20 (3rd)
Surgery - RM1,100(1st), RM400(2nd), RM30 (3rd)
Maternity - RM800 (1st), RM350(2nd), RM15(3rd)
Pensioners - RM50(1A), RM40(1B), RM15(2nd), RM0 (3rd)
* Pensioners refer to those who are former public servants(a.k.a. government servants) - and sadly it just do not cover all elderly Malaysians above 55 yrs +

Foreign Nationals (including Migrant Workers)
Medical - RM1,400 (1st), RM600(2nd), RM400(3rd)
Surgery - RM2,200(1st), RM1,200(2nd), RM800(3rd)
Maternity - RM1,400(1st), RM1,000(2nd), RM800(3rd)

Well, for the Deposits where one needs to be warded, the charges is not exactly 1st class charges as seen above - but for all other charges, it will be 1st class charges...(In comparison, I have given the 3rd Class charges that Malaysians are charged)

Lab Charges
Foreigners (incl. Migrant Workers) RM5 - RM100 [depending on type of test]
*Malaysians RM2-RM25]

Foreigners (incl. Migrant Workers) RM50 - RM3,000 [depending on type of surgery, A-F]
Malaysians RM10 - RM200

Ward Charges
Foreigners (incl. Migrant Workers) RM80/day
Malaysians Free - RM3

Foreigners (incl. Migrant Workers) RM500[Normal Delivery] - RM1,000 [Cesarean]
Malaysians RM10[Normal Delivery] - RM100[Cesarean]

Ultra Sound
Foreigners (incl. Migrant Workers) RM100
Malaysians RM10 - RM50

Radiology Charges
Foreigners (incl. Migrant Workers) RM50 - RM600 (Depending on type, Z - AE]
Malaysians RM10 - RM120

Foreigners (incl. Migrant Workers) RM30 - RM250 (Depending on type)
Malaysians RM5 - RM50

Foreigners (incl. Migrant Workers) RM20 per session
Malaysians RM0 - RM5


Unknown said...

So in other word, you mean it is alright that the foreigner to continue the 99% subsidized rate which also mean the Malaysian tax payer should pay their bill? Moron!

Charles Hector said...

In 2006, I believe that employers of migrant workers paid about RM2 billion in levy to the Malaysian government. The levy paid for each migrant is far higher than the amount of income tax paid by Malaysians.

Hence, there should be same rates for migrant workers - and let us not just simply, and rather unreasonably lump all foreigners into the ONE category, and insist that they all pay the same.

Ng, name calling is really not required. Good, if you just make your point

Unknown said...

The 2 billion levy is not for the ministry of health. Have you ever checked how many of these foreign workers actually pay the rate for the foreigners in our public health facilities. I can tell you not many of them pay, they just get the treatment first and 'promise' to pay later. NO foreigners including foreign workers had ever been rejected by the public hospitals. The MOH continue to treat them despite they are not paying those rate and the amount of their debt to MOH is in millions. Do you know the UNHCR is slow consuming our health resources because they are getting our health care FREE. 30% of deliveries in Klang Valley public hospitals are from UNHCR refugee and they pay nothing. Their cost is by our tax payer. On top of that MOH also treated lots of illegal foreign workers.

On paper, the gov may seems trying to impose 1st class rate but this 1st class rate is actually the 3rd class rate for private hospitals. Moreover, the public health facilities never reject these foreigners even they can't pay the bill. The gov just simply put them as bad debt.

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Foreign workers paid levies and high fees to their agents and whatever taxes as well.
They work in sectors where you & i won't even step in.
I notices that their levy is more than what i paid to the irb .

On the other hand, our lazy nuisance jaga kereta boys and addicts are "enjoying " the free facilities paid by you and me.

Malaysians should open up their eyes and use common sense.
Unreasonable to address Charles as moron.

Perhaps to meet mid way, migrant workers are to pay a slightly % higher in med fees than Malaysians.
Foreign workers means those whom are work permit holders .
Not those tourist visa holders.