Wednesday, September 11, 2013

18 DRB Hicom dismissed workers and family picket at Prime Minister's Office in Putrajaya

On 3/5/2013, a group of 18 workers submitted the MTUC memorandum to one of the contesting candidates in the Pekan parliamentary constituency, which also happens to be the constituency that the Prime Minister of Malaysia was contesting. The 13th General Elections was held on 5/5/2013, and these workers were trying to get commitments for worker demands/rights from the candidates before voting day.

HICOM Automotive Manufacturers (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, which assembles automobiles for Suzuki, Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen, has issued show cause letters on  22/5/2013 to 16 workers, and speedily proceeded with the 'Domestic Inquiry' which began on 11/6/2013. ISUZU HICOM Malaysia Sdn Bhd, that assembles automobiles for Isuzu, also issued show cause letters to 2 workers and conducted domestic inquiry.
* The Domestic Inquiry for 16 workers was done in One(1) day, and the  National Union of Transport Equipments & Allied Indutries Workers(NUTEAIW) were not allowed to represent the workers in the DI - only the members at the factories concerned or the 'work site committee of the Union' were allowed to represent these workers. Sadly, NUTEAIW seem to have not challenged this deprivation of the best representation at that time.The collective bargaining agreement is between NUTEAIW and the factory.

19/8/2013 - all 18 workers were terminated

20/8/2013 - National Union of Transport Equipments & Allied Indutries Workers(NUTEAIW), being the Union the said workers belonged to, issued a Media Statement, "Termination action against workers exercising their political rights is abhorred"

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