Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Why are elected 'wakil rakyat' not being transparent? PSM man once again sole MP to declare wealth

MPs/ADUNs/Senators are peoples' representatives (wakil rakyat) - and they should not be profiting from their position. They should be full-time ( see MPs and ADUNs should be FULL TIME peoples' representative ...)

And as such, there is a need for them to be TRANSPARENT - to show that they have not used their position to accumulate wealth... 

They must show that they have not used their position - to get 'contracts', to become Directors of companies and getting paid additional monies in the form of Director's fees (In Malaysia, Director's allowance and fees can go into millions of ringgit...). For me, if you are an ADUN or MP or Senator, you should not be making 'side money' by being appointed as  Director in some government-linked company or any other company, certainly not during your tenure as  elected peoples' rep. ( see also Selangor MB/ADUNs/MPs should not be getting Director's allowances from State-owned companies and Why was Azmin Ali even made a Director in PKNS? Was he also getting Director's allowances..RM?
"...appointment to the Board of any state owned companies should be an honour and not financial gain..." - a comment in this Blog

10:42AM May 28, 2014

PSM man once again sole MP to declare wealth

PSM’s Dr Michael Jeyakumar Devaraj yesterday yet again became the sole MP to declare his wealth to date.
Re-elected for the second term as Sungai Siput MP last year, the medical doctor has RM265,300 worth of cash and property to his name, made up of:
  • Home in Ipoh – RM140,000 (up from RM130,000 last year);
  • 1988 Volvo car – RM10,000 (up from RM2000 last year);
  • 1996 Pajero 4WD vehicle (gift from a friend) – RM6,000;
  • 1986 Mazda car (used by the PSM Buntong branch) - RM300;
  • 2000 Nissan Sentra car – RM15,000;
  • Life savings - RM50,000 (up from RM10,000 last year);
  • Shares - RM44,000 (up from RM10,000 last year).
Jeyakumar (left) said that his Volvo was estimated by a used car dealer to be worth RM2,000 last year, but a recent check on a used car website found that it is actually worth RM10,000.
The declaration was endorsed by a commissioner of oath.

Speaking at the ceremony to declare his wealth yesterday, he said that parliamentarians are civil servants and cannot use their position to obtain wealth.

PSM has a tradition of mandating that its representatives in public office to declare their wealth.

According to Jeyakumar, lack of resources does hinder the party from providing assistance to the constituents to a certain extent.

He expects 2500 complaints to be lodged on community matters at his service centre this year with issues ranging from higher shop rentals, land grants, deaths in custody to native customary land.

“Not all of these issues can be resolved successfully but the key factor in solving them is people’s participation. PSM encourages the people to actively participate in the struggle for human rights.

“In Perak, BN and Pakatan hold almost the same number of seats in the state legislative assembly, so now is the time for the ordinary man, the farmer and the smallholders to be bold in their struggle in order to gain attention from both sides,” he said. - Malaysiakini, 28/5/2014, PSM man once again sole MP to declare wealth

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