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PR's new Selangor Chief Minister starts spending and discriminating? Is there any difference between BN and PR?

Wow, increased allocations for the State Assembly persons(ADUN) of Selangor - but wait, why RM700K for the ruling government ELECTED people's representatives and only RM200K for the others. This is sadly most DISCRIMINATORY.... and it certainly is no different from the Barisan Nasional's way of doing things. It is also an insult to DEMOCRACY - surely you must respect people's right to choose their own reps. After the elections, all are to be treated equally - so, why are the reps not from the ruling government being discriminated against? 

RM700K - Now, in some places, there was a 'check and balance' - that is, you did not get the money to spend as you wish.... but the assembly persons had to submit suggestions of how the monies would be spend for the benefit of his/her constituency and these proposals are vetted and spend - Abuse and 'corruption' was kept away. So, tell us Azmin, will there be any 'check and balance' or will these ADUNs be free to spend this RM700K as and how they wish? Or is this really, just an allocation - which these ADUNs will never be able to touch - let alone abuse?

Further, one wonders why they even need to be given monies for the welfare and development projects in their constituencies - is there not State departments who already have the duty to do all this for the benefit of all the people of Selangor? And these departments already do have budget allocations? So elected people's reps should really bring it to the attention of these relevant departments - and the problem will be solved. So, one wonders whether the giving of these monies (RM700K) is really ...meant for maybe 'personal enrichment'...or maybe for the enrichment of supporters... (come now, I have money - I give you this small project, which may be over-quoted as far as price is concerned). One wonders...wonders..

Now, I will agree if there is allocation to people's representatives to set up 'offices' in their constituency to be able to better serve the people, which of course will need to be staffed by maybe 2 - 3 persons >>> It is OK - nay it is a must that the State government covers this expenses [Maybe, depending on the number of constituencies, the number of such offices - one for every 25,000?) [This item alone would be about RM200,000 if just one office]

Secondly, looking at the quality of debate, all people's representatives certainly need a team of at least 3 - 4 Research Assistants who will do the necessary research for all the matters needed, including studying Bills, preparing questions/interventions, etc... We need to improve the QUALITY of our ADUNs, MPs, and Senators... [ 4 X RM5,000 X 12 plus working space/transport/internet, etc would be about RM250,000 per year just for this item] 

So, if the allocation is for these reasons to improve the capacity of the ADUNs, and to provide for the necessary personnel, office spaces, etc.... it is OK.

BUT, if it just to continue behaving just like the BN ADUNs and MPs of old, that have developed a culture that a people's representative is nothing more than a 'money handing out' person - you invite him/her to your function because you want him to make a donation of RM5K - RM25K to your group, you go to him, you go to him because you want a sponsor for the trophy and prices for a competition, you go to him because you want him to buy a new wheelchair for your relative, you want him to get you some project ...or land,... The role of the 'wakil rakyat' is forgotten - he/she is not a 'cash cow' or a 'welfare department'... or a 'crony support centre'... Now, looks like this large RM700K allocation is meant to perpetuate that wrong understanding of the people of what a ADUN, MP and Senator is in a democracy....unless Azmin clarifies matters...and stop treating constituencies in Selangor that voted for 'other than government persons' as 'step children'. Will Azmin now stop developing or maintaining areas that voted Opposition?

That monies could have been better used, maybe even to set up a 'WORKERS WELFARE FUND' - to assist workers who are retrenched, who are unemployed (Thailand provides unemployment benefit for the unemployed)...

BN reps get RM2.4 million, official car to Umno leader


The Selangor government is allocating RM200,000 for each of the 12 BN assemblypersons in the state for next year’s budget.

Apart from the RM200,000 allocated to each BN rep, opposition leader Shamsuddin Lias was also allocated a Toyota Camry for official use.

The Toyota Camry comes with an annual allocation of RM100,000, which includes allowances for Shamsuddin (left) and car maintenance, as well as salaries for driver and secretary.

In tabling the budget today, Menteri Besar Mohd Azmin Ali said the allocations totalling RM2.4 million, is for running Program Mesra Rakyat welfare programmes, to improve the services provided by elected representatives, and to ensure that democratic principles are adhered to.

In addition, the allocations for government assemblypersons have been increased from RM100,000 a year to RM700,000 a year, while state-appointed parliamentary coordinators also get RM100,000 a year.

The allocations for opposition assemblypersons are a first in Selangor, although the first Pakatan Rakyat-led state to implement this is Penang, Azmin told reporters in a press conference after tabling the state budget.

To a question whether independent assemblyperson Abdul Khalid Ibrahim will also be receiving the allocation, Azmin replied, "He is the state assembly coordinator.

"We will give it to him. Now we also have a parliamentary coordinator, and we will give it to him, too."

While the menteri besar was proposing the allocations at the state assembly sitting, BN assemblypersons greeted the proposal with laughter and by pounding their desks in support.

Azmin took the opportunity to also joke with the assemblypersons, saying, "If you don’t want it, I want to withdraw it." - Malaysiakini, 24/11/2014, BN reps get RM2.4 million, official car to Umno leader

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