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MAS Bill - Hansard for 27/11/2014 not out - Senators may be forced to debate the Bill today without benefit of knowing what happened in Dewan Rakyat?

Malaysian Airline System Berhad (Administration) Bill 2014 was tabled and 1st reading was on 26/11/2014, the 2nd reading was on 27/11/2014 and was speedily passed by the Dewan Rakyat on 27/11/2014. Now, it is on the agenda of the first day of the Senate sitting on 1/12/2014...and it is said that it will come up for 2nd reading and probably get passed today.

What happened in the Dewan Rakyat on 27/11/2014? I do not know as the HANSARD for the day is yet to be published on the official Malaysian Parliament website as of 2.10am- follow the link to see for yourself that the Hansard for 27/11/2014 is still not out. Is it intentional?

Well, then the Senators will not even be able to see what was discussed in Parliament by the Members of Parliament(MPs) on 27/11/2014 when it came up for Second Reading, when there was questions, answers and debate before getting passed on the same day. 

So, now the Senators are hurried into the debate and this is just not right..

WHY THE RUSH TO GET THIS MAS BILL PASSED? Tabled on the 2nd last day of the sitting of the Dewan Rakyat, and passed on the last day(27/11/2014), Then tabled on the 1st day of the Senate sitting on 1/12/2014 and maybe passed today(2/12/2014)

There is much concern in this Bill?

WHY is the Administrator not being appointed by the Government of Malaysia but is now going to be done by MAS, its subsidiaries and...

Appointment  of administrator

5.  (1)  The member of the Company or the board of directors of the Company referred to in section 4 shall appoint an Administrator for  the Administered  Companies.

 4.  Subject to the prior written approval of the Minister, a member of the Company, or the board of directors of the Company pursuant to  a  resolution  of  the  board  of  directors,  may  place—
(a) the  Company;
(b) any wholly owned subsidiary company of the Company;
(c) the  following  partially  owned  subsidiary  companies  of  the  Company:
(i) Abacus  Distribution  Systems  (Malaysia)  Sdn. Bhd.  (Company  No.  180535-T);
(ii) Aerokleen  Services  Sdn.  Bhd.  (Company  No. 277266-X);  and
(iii) MAS Awana  Services  Sdn.  Bhd.  (Company  No. 372384-D),

under  administration  in  accordance  with  this Act.

Why is these APPOINTERS given so much power -

21.  (1)  The appointer shall consider the proposal of the Administrator together with the report of the Independent Advisor submitted to the  appointer  under  subsection  20(3).

(2)  Where the appointer approves the proposal, the Administrator shall  implement  the  proposal  in  accordance  with  its  terms.

(3)  Where  the  appointer  rejects  the  proposal,  the  appointer may—
(a) direct  the Administrator  to  revise  the  proposal;
(b) direct  the Administrator  to  prepare  a  new  proposal;  or
(c) terminate  the  administration  of  the  Administered Companies.
Now, it was these companies who was responsible for the failures in MAS - and they are again now given so much power...WHY? 

Why is MAS not being made a STATUTORY BODY under the power and control of the government? Now, MAS will be 'transferred' from one Company to another Company

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MAS paid RM60 for 1 nasi lemak? It is mismanagement and not the fault of Employees for MAS's downfall?

Update: - At about 2.30pm, 2/12/2014, when I went to the Malaysian Parliament website, I see that the Hansard for 27/11/2014 is finally out

Be that as it may, still I believe that our people's representative (Wakil Rakyat) were never given the required time to get the feedback from the affected employees of MAS, their Trade Unions and the people of Malaysia. This law will affect a lot of families - and let us also not forget that this is a matter of the Malaysian people's national carrier - and we have invested so much monies. We deserved more time....

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