Monday, April 27, 2015

Malaysian Government still not paying its own workers Minimum Wage?

Shame on you Malaysia - when this BN Governments fails to pay civil servants a basic wage of RM900-00 (being the Minimum Wage entitlement according to law since 1 January 2014). The Public Service Department have shamelessly admitted this - it may not be 400,000 but still, it is unacceptable that government workers are having basic salaries less than the stipulated minimum wage today in 2015.
"According to government official records, the number of civil servants earning RM850 and less is 3,072," it[Public Service Department (PSD)] said. 
Now, when it comes to Minimum Wages - it should certainly not include other allowances. The move by the government to allow employers to re-negotiate with workers has resulted in loss of existing allowances just to cause the basic salary to be increased to comply with the Minimum Wage requirement.The Malaysian government should have been setting the example making sure that ALL its employees earned above RM900 basic wage, and there should not have been any 're-adjustment' of wages to cancel off existing entitlement of allowances to satisfy the Minimum Wage requirement.

This government also enters into contracts with outside employers/businesses, whereby pasts of the work are outsourced to private enterprise. An example of this is private security services - but here again, it has been alleged that workers of these businesses who have managed to secure government contracts have also not being paid minimum wages. How can the Malaysian government ignore this fact? How can the Malaysian government enter into contractual relations with businesses that do not pay its workers minimum wages or are exploiting their workers in other ways. See also:- 

Muhyiddin, Education Minister and DPM, how come security guards in schools not paid minimum wage?

60,000 workers in government schools are still not receiving minimum page? This is shameful

PSD Denies More Than 400,000 Civil Servant Salaries Between RM805 And RM820

KUALA LUMPUR, April 17 (Bernama) -- The Public Service Department (PSD) has denied there are between 400,000 to 800,000 civil servants in the Implementation Group who are still getting a monthly salary of between RM805 and RM820.

In a statement here Friday, the PSD said the lowest group in the civil service involved those in Grade 11 with a salary of RM832 to RM850.

According to the statement, the total income for the group, inclusive of salary and allowances was between RM1,257 and RM1,275.

"According to government official records, the number of civil servants earning RM850 and less is 3,072," it said.

Yesterday, Congress of Unions of Employees in the Public and Civil Services (CUEPACS) president Datuk Azih Muda was reported as saying that there were 400,000 civil servants nationwide who were still earning salaries of less than RM805 a month.

Azih said most of them were general assistants and drivers who entered the civil service with a Penilaian Menengah Rendah qualification.

Meanwhile, when contacted by Bernama, Azih said a salary of between RM832 and RM850 could still be considered as below the poverty line, considering the current cost of living.

"We are now talking about basic salary, not including the housing allowance, civil service allowance and the cost of living allowance. Allowances are not real income...civil servants who live in government quarters have their housing allowances withdrawn," he said.

He reiterated CUEPACS' call that the government increase the salary of civil servants in the lowest group by at least 35 per cent or fix their minimum salary at RM1,200 a month.

Azih said the salary increase could motivate civil servants to increase productivity and performance, as well as possess a positive attitude.

"They must be paid enough and have a comfortable life. With a basic salary of RM800 a month, can they afford to buy a home which costs RM150,000 under the 1Malaysia Civil Servants Housing scheme?

"The answer is they cannot," he added.


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