Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Lawyers who proposed action against Apandi to be investigated for sedition (Star, 29/3/2016)

Tuesday, 29 March 2016 | MYT 5:03 PM

Lawyers who proposed action against Apandi to be investigated for sedition

PETALING JAYA: The lawyers who have proposed the motion for the resignation of Attorney-General Tan Sri Mohamed Apandi Ali (pic) have been informed that they are being investigated under the Sedition Act.
The motion, which was passed by a majority vote during the Malaysia Bar’s 70th Annual General Assembly on March 19, was proposed by lawyers Charles Hector, Francis Pereira and Shanmugam Ramasamy.

Pereira confirmed that he had received a letter from Bukit Aman notifying him that he was being investigated under Section 4(1) of the Act in relation to the motion.

He said that the letter, which was sent to his office, called on him to record his statement on the March 31 at 2.30pm.

Pereira also confirmed that a similar letter was sent to Shanmugam.

He said that the police had opened the investigation following a police report that was lodged against the motion.

Pereira added that the letter also states that the investigating officer would be ASP Wan Aeidil Wan Abdullah.

“We take the position that our motion is not seditious in any way. This motion was subsequently debated by the Malaysian Bar and has become a resolution of the Malaysian Bar,” he said.

Pereira also stated that the Bar Council president had been notified about the letters.

The motion earlier this month, had also called on the Solicitor General to take on the role of Public Prosecutor in the corruption investigations involving Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak, 1MDB, SRC International and the RM2.6bil controversy.

Earlier, Malaysian Bar president Steven Thiru had said that the Bar was not being political despite passing the motion.

He said the motion, along with two proposals touching on the National Security Council Bill and Internet censorship, were not political concerns but rule of law.

“We are pro justice, pro law,” he said.
Meanwhile Hector also confirmed that he had received a letter from the police on the matter at 3.57pm on Tuesday.
He added that he was angry about the decision against the movers of the motion.

“I am definitely angry as this was something done in accordance with the law.”

“It should not be investigated under Sedition Act because there is nothing wrong,” said Hector. - Star, 29/3/2016

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