Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Tunku Abdul Aziz, MACC advisory board chairperson, should be focussing on corruption not Dr. M?

It was disheartening to read that Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) advisory board chairperson Tunku Abdul Aziz Tunku Ibrahim was making such statements attacking Dr Mahathir. If he was not advisory board Chairperson, he was free to make any such comments..,

But now, we wonder whether this statement is an indication of his 'independence'? Is he pro-Najib? Could he give proper advice when Najib is the subject of corruption investigations?

Secondly, is he a 'racist'? Does he want Malays and Indians always to win - but not Chinese? Either way, his credibility as MACC Chairperson of Malaysia - where we are all Malaysians comes into question.

Maybe, we should insist on someone who is better - more independent and brave enough to fight corruption no matter what.. 

As Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) advisory board chairperson, he should be focusing on combating corruption irrespective of who it is who is being investigated...he certainly should not be publicly criticizing Dr M - for after all, Dr M has his freedom of expression or opinion just like any other person... in Malaysia, and certainly all of us are free to express our opinion about present Prime Minister Najib or the current government for are we not in a democracy?

Stone-hearted Dr M doesn't care if Chinese win, says Tunku Aziz

24 Jun 2016, 11:47 am

Dr Mahathir Mohamad does not care if the Chinese are allowed to win while the Malays squabble among themselves, said Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) advisory board chairperson Tunku Abdul Aziz Tunku Ibrahim.

He claimed this is because the former premier was "stone-hearted" and willing to do anything to achieve his personal agenda.

The former DAP leader also accused Mahathir of behaving like the "second prime minister" since he continued to disturb the current administration.

He said other world leaders, upon relinquishing their posts, spent time with their families, gave lectures and helped their governments from behind the scenes.

However, Abdul Aziz pointed out this was not the case with Mahathir.

"Look at (former) US president Bill Clinton, after retirement, he has been an invited speaker, writing and the latest, helping his wife Hillary in her presidential campaign.

"Our closest southern neighbour Singapore had the late Lee Kuan Yee who served as prime minister longer than Mahathir... before becoming a senior minister.

"But did Malaysians ever see him behave like Mahathir?" he was quoted as saying by Utusan Online.

Therefore, Abdul Aziz asked if it could be concluded that Mahathir was not prime minister for 22 years, but rather 35 years.

"This is because since relinquishing his post in 2003 to Abdullah Ahmad Badawi until today, 13 years later, he has never stopped disturbing the prime ministers after him," he said.

Abdul Aziz was commenting on the warning by former chief justice Abdul Hamid Mohamad that Mahathir's pact with DAP and Parti Amanah Negara is detrimental to the Malays. - Malaysiakini, 24/6/2016

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