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Azmin Ali - should we vote him out? Still no 'Perisytiharan Harta'(Asset Declaration)? WHY?

Why has Azmin Ali(Menteri Besar Selangor) still not declared his income/assets? Why has Elizabeth Wong also not done so? The other State Exco members have. See Selangor Government Official Website -

Why is declaration of income/assets important?
To make sure that the Prime Minister/Chief Minister/Menteri Besar and their Cabinets have NOT USED their position of political power to wrongfully enrich themselves, their families and their friends...that there is no kleptocracy, etc..

So, we demand declaration of ALL INCOME AND ASSETS owned, maybe also of their immediate family members.

This must be done immediately when they become the Executive(Mb/PM/Cabinet, etc...), and thereafter on regular basis - maybe every year > to allow us to compare and satisfy ourselves that there has been no wrongful personal or family reason of their position in government...

We know how much is their salary and income as MP/ADUN,MB, State Exco, Cabinet that is easy for us to monitor.


When a person becomes PM, he has:-
RM1 million in bank accounts, 5 acres of land, 2 houses(still have to settle bank loans), 500 Shares in DRB HICOM, etc

If after 1 year, he suddenly has - RM10 million in bank accounts, 25 Acres of land, 2 houses(still have to settle bank loans), 500 Shares in DRB Hicom, 1 million shares in Public Bank, etc ...and looking as his/her income and assets, this may be very suspicious...Was it bribes? Was it income from questionable sources? Did he earn income as Directors from government owned/controlled companies?

Hence, this open declarations of income is asset is important - It keeps those in power clean hopefully

YES - TOTAL TRANSPARENCY is important...

SO, why is our Selangor Menteri Besar not declaring his assets?
Is he earning more than his MB,MP and ADUN salary/allowances?
Is he causing himself to be appointed as Directors or Advisors of Government Owned companies, and taking monies for being a Director and/or Advisor?
Is he getting 'donations' from certain people and/or companies?
Is there 'kleptocracy' involved?

VERY SUSPICIOUS WHEN MB AZMIN ALI and 1 State Exco member of Selangor stand out, when all other exco members have declared their income/assets at least once as evidenced from this official website?

Doing an MACC Pledge only is worthless? In any event, when a person becomes a MB/PM/State or Federal Cabinet member or even a public servant, there is already an implied pledge that he will not do anything governing our State/Country?

What happens if one BREAKS an MACC Pledge, would his sentence be DOUBLED if he is convicted of a crime involving corruption? I do not think that is part of LAWS, you breached the pledge...

Hello - every Malaysian and/or persons 'pledge' that they will not commit a crime including corruption crimes, and if we break the law, we will be charged, tried and convicted and sentenced according to the, in my opinion, an MACC pledge is superfluous, unnecessary and 'worthless'. 

MACC should simply focus its attention on investigation and prosecution of those who violate our corruption laws...and not waste time with these 'MACC Pledges', or even vetting candidates for political parties for the next general elections...

Looking at the state of corruption in our country, MACC has got lot to do fact, one may even suggest that it is the failure of the MACC(or the previous ACA) that has resulted in an increase of corrupt practices in Malaysia?

Ever since, I have strated discussing this issue of 'Asset Declarations', I am pleased to say that several other State Exco members, who earlier did not make their declarations, has since made it..

As such, maybe we should consider not voting Azmin Ali and maybe even Elizabeth Wong as ADUNs for Selangor in the coming General Elections...

Maybe, we should be calling for the removal of Azmin Ali as the Menteri Besar of Selangor...

YES - We all want to get rid of Najib and the UMNO-BN government - but that does not mean we should be lacking in the monitoring of governments currently ruled by Opposition party/ies. 

If anyone does something wrong, be it from UMNO-BN or the Opposition parties, do something wrong, it is our duty to highlight and act on it...

Of course, then some political parties will try to say things like - this is 'false' or 'fake news' - motivated by their political opponents or their agents, etc ...Many fall for this, but let us not be too easily hoodwinked by such tactics...If there is an allegation of suspected crime or wrongdoing, then there must be proper investigations and prosecution if evidence is found...and conviction. 

Sentences for crimes committed by the PM, MB and/or Federal/State Cabinets must be higher compared to other ordinary persons.

Anyone can post comments in this Blog - maybe even a comment telling us all where Azmin's Declaration of Assets and Income, if not in the official website page we are looking at.

LET ME BE CLEAR, that I certainly do want the UMNO-BN government out at last, and Malaysians deserve to have a taste of a different Federal Government and State Governments of the Opposition, but at the same time, I will not stop commenting about what I consider wrongs done, or not enough done, by Opposition parties and their members. SILENCE in the face of such suspected wrongs is not an option.

AZMIN ALI is very important for the Opposition, not just for  PKR but also Pakatan Harapan and his failure in transparency and accountability would have an impact on both PKR and PH. It is so simple, just openly declare your incomes and assets...If he does not, maybe PKR and PH should really consider not placing him as a candidate in this upcoming General Elections...he may be a liability.

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Recent court decision, saying that Najib Razak our Prime Minister is not a public statement - but a member of the administration makes it important to put in place new laws to make these 'public servants' also liable for wrongdoings...

For the future, we all want a clean government that will be concerned for all persons and their families - not for the personal enrichment of some only.



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