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Best of the bad? Is that our only choices this GE?

Best of the worst - maybe that is the only choice that Malaysians will have to make this coming GE14.

Ultimately, it is the individuals that make a political party - but alas, there will be good people and not so good people in any society.

It is a sad day, when we see some of the Opposition State government politicians behaving in the same wrong way that UMNO-BN politicians were doing with regard to the Fedaral and State governments they now governed...

YES - using government resources and even funds for 'political campaigning'...Yes, the giving of monies, goodies and even projects, some of which is happening during campaign periods...

Well, if we see, the wrongdoers come from not just UMNO-BN, but also other parties that ruled Opposition governed States...

Now, it is sad that Pakatan Harapan also do not want to give us Local Council Elections...Same too in Kelantan, with PAS. All these political parties still want to APPOINT Local Councillors, and also the JKKK and the JKKKP(So still no democratic right for the people to choose their own leaders at their local communities, etc...)

Well, we know what UMNO-BN failings were...and, we now feel the impact of some of these many want to experience a different government for see how they do...if things will improve? The worse is the increasing national debt, the erosion of confidence in the administration of justice, the growth of precarious employment, possible corruption and/or kleptocracy, etc...

But, who do we choose....Pakatan Harapan, PAS and its coalition, PRM, PSM...well, I believe that the Opposition will generally continue to be anti-UMNO-BN, and will most likely come together to form Opposition governments, if the UMNO-BN fails to get more that 50% of the Parliamentary seats at the Federal and/or State level..So, look at the CANDIDATES, and choose the best MPs and ADUNs - people who will stand against injustice and wrongs, even if the perpetrator comes from their own political parties. We do not want 'smiling' unprincipled loyalist of existing party leaders - but people with principles and good values which will tolerate no wrongdoing, kleptocracy, abuse of powers, corruption...who are concerned for the poor and ordinary Malaysians.

For me, I want 'other than UMNO-BN' for then, the people get back their power...and new governments will be more concerned for the well-being of the people KNOWING that if they do not what is just and right, they will simply be voted out come next elections...

EC - well, they are behaving most badly - the introduction of rules about no other faces in campaign posters coming a few days before nomination. Most parties/candidates would have already printed posters and banners...New rules - well, for one, this really must be made by the Parliament, and no more simply by the EC..

EC's rejection of Malaysian Human Rights Commission (SUHAKAM)'s application to monitor the GE14 is also absurd...Why allow foreign observers and not Malaysia's own Human Rights Commission? What is the EC afraid of? I hope SUHAKAM continue to monitor the GE14...despite not being allowed by EC what they could have done, if they had the 'observer status'....


EC chief, PKR Youth leader inducted into Bersih's 'Hall of Shame'

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GE14 | Election Commission chairperson Mohd Hashim Abdullah has the unenviable honour of being inducted into Bersih's Hall of Shame.

Apart from this, he is also conferred with the “Five-Star Award of Shame.”

“This is for the hundreds of complaints received on problems with the electoral roll, including people registered without their knowledge, voters removed from the electoral roll and voters transferred to distant constituencies.

“In addition to this, Hashim is also inducted for announcing arbitrary restrictions on free campaigning days before nomination, including limiting pictures and logos on campaign materials,” said the electoral watchdog in a statement this afternoon.

Whereas, PKR Youth deputy chief Afif Bahardin had the distinction of being the sole Pakatan Harapan politician on the list.

Bersih said the Seberang Jaya candidate had used Penang state government programmes to give handouts, such as hampers, to voters in the constituency.

Bersih said the second batch of 10 inductees were selected from over 300 verified reports up to and including April 26.

The others were:

P Kamalanathan (MIC) - for repeatedly treating voters with food, groceries and petrol.

Abu Bakar Sidekh (Umno) - for repeatedly treating voters in Seberang Jaya, including giving out rice, hampers, tables and chairs and other essentials while campaigning.

Musa Aman (Umno) - for giving out 155 motorcycles to entrepreneurs in Sandakan.

Shahanim Mohd Yusuf (Umno) - for giving away money to voters at a BN event in Taman Keladi on April 23, 2018, then claiming it was her allocation as a senator when parliament was officially dissolved on April 7.

Noh Omar (Umno) - for using the Ministry of Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government to hold campaign events in Gombak. He gave out donations to zakat recipients (April 19), ang pows to local residents (April 25) and used the Program Transformasi Sosial DUN Gombak Setia to campaign against incumbent Gombak MP Mohamed Azmin Ali (April 19).

Jaspal Singh (MIC) - for repeatedly bribing and treating of voters in Bukit Selambau, Kedah. In house to house visits, he gave out food, essentials and money to voters.

Hamzah Zainudin (Umno) - for repeated bribery and treating of voters in Larut, including giving out free petrol and buckets, RM50,000 to 250 zakat recipients and RM3,000 to 200 people at a BizFair.

Kelantan Menteri Besar Ahmad Yakob (PAS) - for repeatedly using Kelantan state government machinery to hold PAS events, including giving religious leaders money in a hall covered with PAS flags with the state government logo on April 16, 2018 at the Pusat Tarbiyah Islamiyah Kelantan.

Elaborating on Hashim's “Five-Star Award of Shame”, Bersih said he was chosen for failing to clean up the electoral roll, which led to numerous public complaints and called into question the integrity of the election.

“He is also being held responsible for the arbitrary and unfair changes of election regulations without consultation at the eleventh hour of the nomination day,” it added.

Since the election campaign has officially started, Bersih urged all political parties and their candidates to campaign on their manifestos and policies instead of resorting to bribery and threats.

“As the Election Offences Act will also kick in on April 28, Bersih will monitor even more closely the conduct of all stakeholders, especially the EC, political parties and candidates.

“New inductees to the 'Hall of Shame' will be announced every Friday, up to May 9, 2018,” it added.

Bersih also urged those who witness an election offence to report online at, through WhatsApp on 011-17721546 or call 03-79314444.- Malaysiakini, 29/4/2018

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