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KJ - Is it indicative of a new Parliamentary Culture - becoming a 1st World Parliament?

When recently the Opposition MPs walked out, and Khairy(KJ) and another chose not to walk out - it makes one wonder whether we are beginning to see a new reformed MP and parliamentary culture...

During the UMNO-BN reign...all the 'debate' in Parliament seems to be simply a waste of time since the government and the UMNO-BN seems not at all bothered with the points and arguements made by the Opposition MPs - for their mind was made up...They were just going to vote for whatever Bill or position advanced by the government. 

UMNO-BN MPs were also not allowed to openly support points and arguments made by Opposition MPs...and, if they did, they were reprimanded and action was taken against them.   
Both Nazri and Raja Ahmad claimed that Barisan Nasional MPs were not allowed to support  any Opposition motion, regardless of merit or content  which would be proof of the immaturity and irresponsibility of  BN Ministers and MPs in opposing for the sake of opposition.

Such a Barisan Nasional policy directive appeared to have been confirmed by Deputy Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, also the BN Chief Whip, when he confirmed in Kota Samarahan yesterday that he had accepted Shahrir's resignation as BNBBC Chairman for violating the BN stand forbidding BN MPs from supporting any Opposition motion in Parliament... - A Media Statement by Lim Kit Siang dated 7/5/2006, entitled Ban on BN MPs from supporting Opposition motion - against National Mission/Islam Hadhari
Parliament is not a 'Debate Competition', where the teams simply Oppose or Support a Motion...and judges make a decision on who was the best debating team..

Parliament is not a 'court room' where the Plaintiff lawyers and Defence lawyers submit their arguements - and a Judge finally decides who wins and who loses the arguement..

Parliament is a House where people's representatives decide what is best and just for Malaysia and its people...The decision at the end of the day should be an individual MP's decision - He will advance his/her points, consider and maybe even accept points of other MPs...and finally vote according to his own conscience and position as to what is right...a MP must have the freedom to vote...and he/she shall also be responsible for the vote.. An MP should not take a position ar cast a vote simply because that is what his party leaders 'ordered' him to do....Of course, an MP will take into consideration all arguements, including also his/her party's stand - but, at the end of the day, he/she will VOTE according to what he believes is right...

If another MP, even from the Opposition or Government, makes a good point/arguement, a mature MP will consider and maybe even accept it...

Because of the bad culture during the UMNO-BN era, most MPs, though they may be present but may not even be bothered to listen or consider points being put forward in Parliament...they may even come without doing their 'homework' - studying of the Bills, or doing related research...for after all, they have NO FREEDOM to support even good points/arguements raised by another MP, especially from the Opposition > and, he already has no choice but to 'VOTE as instructed' ...So, not uncommon for MPs present to even be playing with their smartphones/computers or even chit-chatting in canteen while Parliamentary proceedings are going on....

We need CHANGE - MPs who are prepared and who follow discussions in Parliament, who are willing to even raise points/arguements which may be contrary to party leaders or even government of the day ...even support good arguements....and finally decide on their own how to vote on a Motion or a Bill?

MPs and ADUNs should be FULL TIME peoples' representative .

Time for MPs to be provided with MORE paid support staff,....

'Santa Claus' MP/ADUN of Pakatan Harapan just like BN? NO please.

 RM500K - No need 'Santa Claus' MPs - Just better quality MPs?

Having to perform surgery certainly not a good excuse for absent MP? Be a full-time MP or quit?

VOTING - Well, an improved Parliament should record the actual votes - which should also preferably note for the record how an MP voted on a particular issue. 

THEN, MPs will be real MPs at last ...real people's representatives....and Malaysians will finally give them the respect they deserve including time 'lobbying' MPs on particular issues...Now, most MPs, for the people, are nothing but 'Santa Clauses' or persons to receive complains about drainage, road potholes, etc...

REMEMBER that Parliament (the Legislature) is a check and balance on the Executive(PM and Cabinet), and this is the role of both the Opposition MPs and also Backbencher MPs(MPs not in the Cabinet coming from the Pakatan Harapan, Warisan and other pro-PH parties).

How will our Pakatan Harapan and Warisan Backbenchers behave in Parliament? Will they be a 'check and balance' or will they simply end up being 'loyal' supporters of Mahathir and his cabinet? 

We shall see... we shall see....Will they highlight PM and Cabinet failures? Will they challenge the PM and his Cabinet to do more? Or will they simply be government 'supporters' of the executive ....and dedicated to attacking Opposition? 

WHIP - Well, political parties have this in the form of an Mp - who uses provides the directive how MPs should vote. Really, this should really only be used for Financial Bills, and maybe the most important of Bills...

QUALITY MPs - Are our MPs having the required quality or qualifications? During the UMNO-BN era, the quality of MPs were questionable - both from BN and from Opposition...

Therefore, when they speak - many a time it may be 'IRRELEVANT' to the topic being discussed. When it is about a discussion about a particular section in a proposed Bill or about a proposed Bill, then some MP just simply talk 'non-sense' - when they should be talking about why the Bill should be passed, OR why it should be amended before it is passed, or why it should be opposed...they talk about 'other' maybe important issues but irrelevant to the subject matter...they may talk with 'gusto' like in a ceramah ...but 'IRRELEVANT' ...chance to I speak ...Hopefully, now that we have a former Judge as Speaker, such irrelevant to subject matter will simply be stopped...and Parliament time not be wasted.

A critical look at MP Abdullah Sani's speech during Budget 2017 debate - raising worker concerns?

Same things happen in question time as well...some questions are general knowledge and info could so easily be obtained even online at times a waste of a Parliamentary Question...

 22 (4)  Seseorang  ahli  tidak  boleh  bertanya  lebih daripada  10  pertanyaan  bagi  Jawapan  Lisan  dan tidak  lebih  daripada  5  pertanyaan  bagi  Jawapan Bertulis  dalam  mana-mana  satu  mesyuarat  Majlis. -PERATURAN-PERATURAN  MAJLIS MESYUARAT  DEWAN  RAKYAT

MP Abdullah Sani's Parliamentary Questions Analysed - Improvement Needed to Improve Quality?

MPs sometimes intervene when other MPs are addressing the House ....but then they 'waste time' with irrelevant points...

MPs really need to spend time educating themselves on the subject matter under discussion...I have previously proposed that they hire 'research assistants' to help them in their preparation...


Immediate Parliamentary Reforms:-

Parliamentary website - must list all QUESTIONS and Written Answers provided by government... Transparency an Accountability...YES?

Parliamentary Website - Attendance List of All MPs (including excuse for absence, if any)...

Parliamentary Website - VOTES for all Usuls(Motions) and Bills - with name of MP and vote...

Parliamentary Website - Declaration of Income, Assets and Interests in Companies, etc - TRANSPARENCY?

Parliamentary Website - Telephone and E-mail address of all MPs (also info about Websites/FB Page/etc) - Under UMNO-BN, most of these info was not updated, or wrong. How will people contact their MPs then? 

Parliamentary Website - Brief news report of daily activities highlighting main issues and points made.(Looking through the Hansard is most time consuming - so, some 'executive summary' or report could be made by Parliament reporters...after all, media reports so little about Parliamentary sessions...when what happens at Parliament is most important.

Respect for the House - KJ explains decision to stay put

Published:  |  Modified:
PARLIAMENT | As more than 60 BN and PAS lawmakers exited the Dewan Rakyat in protest this morning, Khairy Jamaluddin chose to remain in his seat.
Speaking to reporters later, the Rembau MP explained that he did so out of respect for Parliament.

The former Umno minister said objections with regard to speaker Mohamad Ariff Md Yusof's appointment should be kept for the debate sessions.

"We can protest during the debates after the opening ceremony tomorrow or (by citing the) Standing Orders on Wednesday," he added.

Earlier, when Dewan Rakyat secretary Roosme Hamzah initiated the ceremony to have Ariff sworn in as speaker, BN and PAS MPs voiced their protest.

The opposition MPs disputed Roosme's claim that she received a letter from Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad on July 2 regarding Ariff's appointment, thereby fulfilling the 14-day notice stipulated under Standing Order 4(1).

When their protest was ignored, the MPs, except for Khairy and Kimanis lawmaker Anifah Aman, staged a walkout.

Khairy and Anifah were seen gesturing to each other and pointing to their seats, as if confirming their decision to remain in the House.

However, BN MPs returned to the Dewan Rakyat about an hour later to be sworn in.

Khairy told reporters later that he had to respect the process to avoid tainting BN's image as a credible opposition.

He refused to comment on his colleagues' decision. "I am only talking for myself. I cannot speak for others," he said.


On whether he expected repercussions from Umno for his decision to break ranks, he replied: "I am not sure. I made a decision which I believe was right – to respect the swearing-in ceremony."

During a press conference after the walkout, incoming opposition leader Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said the Dewan Rakyat session should be postponed for 14 days to fulfil Standing Order 4(1).

Earlier, former premier Najib Abdul Razak said Khairy and Anifah should explain their reasons for not walking out.

"That was the party's decision. I leave it to the party to whatever decision, whatever views. Probably they (Khairy and Anifah) should explain to some extent why they did what they did," he told reporters.

Meanwhile, Anifah said he respected the views of his opposition colleagues.

"However, I am of the opinion that there was no necessity for me to leave the House this morning.

"(As) with any issue, I will act in the interest of the people and country," he said in a statement.

Anifah also congratulated Ariff on becoming the new Dewan Rakyat speaker. - Malaysiakini, 16/7/2018


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