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'Santa Claus' MP/ADUN of Pakatan Harapan just like BN? NO please.


'Santa Claus' - well, this mythical character was known to come bearing 'gifts'...and, sadly during the reign of the UMNO-BN government, there were large monetary allocations by the UMNO-BN governments to their MPs and/or ADUN. It is said that for an UMNO MP of BN - that was about RM5-6 million ringgit per year...and the money was meant to be used in their constituency for 'development'..

Now, that Pakatan Harapan will govern most States and the Federal Government, will they also be just like the UMNO-BN they replaced> Well, the new Pakatan Harapan Menteri Besar seems to be just like an UMNO-BN Menteri Besar

Why should we give BN assemblymen who had opposed any allocations to us? It will be like giving bullets so they can shoot back at us,” Osman[Datuk Osman Sapian, the new Pakatan Harapan MB Johor] said. 

So, people could go and get 'money' ...from MPs/ADUNs. If your organisation invited the UMNO-BN MP/ADUN, then he/she will most probably make a donation of RM5,000 to RM10,000 - sometimes even sponsoring dinners and events. Sometimes the money is given to the organisation/association/society/union...WOW - great. But, at the same time, if you did not invite them, you get 'no money' 'peruntukkan' for your society/association. 

When you go to the UMNO-BN's MP/ADUN with some problem - he may give you money...even will hand out 'projects' repair roads, repair houses for some of the poor, give rice, etc ... Under UMNO/BN, MPs also hand out gifts and 'donations' for weddings and funerals...

HENCE a BAD CULTURE was developed by the UMNO-BN - and their 'Santa Claus' like MP/ADUNs dished out 'money, projects, solved 'problems' if he/she likes you - ended up UMNO-BN supporters getting a lot more of the 'benefits' maybe compared to those who do not support UMNO-BN parties.

This 'BAD CULTURE" also blinded people as to the REAL ROLE AND DUTIES of a MP and/or ADUN - which certainly is not handing out 'goodies' or repairing roads, houses,...etc. 

The government has the relevant Ministries, Departments and/or Agencies who is responsible for welfare, local maintenance and development, etc - and government money is already(or should be allocated to these government agencies), who naturally will hand out aid and/or bring about development in a just and fair manner - without discriminating persons/areas on the basis of their political affiliation...

This 'BAD CULTURE' and Practice also made many Malaysians 'dependent' on MP and/or ADUN. Even workers, when they had to lodge a complaint at the labour department 'believed' that needed a 'surat sokongan' from the MP/ADUN for his matter to be considered by the relevant Department and for him to succeed in getting justice. In some areas, even when certain assistance is provided by certain Ministries, like the Agricultural Department who sometimes provide assistance in 'fertilizers', seedlings, etc - being on the recommended list 

A MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT - well, he/she represents the people of the area at the Parliament and with regard the country's policies, laws and also implementation. As representative of the people, MPs must take instruction from the people on whether to support or oppose certain laws/policies - which means dialogues and discussions, reporting back and education, etc > Not playing 'Santa Claus'.


- Any aid, assistance, welfare, development, and maintenance (including repairing homes of the poor and needy, roads, drains, bulidings, etc should all be done directly by the relevant Ministries, Departments and government agencies. The people must be educated about this, and they should go to these relevant departments themselves..

- Now, if the government Ministries/Departments/Agencies are not doing what they are supposed to be doing, or doing it too slowly or wrongly - then, and only then maybe the ADUN and/or MP should get involved and highlight these situations.


-  Is this not a form of 'corruption'? Different if they are using their OWN money - but certainly they should not be using 'government money' ...Government money should be spend by the government directly ...for the good of the people??

- So, what are MP/ADUN service centres supposed to be doing 

A. EDUCATING people about their rights and available 'help' that the government is now providing - maybe also how to apply for and get these assistance and services.

B. EDUCATING people on the running of government, laws and policies....and, more importantly

C. Keeping the people informed, and discussing with them how many government better - including also the delivery of assistance and services.

MPs and ADUN now already receive large salaries and 'allowances' personally...Maybe we may want to reduce these salaries/allowances when so many Malaysians are still earning so little...

But the problem is that this 1 person needs assistance from other people, and the means to keep in touch with people..

SO, there must be government ALLOCATION to enable MPs/ADUNs do their work. So maybe,

1 - Salary and allowances for MPs/ADUNs staff, which should include
One or 2 Clerks and/or assistants;
RESEARCH assistants (they would be looking at the laws, new Bills tabled, questions to be raised, etc - a legal background would be good)
1 Driver

2 - An MP/ADUN Office or Service Centre - for which the government shall pay Rental and all utilities, including internet.


How many 'Service Centres/Office) would an MP need?
Well, that should depend very much on the number of constituents. For every 10,000 constituents, an MP would need one service centre/office to serve the people.

So, in a constituent of 40,000 - he needs 2, and in a contituent of 100,000, he/she needs 5, and each office will need at least 2-3 staff, as MP offices really should be OPEN to until 10pm daily - Payment for rental and staff should be paid by the government.

All MP/ADUN also will need a Website/Blog to keep their constituent informed - so, each MP may need a Communication Officer - to set up/mainatain websites/blogs plus also deal with communication with their constituents.

The impact of the 'Santa Claus' culture of UMNO-BN

-  Most people do not even look to MPs to understand laws/policies - or even answers or clarification of issues that matter to the country/state - they only see the MP for 'aid' and help to get some land, low cost houses..

- There is a lack of interest about issues of the State, or what is being debated in Parliament and/or DUN - and our MEDIA also fails to bring to the attention of the people such issues...Even when they report - they do not highlight the different arguements, but rather simply the government position, and occasionally maybe some points raised by Opposition..

REALLY - MP or ADUNs should not be responsible for 'local development', delivery of welfare and aid, road repairs, clogged drains, not working traffic lights, allocation to maintain temples/churches/surau/mosques, broken down lift in flats...ALL THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE LOCAL GOVERNMENT - the Local Council, and maybe some times the ADUNs..(if there is a failure of State Government Departments/Agencies that is responsible)...or MP(if the failure is on the part of Federal Government Ministries/Departments that is responsible). MPs are responsible for the nation...and maybe delivery of service of Federal Ministries/Departments to the people in his/her constituency...

But because there is NO LOCAL COUNCIL ELECTIONS - people do not consider the appointed Local Councillors as the 'people's representative' - so they simply do not go to them with their complaints...and Local Councillors, since their position do not depend on the votes of the local people, are simply not bothered most of the time...Same with the unelected by people JKKKs or JKKKP - they are not people's representative - and they are certainly no representation of the local communities.

END RESULT - people still wrongly go to MPs and/or ADUNs for these little things - and MP/ADUNs simply become 'Santa Claus" handing out gifts/money/contracts/...

We finally have ousted the UMNO-BN government - so, Pakatan Harapan need to do things very differently..

MONEY should not be flowing through MP/ADUNs but the relevant government departments...

PAKATAN HARAPAN need to be very careful when it comes to appointing Menteri Besars/Chief Ministers... and how it governs State...Look at what the JOHOR MB said
- CHANGE THE MENTERI BESAR OF JOHOR - PICK SOMEONE FROM THE OPPOSITION, NOT A FORMER UMNO-BN JUST JUMPED TO OPPOSITION ABOUT 2 YEARS AGO...In Sabah, the Warisan Chief said that money or promises not used when some former BN ADUNs jumped to support the Opposition, but in Johor and other States, one wonders whether it was the threat of more 'allocations' ...or 'no development'...etc like threats that is affecting party hoppers?

All three said they quit Umno to join PPBM for the sake of the people they represent and also in the spirit of Malay unity.They were later joined by 40 other Kota Tinggi division Umno members who will also apply to join PPBM. The new menteri besar told reporters that the PH Johor government will not provide any allocations for BN state lawmakers.

The people do not want a BN 2.0 

That is why it is 'dangerous' for people who have always been in UMNO-BN, and just recently left to join the Opposition to be MB/CM - they will most likely still govern just like BN - still the Santa Claus MP?ADUN ....paossibly also still not treating people equally...but treating their own party members and 'friends' better...and DISCRIMINATION may continue. Not their fault maybe ...but they do not know how be an ALTERNATIVE government yet...

IT IS THE GOVERNMENT, through its various Ministries, Departments and Agencies that must be responsible for the provision of service and/or assistance to the people - It is not the job of the MP or the ADUN, so - NO allocations for MP or ADUN for this purpose > so that these MP/ADUN go around pretending to be good and caring handing out 'government money', pretending that it is because of them or 'their own money'. No problem for them to give money/gifts using their own money...

NO MORE more more discrimination... 

PPBM’s Osman is new Johor MB

JOHOR BARU — Johor Pakatan Harapan (PH) secretary Datuk Osman Sapian was sworn-in as the state’s 16th menteri besar yesterday.

The 67-year-old Kempas assemblyman received his letter of appointment and took his oath of office before the Sultan of Johor Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar at Istana Bukit Serene here at 3pm.

Also present were the Permaisuri of Johor Raja Zarith Sofiah Idris Shah and the Tunku Mahkota Johor Tunku Ismail Ibrahim.

Osman, from Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM), replaces Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin from Barisan Nasional (BN) who served as menteri besar for one term. 

The four-party PH pact won 36 state seats, with BN 19 and PAS one. 

Osman was previously the Kempas BN assemblyman for three terms before being dropped from contesting in 2013. He later joined PPBM. 

Osman is expected to appoint 10 state executive committee members. 

Earlier, three Johor Umno assemblymen and 40 other members switched allegiance to PH. 

The assemblymen are Rasman Ithnain (Sedili), Rosleli Jahari (Johor Lama) and Alawiyah Talib (Endau).

All three said they quit Umno to join PPBM for the sake of the people they represent and also in the spirit of Malay unity.

They were later joined by 40 other Kota Tinggi division Umno members who will also apply to join PPBM. 

The new menteri besar told reporters that the PH Johor government will not provide any allocations for BN state lawmakers.

“Why should we give BN assemblymen who had opposed any allocations to us? It will be like giving bullets so they can shoot back at us,” Osman said. 

His first task would be to form the Johor executive committee.

“This would be one of our first priorities as we need to form the state government immediately,” he said.

Osman, who is also the Kempas assemblyman, assured the public that his administration would be free of Umno influence and it was not out for revenge.- eMalay Mail. 13/5/2018




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