Wednesday, September 04, 2019

Pakatan ‘must fulfil pledge to debate Suhakam report’

The new government, following the victorious ousting of the former UMNO-led coalition government who have been in power since 31/8/1957, came into being on 9/5/2018. It is now been almost 16 months...

BUT the Malaysian Human Rights Commission Reports(The SUHAKAM Report) is yet to be tabled and discussed in Parliament... 


(1) The Commission shall not later than the first meeting of Parliament of the following year, submit an annual report to Parliament of all its activities during the year to which the report relates.

(2) The report shall contain a list of all matters referred to it, and the action taken in respect of them together with the recommendations of the Commission in respect of each matter.

(3) The Commission may, whenever it considers it necessary to do so, submit special reports to Parliament in respect of any particular matter or matters referred to it, and the action taken in respect thereof.

SUHAKAM's 2018 Report , signed by the the past Chairman, noting that the term of office ended in April 2019.

There have also been special reports - in particular the Inquiry Report on 2 cases of Enforced Disappearances.  

During the BN era, these SUHAKAM Reports, which also highlights issues and concerns about  human rights related matters including RECOMENDATIONS were apparently never tabled and discussed in Parliament. Pakatan Harapan promised that this will change...and the reports will be tabled and discussed in Parliament but NOW it seems that the new Pakatan Harapan - led government has to date failed to do that...WHY?

Is there no commitment about Human Rights? Is all the hard work of SUHAKAM going to also be ignored by this new government that assured CHANGE and HOPE also going to be ignored by Parliament and the government?

LOSS OF CONFIDENCE of the people must be a concern for this new government - and the people may choose a new government come next elections.. Even the draconian laws that ought to have been repealed still remain...

Pakatan ‘must fulfil pledge to debate Suhakam report’

Noel Achariam
Suhakam chairman Othman Hashim says Pakatan Harapan must adhere to its election manifesto and act on its proposals and recommendations. – The Malaysian Insight pic by Nazir Sufari, September 4, 2019.
SUHAKAM has reminded Pakatan Harapan to make good on its election promise to take the human rights body’s recommendations and proposals seriously in the interest of transparency in its administration.

Its chairman, Othman Hashim, told The Malaysian Insight that PH in its election manifesto pledged to debate the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia’s (Suhakam) annual report in Parliament so that its proposals and recommendations will receive the appropriate attention.

“We hope that the government will follow through on this,” Othman said.

Suhakam recognises the challenges faced by the government to fulfil its commitments but the manifesto must be adhered to, he said.

“However, that is not to say that there are no challenges. We are still waiting for progress on the reforms and amendments to the Suhakam Act as per the PH manifesto. 

“We have already made our submissions to the Institutional Reforms Committee and the relevant government agencies.”

Othman said it’s important that Suhakam remains independent and impartial as a statutory body in Malaysia. 

“It is not just for our accreditation as an international human rights body but also for the protection of human rights in Malaysia.

“So we will continue to monitor and advocate for these legal amendments.”

Suhakam remains determined and steadfast carrying out its role of promoting and addressing human rights issues in Malaysia, he said.

“We will continue to work with the government and other stakeholders to pursue human rights as a necessity in the social, political and economic development of Malaysia.”

He added that Suhakam will continue to be a check and balance against the government no matter who is in power. 

“We are an independent statutory body with a mandate to protect and promote human rights for all.

“Nevertheless it is also incumbent on the government to want to engage with Suhakam on human rights issues.” – September 4, 2019. - Malaysian Insight, 4/9/2019

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