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SUHAKAM should have PUBLIC INQUIRY on police shooting where 3 died and 1 women allegedly missing?

A complaint has been lodged at SUHAKAM(Malaysian Human Rights Commission) concerning a recent police shooting incident where 3 persons were shot dead by police. This is an extrajudicial killing > Do the police have a valid acceptable Defence?   

SUHAKAM should conduct a public inquiry - not merely investigate. This is important because it is difficult for the police to investigate when police are involved. Police have also in the past 'covered-up' or even 'tampered with evidence' has been revealed in inquiries conducted by SUHAKAM or the EAIC in the past.

Further, SUHAKAM, I believe, has yet to conduct a public inquiry in such a 'police shot and killed' cases. 279 persons were shot dead by Malaysian police between 2000 - 2009. How many more have died by result of being shot dead from 2010 until 2019? 

...police data produced during a recent trial that showed 279 alleged criminals were shot dead over a period of nine years from 2000. Nine people were killed by police in 2000 and the number surged to 88 in 2009....Of the 279 killed by police, 113 were Indonesian citizens, while 61 were ethnic Malaysian Indians and 42 were Malay Muslims - leading to charges that certain ethnic groups are particularly targeted. - AsiaOne, 4/12/2010 (an APF Report)

SUHAKAM, after such a Public Inquiry, would also have the opportunity to make needed recommendations to the government. This will also help us all Malaysians to lobby for changes including the said recommendations...

Now, the complaint brought to SUHAKAM is not only concerning an allegation that innocent persons were shot dead - but also about one other person missing after the said incident. Is it another case of 'enforced disappearance' - or was that woman also shot dead, and the fact was concealed as it would not look good if a WOMAN was shot dead by the police.

In our earlier statement, we asked that INQUESTS be held for all deaths caused by police shooting. See earlier statement - Inquest for all Police Shot Dead Victims - Extrajudicial Killing Must Be Criminalized in Malaysia

As can be seen, these police shot and people kill incidents have been going on for a very long time... We have not heard of INQUEST that clear the police of criminal liability in such cases - Has there even been any INQUESTS on such deaths. Well, maybe before, not many may have brought this complaint to SUHAKAM - Now, finally again, SUHAKAM has been approached with the Complaint..

We have a NEW SUHAKAM Chairman and some new Commissioners - the decision to hold a Public Inquiry require the vote of the, this will be an indicator as to how the new Chairman and Commissioners are ...Are they going to ACT and hold a Public Inquiry ...or will they not. Malaysians and the world are watching...

Why is the PUBLIC INQUIRY of other cases of 'disappearances', outstanding from the past Commission's term still not being proceeded with..

Are the new Chairman and Commissioners now become pro-government and no more pro-Human Rights? 

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So wrong for the government, police and even media to brand the 124 persons shot dead by police as criminals - all are innocent till proven guilty

3 with no firearms shot dead by Malaysian police...

Malaysian police shot dead 279...and another 147 died in police lock-ups [2000-2009]

Cepat tindakan kes bunuh lelaki korea, kenapa lambat tuduh polis/pembunuh Syed Mohd Azlan?

Did the police try to arrest them...or did they just shoot to kill them? Extrajudicial killing must be condemned..

Another 'shoot to kill' incident - 4 killed. Yahoo has this question now that need answers: Do you agree that Malaysian police tends to shoot to kill?

2 more extrajudicial killing by police that need to be investigated HOME Minister?

Good if Hisha­mmuddin expresses similar sentiments when persons are shot dead by police in Malaysia, as he did for Nordin Md Top (alleged terrorist)



Suhakam to probe shooting deaths of trio, ‘disappearance’ of woman

Suhakam commissioner Gerald Joseph (fourth from right) receives a report on the shooting incident from lawyer Sivahnanthan Ragava.

KUALA LUMPUR: The Human Rights Commission of Malaysia (Suhakam) today said it will investigate the deaths of three men and the alleged disappearance of a woman involved in a shootout with police in Batu Arang, Selangor, on Saturday.

Suhakam agreed that there were questions that needed to be answered after it received information from the families of the deceased.

“Our concern is whether there was abuse of power by the police. Suhakam will investigate the shooting and also the missing person,” said commissioner Gerald Joseph.

It was reported that the police had ordered a car carrying the three men – Sri Lankan national Janarthanan Vijayaratnam, his brother-in-law Thavaselvan and Maghendran Santhirasegaran – to pull over at Bandar Country Homes, but they ignored the order, sparking a 7km chase.
The police said the men were robbers and had opened fire on the officers during the chase, forcing them to return fire, killing all three.

Family members said Janarthanan’s wife, Moganambal Govindasamy, was also present during the incident. However, Selangor police chief Noor Azam Jamaluddin denied this, saying there were only three men and no woman in the car.

Joseph said the families claimed the men were not criminals “but only the police will know”.

“We hope the police can speed up their investigations and the families can be informed of the results,” he said after receiving a report from the family members through their lawyer, Sivahnanthan Ragava.

Joseph said if Moganambal was in the car and still alive, “then the police should find her as soon as possible”.

He said Suhakam would meet with Selangor police and also obtain feedback from the investigating officer at Bukit Country Homes.

“We will also interview the forensic doctors who performed the post-mortems. The families should be allowed access to the full report,” he said.

Sivahnanthan said the families wanted to hear the truth as “many doubts have arisen on the issue”.

He asked how police could say the three men were responsible for a string of robberies here, beginning in May.

He said Janarthanan and Moganambal were permanent residents in the United Kingdom and had arrived in Malaysia for a holiday with their family last month.

“Their family is quite wealthy in the UK,” he said.

Sivahnanthan also said Moganambal had told her sister her whereabouts at 1.38am before she went missing.

He said the initial report the family received from the hospital contradicted the information the police had provided them.

“We want the inspector-general of police and the Selangor police chief to give us a better explanation,” he said. - FMT News, 17/9/2019

Family of foreign man killed in Rawang shootout demand answers
Tuesday, 17 Sep 2019 8:41 PM MYT


Suhakam Commissioner Jerald Joseph said they would try to ascertain if police had followed standard operating procedure when discharging their firearms.

KUALA LUMPUR: The family of a man killed in a shootout with police are demanding answers about the circumstances of his death and seeking information on the whereabouts of his missing wife.

Lawyer R. Sivahnanthan, who is representing the family of Sri Lankan national Janarthanan Vijayaratnam and his wife Moganambal Govindasamy, questioned how the man – who is a United Kingdom (UK) permanent resident – could have been involved in a string of house break-ins as they had been in the country for only two weeks.

"They came into Malaysia on Aug 27. How can he be involved in a string of house break-ins when he was here on such a short trip?

"If you look at Selangor police chief Comm Datuk Noor Azam Jamaluddin's statements, he said the police believe the trio were responsible for a string of house break-ins and that they were in the midst of searching for houses to be targeted," he told reporters at the Human Rights Commission (Suhakam) headquarters here on Tuesday (Sept 17).

He claimed the families of both Janarthanan and Moganambal in the UK were quite wealthy and they did not need to resort to robberies.

"The family also claimed they spoke to a Sjn Maniam on Saturday, who informed them that police had actually shot a fourth person in the leg.

"She fled into the jungle and was later caught with (the aid of) a police dog. What happened to that person?" he asked, adding that police could remand her for further investigations, but no such remand was made.

He said the procedure was for an application for a remand order to be made within 24 hours and the individual must be produced in court, and if this cannot be done in that time there must be good reason for it.

"Did she need to be sent to hospital? If so, why was the family not notified?" he asked, adding that the family does not have any information on her whereabouts.

Sivahnanthan also questioned how Janarthanan came to be in the red Volkswagen on that night.

"The family says that they went out in a white Perodua Alza. No one has any idea how this red car appeared and why police are saying they were inside the car," he said.

He also claimed that Moganambal's sister, Vasanthi, received a GPS location shared via WhatsApp at around 1.38am on Sept 14.

He said the family is demanding answers and that the Inspector-General of Police, Selangor Police Chief and Government have to provide an explanation for what really happened.

Meanwhile, Suhakam Commissioner Jerald Joseph said they would try to ascertain if police had followed standard operating procedure when discharging their firearms.

"We will also investigate an allegation by a family member that a police sergeant had told the family that Moganambal was in their custody," he said. - Star, 17/9/2019

Three armed robbers shot dead after high-speed chase

Saturday, 14 Sep 2019 12:38 PM MYT


GOMBAK: Three armed robbers were shot dead following a 7km high-speed chase with police.

Selangor police chief Comm Datuk Noor Azam Jamaludin said a team of police personnel was patrolling at Bandar Country Homes area when they stumbled upon the robbers, who were in a red Volkswagen Polo at about 5am on Saturday (Sept 14).

"Police personnel instructed them to pull over but they did not heed orders.

"They sped away and police gave chase for about 7km before managing to corner the robbers.

"Two of the robbers fired shots at police, forcing police to fire six shots at them. The robbers were killed," he told a press conference at the Gombak police headquarters on Saturday.

Comm Noor Azam said police recovered two pistols, a machete and three ski masks at the scene.

"A check on the vehicle used by the suspects revealed that it was reported stolen in a house break-in at Rawang on Aug 5.

"The car belonged to the victim who had alleged that police were late in responding to a 999 call," he said.

Comm Noor Azam said police believed the trio was responsible for a string of house break-ins.

"We are investigating further. We believe they were in the midst of searching for houses to be targeted when we stumbled upon them," he said.

In Selangor, a total of 60 cases of house break-ins have been reported between May and September.

"A total of 80% of the cases happened between 3am and 6am.

"We are focusing on combating these gangs of robbers," he said. - Star, 14/9/2019

Police deny involvement of fourth individual in Batu Arang shooting incident 

17 Sep 2019 / 20:12 H

KUALA LUMPUR: Police have denied allegations that a woman was in a Volkswagen Polo car in which three men were shot dead in a shooting incident at Batu Arang, near Rawang, on Saturday. Selangor police chief Datuk Noor Azam Jamaludin said investigations at the scene revealed only three suspects were believed to be involved in the robbery cases around Rawang, Batu Arang and Kundang.

He confirms there was no woman with the three men who were shot dead, and that police only retaliated after the suspects opened fire against the police first. His statement was in response to allegations by one of the family members of the suspects killed in the incident, claiming authorities did not wish to disclose information on the suspect’s wife who was with him at the time of the incident, and has remained missing until now. Noor Azam said if the family members lodged a report of the missing woman, the police would conduct an investigation.

Earlier, family members of the three men lodged a report with the Human Rights Commission (Suhakam) requesting a full investigation into the incident. Suhakam Commissioner Jerald Joseph said they would investigate if there was abuse of power involved on the part of the police, or if there was any violation of standard operating procedures during the incident. Suhakam will meet with the Selangor Police Chief and investigating officers for details on the case. — Bernama - Sun Daily, 17/9/2019

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