Wednesday, January 26, 2022

PKR/PH 'leader' Anwar's call for moratorium on logging when PH states still have none?

Do the Pakatan Harapan governed States already have a MORATORIUM on logging? 

ISSUE - calling for a temporary moratorium 'until the government finds that the respective areas are safe for logging activities' is really LAME because logging can only happen if the government gives the logging license, and then the permission to start logging. That means logging delayed but will continue later....mmm

What we need is TOTAL MORATORIUM now on licenses already issued...and NO NEW LOGGING LICENSES.

ILLEGAL LOGGING - well, that shows the inability of State, and so maybe to protect our forests, wildlife, etc, the power to protect our forests should be shifted to the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT?

How do you not be able to detect 'illegal logging' - surely it can be detected when the 'illegal loggers' build tracks to access the forest, when they start the logging, when they transport these large logs along our roads, when the 'illegal logs' are processed in sawmills... so, the 'non-detection' of this law breaking may be due to 'corruption',....

Maybe, EIA(Environment Impact Assessment) is made MANDATORY for all logging irrespective of the size of the area to be logged..(Now, some States issue logging licenses for an area of the forest, that falls short of the area that requires an EIA - so, no EIA)

Maybe, endangered species policy need to change from merely 'no hunting, no selling' to protection of the entire habitat of an endangered species - we should be against the policy of 're-location or put to sleep sent to zoo' for endangered species..

What exactly is PH policy and stance on the issue of forestry and logging, protection of endangered animal, plant,.. species, environment impact assessment, etc.. 

Does Anwar just voice his personal opinion - not really the position of all the Opposition MPs, not even the position of PKR... Let alone PH.. 

Political Parties really must STATE their clear position/stance on issues on their website - this would prevent 'lallang like tendencies of changing positions when they please...'. Many believed that DAP, PKR.. PH were against Detention Without Trial laws but this is not the case... As they never even pushed or made a move to repeal it when in power... So, are Malaysian political parties different only in terms of personalities but not in terms of principles, values, stance on issues? 

Anwar calls for moratorium on logging activities

KUALA LUMPUR: Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim (PH-Port Dickson) has called for a moratorium on logging activities, following its impact on the environment.

He said the moratorium, including on projects that have been approved, should be in force until the government finds that the respective areas are safe for logging activities.

Other than the moratorium, he also called for a freeze on new approvals to be given or logging activities, regardless of rank or political ideologies.

"If the government is assertive in solving the problem, Parliament will give its full support so that the problem will not be prolonged," he said while debating the recent flood disaster during a special sitting in Dewan Rakyat today.

In the same development, Anwar also called on the government to force logging companies to pay compensation if a disaster was caused by logging activities.

"Although they have paid taxes, it was not for the damages caused to the houses. They must compensate the victims," he said. - NST, 20/1/2022

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