Monday, October 13, 2008

BN withdraws petition BUT Zulkifli Nordin should resign as a matter of principle...

PKR's Zulkifli Nordin is to remain as the member of parliament for Kulim-Bandar Baru, because the Election Petititon was withdrawn.

My concern is WHY did the Barisan MP withdraw the petition?

Remember, it was literally a 'sure win' petition - which would mean another by-elections.

Earlier, even Anwar was contemplating running for this seat - but of course, there was a realisation that the court and/or the judge could just delay and delay and never make a decision...

The next concern that I have, is if it is true that if the fact that "that someone did not submit his 'statement of expenditure' for the past elections'" OR some other fact arises later that would in fact disqualify a person from standing in the first place, would it mean that he would be so disqualified ONLY if there is an Election Petition (filed within the stipulated time), which the petitioner wants to proceed right to the end?

Should the Petitioner be given so much power? {Dangerous - because a little money, etc or pressure maybe all that is required to get rid of an Election Petition in the enable an otherwise disqualified MP/ADUN to continue as wakil rakyat]

I believe that if one was was disqualified from standing for an elections in the very first place (or later) for some reason or another, which comes to light at ANYTIME, then action should be taken against the said MP and/or ADUN with a view of removing him as the wakil rakyat.

It is the same as when you do commit an offence contrary to the laws of the land - it matters not whether the initial complainant or the victim wants to pursue with it or not. The State is not bothered and will act against the person who broke the law.

Should we also not have the same thing for the Election Law?

Let us discuss this matter without considering whether it is a BN or PR MP/ADUN that is affected...

The Alor Star High Court this morning struck out the Kulim-Bandar Baru election petition which from the very beginning looked very favourable to the petitioner Barisan Nasional.


A sudden decision by the BN to withdraw its petition today resulted in the court to strike out the matter.

With this, PKR's Zulkifli Nordin is set to remain the member of parliament for the constituency.

BN seemingly had a strong case to win this petition which it filed on the grounds that Zulkifli had failed to submit his statement of expenditure from his 2004 general election campaign.

Under the Election Act, candidates who do not submit their statement of expenditure to the Election Commission can be disqualified from contesting in future elections. - Malaysiakini, 13/10/2008 - Court dismisses Kulim petition, Zul keeps seat

Now, it seems that one of the reason was that BN did not want another by-election..

Meanwhile, when contacted Abdul Aziz said he decided to withdraw the petition to "concentrate on the ongoing economy matters".

"A by-election would consume much energy. Also, one more seat would not mean much (for the BN)," he said.

He added that the decision to withdraw the petition was made a few days ago following a discussion with Kedah Umno and BN leaders."I am willing to sacrifice my right to challenge Zulkifli so that the people and the government can work together to stabilise the country's political, economic and unity situation, which are in critical condition right now," he said.- Malaysiakini, 13/10/2008 - Court dismisses Kulim petition, Zul keeps seat

BN decided to withdraw the Election Petition...

I believe that the Pakatan Rakyat must now sit down and decide whether Zulkifli Nordin should resign or not.

If reasonably, the petition would have succeeded by reason of tha facts and the law (as it is) - then the only right and honourable thing to do is for Zulkifli Nordin to resign...and we will have a by-elections, which I am sure that the Pakatan Rakyat will again win.

This is a matter of honour and principles...


Bentoh said...

Malaysian Insider alleged that Zul could join UMNO...

This would make sense because Zul can then deliver a seat into UMNO... without by election... While if Zul got neglected a parliament seat, PKR may drop Zul from candidacy~

Anonymous said...

Why do the Pakatan has to have the BN's 'toe-in-line' attitude. I would rather have someone who would scream his lung out for something he believe in as my leader than a mouse.

Anonymous said...

Zulkifli Nordin will never joint UMNO because he was ex-Pas before joining PKR. He is a GOOD moslem. I solute him for waht he has done.

No need to resign. As a malay and moslem i always back him for what he did.

Anonymous said...

LOVE to see Br Zul Nordin joining UMNO and be made Law Minister!

Pray hard.

MRSM Kalae Chepo 66/73

Anonymous said...

Well it's a moot point now.
Zul probably realised that if there was a by-election, with so many liberals screaming for his resignation- PKR wouldn't field him.
So he striked first - he is joining UMNO.
Pakatan Rakyat loses one seat.
Sometimes we need to choose our battles to win the war.

Anonymous said...

Believe me people like him do not have principles. He is the satan that pretends to be the fairy. He is just one of the same birds that flock together with them. Let him go and join those infidels. It will be good for PKR.

Anonymous said...

Zulkifli joins UMNO? This is just a ploy to weaken PR since the current 'najis' is UMNO thus just link any PR people or party e.g. PAS with UMNO and there you have it, reduced support.

Why should he NOT join UMNO? These are the reasons:
1) UMNO failed to protect the faith of Nor Aishah Bokhari
2) UMNO ISAed Zulkifli Nordin

Anonymous said...

Don't worry brother Zul. Only non-malay who asked you to resign in Pakatan Rakyat.But fot me you are the fighter for Islam, malay and justice. We need u in Pakatan Rakyat. I know you hate UMNO so much as i am. And i love u so much as Anwar. Go head , do your work.

Anonymous said...

sayadahbosan said:

a bunch of hypocrites.

when your mp wants to execute his freedom of speech you treat him like a dog.

when others want to express themselves you called them racialist (new word hahaha got it from malay male)

well good for him to be treated like a dog from his party, as "every dog has his day"

let this hound barks allowed (hahaha got it from jeff the man)

Anonymous said...

sayadahbosan said again and it's not intended to be a spam:

come on sir publish my comments for the sake of freedom of speech

kwmark said...

Just let him go if he wanted to join BN.After all he's a gangster not a MP to me.

You think he dare enough to resign and lost his power as a MP aka gangster? He's a shame to voters in Kulim.

Zul,for your information,if PKR ever slotted you in the Kulim seat on the next election, BN would win!!!All because we do not need a gangster to be our MP.

Anak Kulim

Anonymous said...

Watch out PKR for this mole.