Wednesday, October 29, 2008

How many Malaysian Indonesians? Malaysian Thais? Malaysian Javanese? Malaysian Singaporeans? - NONE come?

I wonder how many Malaysian Indonesians are there? Or Malaysian Jawanese? Or Malaysian Bataks?

How many Malaysian Thais?

How many Malaysian Filipinos?

How many Malaysian Pakistanis?

How many Malaysian Singaporeans?

How many Malaysian Sri Lankans ?'

How many Malaysian- Arabs?

We only hear of Malaysian Chinese and Malaysian Indians?

Malaysian has borders with Thailand, Indonesia, Philipines, Singapore and we also know that the Arabs were here for trade and chose to settle before...and as such the question is a relevant question.

Maybe, we should all just be talking about Malaysians...

And if we want to go further then maybe we should be talking in terms of language or ethnic groups..

Malaysian Tamil, Malaysian Malayalees, Malaysian Punjabis, Malaysian Gujuratis, Malaysian Chettys, Malaysian Telugus - instead of the term Malaysian Indians.

Malaysian Hokkien, Malaysian Cantonese, Malaysian Hakka....

Malaysian Jawanese, Malaysian Bugis, Malaysian Acehnese, Malaysian Bataks,...

When it comes to children of mix-marriages...
Malaysian Tamil-Hokkien, Malaysian Malay-Eurasians, Malaysian Pakistani-Malays, Malaysian Thai-Malayalee..

Maybe just Malaysians may be best...

Bangsa:........ (The only bangsa or nationality can be Malaysian or Malaysia)

Keturunan:... or Ras:... or Ethnicity:... --- why do we still need this? For some academic study....


Anonymous said...

In the first place who let the 3.2 million foreginer non citizens in ?
Dont forget we also have Chadians,Kenyans,Nigerian, Liberians,Yemenis,Iraqis,Iranian,VVVietnamese,Filipinos,Sri Lankans,
Tanzanians,PRC (kway chei ladies and Dragon women in Klang Pasar Road,Nilai),Bangladeshi,Indians,Nepalese,Pakistanis,2000 second homers.
All of them want to be become BLUE IC MYKAD Malaysians and if the laws allow it they will be.
BTW people from Lombok,Timur,Madura also be in included in the malaysian Indonesian category too.

Anonymous said...

in 1957 yes tere was malays, but now the malays r extinct! we only have hiposcites and pretenders as malays like mahathir who conned the malays to be the PM!

Anonymous said...

The only people who should be called orang Melayu live on the coastal areas of Sumatra. So what should we call the people who live in Malaysia how about orang utan!

Anonymous said...

How come??

Because we only have UMNO, MCA and MIC to divide and rule.