Friday, March 13, 2009

PM M'sia on Asylum Seekers : ' pushed back if they attempt to land...'

How does Malaysia deal with refugees or asylum seekers? Badly - maybe even worse that Thailand's handling of the Rohingyas (see earlier post -Thailand may have caused the death of about 300 Rohingya refugees - Malaysia must act.)

It seems that Malaysia would also possibly do the same, as what was shamefully done by Thailand - that has resulted in hundreds losing their lives. But wait, at least the Thais brought them in, fed them and later put them out to sea - but Malaysia may not even do that.

Malaysia's Prime Minister, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, dealt a severe assault to the image and notion of we, being a caring people.

For those who flee persecution in their country, irrespective whether they are MUSLIMS or not, will apparently be 'pushed back to sea if they try to land'.

Thus, those who flee for their lives and liberty from oppressive regimes - will only be further subjected to harm by Malaysia, who is also calling on other ASEAN countries to do the same - ' be pushed back if they attempt to land on any Southeast Asian shores in search of asylum...'

There was silence from the other Ministers in the UMNO-led BN government - and, as such, we can safely assume that they all agree that refugees or asylum seekers that come by sea will be pushed back - to face the dangers of the sea, starvation, thirst, poor health...and maybe even death. They just do not care for human life - irrespective also whether there are women and children above.

They maly not be voters, and people that matter to win elections (and by-elections) BUT they are human persons. The silence of our politicians and political parties when it comes to persons not-voters..not-citizens have been rather pathetic, and unfortunately th

This is so embarassing - and it certainly is not me. It is certainly not most Malaysians. We have always been a caring people, and we will certainly not treat other human persons in such a cruel, inhumane manner.

It is sad that the UMNO-led BN government is showing itself more and more to be 'EVIL' - more concerned for the well-being of companies and businesses rather than human persons and human life.

No religion, be it Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism would not consider this 'pushing back if they attempt to land' policy as a an evil..a Sin. We need to get new leaders, leaders that will better reflect the caring nature of the Malaysian people.

Malaysia's prime minister has called for Myanmar's Muslim boat people to be pushed back if they attempt to land on any Southeast Asian shores in search of asylum, according to newspaper reports Friday.

Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi also took swipes at Myanmar and Thailand on the Rohingya issue, which has escalated into a major problem for the region and one of concern internationally.

Thousands of the stateless Rohingya have fled Myanmar as well as refugee camps in Bangladesh in recent years, but their plight was only highlighted recently when hundreds were believed to have drowned after being pushed out to sea by the Thai military.

"But if we cannot be firm we cannot deal with this problem. We have to be firm at all borders. We have to turn them back," Abdullah said in an interview with the English-language Bangkok Post...

...But Abdullah expressed frustration in his interview with Myanmar's unwillingness to take the boat people back.

"Of course, we know they come from Myanmar (Burma). When we ask Myanmar, they ask: 'Are you sure they are our people? What evidence have you got?'" he said.- Washington Post, 27/2/2009, Malaysian PM: Send Muslim boat people back

Malaysia Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi told the Bangkok Post on Thursday that the government would turn back Rohingya boat people if they tried to come to Malaysia.

"We have to be firm at all borders. We have to turn them back," Abdullah said.

Malaysia has become the home of thousands of Rohingya in the past decades with the number being registered by the government reaching 14,300 - The Jakarta Post, 28/2/2009, Junta to take Rohingya back

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