Sunday, March 29, 2009

NO DAP flags, materials for 3 by-elections - ABSURD

No DAP flags and materials for these 3 by-elections is absurd.

We all know Pakatan Rakyat is PKR, DAP and PAS..

See earlier post :Only PAS flag, materials (maybe speakers later) allowed for Bkt Gantang by-elections - so UNJUST


Unknown said...

Go check out http://hornbillunleashed.word, reporting from Lubok Anu. Plenty of DAP people on hand in Batang Ai.


Unknown said...

SPR is just another lapdogs of UMNO/BN. no surprise at all.

btw, if there is DAP flag/material, how? the result will be void???

Malaysian Sabahan said...

Does it matter Charles? I do not for see any problem. Why don't you go there and carry DAP flag if you think that is absurd.

Unknown said...

The spirit of PR need no publicity.DAP's a mature party.Thier struggle already etced in their leader like LGE and Karpal..

SPR just the anjing suruhan BN...Let it be and let the rakyat throw them out.

Anak Kampung Melayu,Penang