Friday, March 27, 2009

If you do not want Najib as PM - off your lights at 8:30 pm, Saturday(28/3/2009)...mmm

A friend of mine just told me that we will be having a national referendum of sorts - i.e. to get the Malaysian public to indicate whether they want Mohd Najib Razak as the next Prime Minister of Malaysia..

If we do not want him as the next Prime Minister - then we are supposed to off our lights at 8.30pm this Saturday (28/3/2009) , whereby Saturday being the last day of that UMNO General Assembly that made him the President of UMNO - as such, by convention possibly the next Prime Minister...

Interesting and creative means of doing a referendum....mmm

Off your lights - if you do not want Najib as the next PM..

Keep your lights on if you want Najib as the next PM...

Anyway, Najib can only become Prime Minister if the current PM resigns,

AND Najib can show that he enjoys the confidence of the majority of them MPs (see earlier posts:- Golden Opportunity if Pak Lah Resigns - MPs can determine new PM - Anwar? Najib? Kit Siang?

AND the King appoints him as the PM...


elizabeth said...

28/3 is earth day, and all in Malaysia (along wth cities of countries all over the world) are urged to off the light (and all appliances, tv etc) for 1 hour. The time is from 8,30 pm to 9.30 pm.

I think your friend is playing an april fools joke on you..

Unknown said...

unfortunately, under BN/UMNO ruling, the ultimate law is UMNO law. they are greater and powerful than god.

bt, how is lingam case??? how is kugan case???

Kerajaan Rakyat said...

WAHAI RAKYAT MALAYSIA, tolonglah, demi masa depan Islam, negara dan anak cucu kita yang akan datang, biarkan umno sahaja yang jahanam kerana memilih Najib Razak sebagai presidennya, tetapi jangan kita izinkan dia jadi perdana menteri kita.

RAKYAT tidak mampu dan tidak akan bunuh Najib Razak menggunakan C4, tetapi RAKYAT boleh dan mesti bunuh Najib, BUKAN bunuh orangnya, tetapi bunuh agenda politik jahatnya melalui asakkan, desakan, tekanan dan demontrasi berterusan dan besar-besaran.