Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bukit Kepong - would not the persons who attacked a British police station in 1950 be Malaysian freedom fighters - not terrorists.

The attack on that Bukit Kepong police station happened in 23rd, February, 1950

That means that was a British colonialist police station - and those Malaysian who served as British police officers are the traitors.

It was the people who were fighting for the independence of Malaya from its British Colonial masters that attacked this 'police station'... and it was the Malayan National Liberation Army that attacked this British police station - and the British called them 'communist terrorists' then ...and the UMNO led-Alliance government (and later the UMNO led-BN government) continued to propagate the calling of these people as 'communist terrorist'...

Malaysian freedom fighters are forgotten, and the UMNO-led BN government has raised those Malaysians who served the British colonial masters in the police station heroes...I say it is them police personnel at Bukit Kepong in 1950 serving the colonial masters who should be condemned...

Finally, Malaysia achieved independence on 31/8/1957 ....but was it true independence? Or was it just the passing of the baton of 'perceived governance' from the colonial masters to their 'puppets'. The British, many believed, remained the puppet masters...Was that the reason why the 'Malayan National Liberation Army' (which included the Communist Party of Malaya) continued fighting for 'independence'...beyond 31/8/1957?

Jins Shamsuddin’s 1981 movie, Bukit Kepong, re-inforced the picture being painted by the UMNO led government - It again made these British police personnel the heroes, and the ones that attacked the station the ‘crooks’. It also created an image that the policemen were Malays (assisted by the Malays auxiliary police) were the heroes - and they were attacked by the communist terrorists (all Chinese…mmm). Was it the Malayan National Liberation Army - or simply the communist party of Malaya that attacked the British police station in 1950?

We really need to dismantle the effects of over 50 years of 'brain-washing' that has made heroes into villains, and villains into heroes...

More and more questions are being raised today about the true history of Malaya...Malaysia, and we must search hard to find the truth...

The truth is out there...


Unknown said...

Hi buddy,I'm Malaysian from Indian origin..Just Don't u got better thing to t to share few words..

I think you are bit over this time..Ok so what if we under british then?

Do we need to attack local policeman just because we don't like Englishman?

Remember,this very policeman still working for Malayan people under British by protecting the rgt of mass..They are the one who ensure peace and harmony in state..

This very policeman shed blood and sweat not only for Englishman but also Malayan citizen which is your ..The help bring the stability during those time..
grandparents or parents..

If yes if this so called freedom fighters so eager to chase British,why don't they just keep theirself busy with Malayan Military?Why should they attack Policeman who out there to protect ordinary citizen from criminals??

If so Malayan during those day shy away from Police force which under British,who will protect ordinary citizen then??Are expecting Englishman or Gurkha to be stationed in every police station in Malaya??Please think before you condemm these heroes..

For me they are heroes and these so called militants just out there over frustration to fail grab the power after WW2..

They are not patriotic by nature and the reason they took up fighting just due from the retaliation from oppresive Japanese rule during WW2.Where were this group since 1784 since British took over Penang...And of course don't forget,this groups initialy formed by Bristish and funded by British to fight of Japanese in guerilla style..The group named MPAJA(Malayan People Anti Japanese Army)..Soon after WW2 they so used to carry guns and kept on hanging on those weapons to take on British..Just imagine if those people granted right to govern Malaya..I can imagine another Cuba in here..

It's been long process and eventually British granted independence for Malaya only because they want to..Anyway,I did't find British are bad since they manage to bring this country up in many way..Yes,they do dig our source but at same time build roads,schools,hospitals,railways,airports,rubber,palm oils,churches,temples,mosque and many more..They help us transform our land from mere jungles to functioning nations..Of course there is always a fee to pay and we pay some..

Charles,you made a big mistake by labelling bukit kepong policeman as traitors..I don't care if you hail militans as freedom fighters but you are so wrong here..I think you will be in big trouble buddy as I might report writing this as seditious quite soon unless you retract your word and apologise publically in your next posting..This is warning dude..

Peace Loving and Proud Malaysian..

Zanie said...

You are right..I'm crying now. They were the heroes and those policemen were the traitors because they served their colonial master; the British!

syliong said...

You are the first writer I have read that has presented thepresent Chin Peng controversy in its correct format.
I would add that after colonising Malaya from the 1880's to 1941, the British suddenly abandoned Malaya-to the Japanese invaders,and when the Japanese surrendered, the British suddenly decided to return to Malaya in 1945.
The only people who saw through the plot were the Malayan freedom fighters.They were the true fighters for Malaya-the rest were to use a not too nice word- colloberators with th enemy-in short traitors.


if those killed birch and british colonial officers are heroes then based on this theory and fact, anyone killed british officers, irregardless they are police or civil officers should be regarded as heroes. if they are not heroes, then the hero that killed birch--Mr Maharajalela also a killer and must be removed from our primary text book now.......facts are facts....the simple theory can not be twisted from shallow viewpoint of policeman.......don't treat all malaysians as idiots! respect the heroes theory--anyone killed colonial officers are heroes! that simple!!!!!!!


"mixer" respect the theory of anyone who killed the british colonial officers are heroes.....this is what the textbooks told everyone, the leaders told everyone, ant this is the accepted theory by all. If this theory not respected then bahaman--Dato' bahaman, the hero of Pahang hero is killer and shall not be respected....respect the theory ...if not those killed british colonial officers, residence will be killers, will be the terroists by all!!!

those worked with british colonial officers, are running dogs, are pengkhianat kemederkaan, are bastards of bastards!!!

Anonymous said...

A mind blowing fact u wrote there. Maybe there are uglier truth behind Malaysia formation n independence. The question is ..

Are we brave enough to search n face the truth?