Friday, June 26, 2009

Jaya Supermarlet Demolition tragedy :- Pictures reveal 'mistakes' that resulted in 7 dead workers

Something, that I received by e-mail, which looks authentic, and raises questions about the recent Jaya Supermarlet Demolition tragedy that saw the death of 7 workers. (See earlier posts:- Jaya Supermarket Collapse: 7 Workers dead - Is there a 'cover-up'?


To All my engineer friends,,,

Ini boleh kah...or is it Msia semua boleh??
well finally the truth is out, thanks to these pictures.
look carefully at the sequence of pictures from top to bottom;
what's wrong with this scene?
they were demolishing the building from the top with heavy cranes.
Dunno who the consultant but it doesnt make sense to pile on the top right!

The Jaya Shopping Mall disaster
2 excavators clearing the rooftop

And then, KABOOOM!


Unknown said...

Sorry Sir, but I can't see any of those pics above.

Wood said...

Me too, cannto see the photos.